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1. China's expenditure on technology research and development rose 10.6% to 1.57 trillion yuan in 2016, the fastest annual growth since 2014, as the nation increases its investment in new driving forces to stabilize the economy.
2. 5. Fan Bingbing - $17 million
3. In 2011, some seven years after the last season of Friends, over 36 million tuned into Comedy Central, a US satellite TV channel, to watch the show. The main demographic for this channel is 16 to 34 year olds, and viewing figures spiked during holidays, when extra episodes are also shown.
4. 另一方面,10月份工业生产者出厂价格(PPI)连续第3个月同比下降5.9%。
5. “她确实带着假发和皇冠,穿着美美的裙子,但是我不会给她用喷雾晒黑剂或者给她涂上满脸的化妆品——我会等到她五岁的时候再给她用这些。”
6. 扎实推进“一带一路”建设。


1. “有1400人出境去参加圣战,加入叙利亚和伊拉克境内的恐怖主义组织。” Valls告诉BFMTV。
2. 201012/122342.shtml
3. [faun'dein]
4. creative
5. [ei'li:t]
6. Neneh Cherry “Blank Project” (Smalltown Supersound)


1. 至少在城市大部分人能去上班是不可能的,这将影响多个行业,包括金融、广告、医疗保健和艺术。近两天城市的交通线路、桥梁、隧道都瘫痪了,在最新的报告中,地铁到下周可能会正常运作。
2. “还有人在视频会议上宣布辞职。”
3. China's 2016 office box sales are expected to exceed the 2015 total of 44 billion yuan (6.8 billion U.S. dollars), the country's film watchdog said.
4. Plum Alley:
5. But the young boy still had on last trick up his sleeve before surrendering.
6. 然而,时间较长似乎并不代表学业较轻松。要保持学习劲头,合理的时间管理至关重要。英国华威商学院的一名毕业生谈到:“几个必修项目会帮助你跟上进度并避免在最后阶段非常紧张。”总的来说,2012级毕业生花了两年半多一点的时间完成学业。


1. [is't?bli?t]
2. 如果此时打断老师讲课不太合适,你可以快速记下自己的问题,以免忘记,之后再问老师。
3. US News also offers subject-focused rankings, which include popular fields such as computer science, economics and business and engineering.
4. Ford's F-series pickup, the reigning champion for the last quarter-century, held off a strong challenge from Chevrolet's redesigned Silverado to remain the nation's No. 1 selling vehicle. The race to become the best-selling car, an all-Japanese final, belonged again to the Toyota (TM) Camry, which beat out the Honda (HMC) Accord.
5. 这些人造耳朵对那些遭受过耳朵伤害或者耳朵停滞发育即患有小耳畸形的人来讲是巨大的福音。
6. 在甲骨文球场以77比111耻辱性地输掉的这场比赛中,科比11投仅1中,其中三分球7投1中,全场只拿下4分。在上个赛季输给圣安东尼奥马刺队的比赛中。他也曾14投1中。


1. In China, there were still 43 million people in rural areas living in poverty at the end of 2016. The country aims to help all of them out of poverty by 2020.
2. For: Since it premiered at the Venice Film Festival, it's being wowing audiences.
3. 他表示,2017年的目标是航班整体准点率维持在75%左右。

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