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1. 冥想
2. After year of stars such as Salma Hayek and Gwyneth Paltrow claiming to be vistims of harassment, McGowan has said she understands why Donald Trump supporters hate Hollywood, whose apparent liberalism she says is fake.
3. 尤吉利时机恰当和思虑周密的举动应该能扭转猛龙下滑的颓势。
4. 我在喜马拉雅山的山脚下度过了青春岁月,当时有个朋友被我们称为“追梦人”。他每天都在享受最微妙的乐趣——用五颜六色标注蝴蝶、数地平线上的高峰,对着形状各异的云朵编故事。他是个快乐的家伙,对生活的美妙深有体会,容易兴奋激动。亲爱的2013届毕业生,我认识这家伙很多年了,今天我坐下来给你们写这篇文章的时候,突然想到了他。
5. ●"Trump Offering Free One-Way Tickets to Africa & Mexico for Those Who Wanna Leave America"
6. 阿斯利·埃尔多安(Asli Erdogan)


1. That an iPhone mini and a LTE license from the Chinese government this year or next could finally persuade China Mobile (CHL), with 700 million subscribers, to cut a deal with Apple.
2. 虽然周六欧锦赛中爱尔兰0-3不敌比利时,但这并没有让赴波尔多看球的爱尔兰球迷一蹶不振。
3. A major disruption still could push oil higher, but potential oversupply makes even that less likely. Emerging-market demand once kept supply so tight that any disruptions led to striking price moves, said Ole Hansen, head of commodity strategy at Saxo Bank.
4. Bangkok's 2014-15 fall from the top was largely put down to political instability in recent years.
5. They came together in resurgent nationalism and xenophobia.
6. 活跃的ETF市场将取决于基于收费的分销网络的发展。富达国际(Fidelity International)亚太区董事总经理陶博宏(Mark Talbot)表示,分销基础设施正抑制零售需求。


1. Dafoe is probably the current front runner for best supporting actor.
2. 产品看起来并不太像一个鼻子,而是一个瓶子,装满了培养细菌的营养液体。但是给这个“鼻子”一个血液样本,让它嗅上一段时间,这个瓶子的斑点会改变颜色来表示它鉴别出的细菌种类。
3. Beyoncé vs. Jennifer
4. Allianz
5. 单词conservative 联想记忆:
6. 单词fatigue 联想记忆:


1. TWO Americans were awarded the Nobel economics prize yesterday for studies on the matchmaking taking place when doctors are coupled up with hospitals, students with schools and human organs with transplant recipients.
2. He was under the impression people clicking on the adverts would earn him money. But instead he was charged every time someone clicked on the link.
3. n. 监督,管理
4. 2013年,勇士队曾在中国与洛杉矶湖人队打过季前赛,而森林狼队则是首次来华。
5. 然而,制度也同样重要,因为它们设定了游戏规则。
6. 1.Photography: 22.3 percent increase


1. trademark
2. It is a struggle for power contained by understandings and institutions.
3. 单词regulate 联想记忆:

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    The report found that students majoring in art, agriculture and engineering were more willing to start businesses, while those majoring in history and science showed relatively low interest.

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    Economists had likewise expected year-to-date urban fixed asset investment, a rough proxy for long-term spending, to remain at September’s level of 8.2 per cent year on year growth.

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    *剧情类最佳客串女演员:玛格?马丁戴尔(Margo Martindale),《美国谍梦》(The Americans)

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