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1. 以下十条就是你找工作时可能露出的“马脚”
2. 你没有学到新的东西
3. 肥皂剧通常都在电视收视排行榜上位居前列,但2012最流行的电视节目是英国广播电台儿童节目《麦克小骑士》,它打败了美国惊悚电视剧《国土安全》和真人秀节目《Towie》。
4. Yes. There are plenty of positives: earnings, economic growth, and US tax cuts. But they are already known. Stocks look ridiculously expensive by historical standards, but that tells us nothing about short-term moves. Ultimately, it comes down to liquidity, which has driven markets since they emerged from the crisis in 2009. If all goes according to plan, central banks will be decreasing their balance sheets, and removing liquidity, by the end of 2018. If they go through with this, the odds are that the S&P will stall. But even a tiny tremor could make the bankers blink. Expect the momentum to continue.
5. 北京有一个global的厅
6. 一项关于“双十一”(光棍节)购物狂欢的评估报告近日在北京发布,在此报告中,提供了对中国最大的年度在线购物活动的独特见解。


1. [?'pi?r?ns]
2. Sales & Marketing
3. 8.俄罗斯
4. 高通:农夫市集走进公司
5. 1.超强领导力和清晰远见
6. 没有比5个月前林赛·罗韩贴子中的麻木不仁和无动于衷更过分的了。


1. 这个价码看起来很合适,因为塔克应该比罗斯更适应3D角色,而萨林杰完全无关紧要,同时猛龙保留了他们自己的2017年一轮选秀权
2. WTF.2: They Believe You Can Fly
3. 7.Jaws
4. 添加方式1.扫描上方可可官方微信二维码。
5. The report found that third-tier cities are most livable places.
6. Best chance: Oldman has been the favorite for best actor since the film's Telluride premiere.


1. From 'heelgate' to the Palm Dog to the 'Dad bod' – it's been a dizzying 12 days. Here are nine lessons from the film festival as it draws to a close.
2. 6.伯利兹城
3. 3. 2012年搞笑诺贝尔奖之声学奖
4. n. 道德,美德,品行,道德观
5. episode
6. This story pulls directly from the real Bling Ring gang , whose burglaries racked up $3 million over the span of ten months in 2008. All of the celebrities listed in the movie were real victims of this group, who claim to have been motivated by the "cultural obsession" surrounding celebrities' personal lives. Whatever their motives, the Bling Ring is a good reminder to take a step back from the media every once in a while.


1. The registered urban unemployment rate stood at 4.02 percent at year-end 2016, the lowest level in years.
2. Time Management
3. 我经常在不重要的事上花费很多精力

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    3. 2012年搞笑诺贝尔奖之声学奖

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    Personal per capita disposable income increased by 6.3 percent in real terms.

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    “We miss a heck of a lot of people,” Mr Hoogewerf told the Financial Times. “I was in Beijing two weeks ago and visited this investment company. In the space of one afternoon I discovered 30 people who went on to our rich list this year. Last year they were under our radar.”

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    据金融数据提供商Wind Information有限公司,列出了去年在整个A股市场共实现净利润2.47万亿元的各家公司。在这些上榜公司中,其中有2000家拟进行现金分红,总额近7000亿元。

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    ‘Hackers are using common terms from pop culture and sports to break into accounts online because they know many people are using those easy-to-remember words.’