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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  S. H.
2.  .
3.  "Holmes, you are a wizard. I did not say so, but he hadgray-tinted sun-glasses."
4.  "But you have read the evidence, You have formed some conclusion? Doyou not see some loophole, some flaw? Do you not yourself think thathe is innocent?"
5.  We had reached our house in Baker Street while we had beentalking. Holmes ascended the stair first, and as he opened the door ofour room he gave a start of surprise. Looking over his shoulder, I wasequally astonished. His brother Mycroft was sitting smoking in thearmchair.
6.  "Madam, what you ask me is really impossible."


1.  "'For the sake of the trust.'
2.  "Yes, yes! I admit it. He was a dear boy, Douglas, but it so chancedthat he could not fit into my plans. He wanted marriage- marriage,Mr Holmes- with a penniless commoner. Nothing less would serve him.Then he became pertinacious. Because I had given he seemed to thinkthat I still must give, and to him only. It was intolerable. At last Ihad to make him realize it."
3.  "Do not go asleep, your very life may depend upon it. Have yourpistol ready in case we should need it. I will sit on the side ofthe bed, and you in that chair."
4.  "Quite so. But, in the second place, why did you not come at once?""What do you mean?"
5.  The young woman turned over a sheaf of counterfoils.
6.  "Because you have just as good a chance of finding this lady inthe one as in the other."


1.  succeeded in braving it with impunity, or in which any of itsoutrages were traced home to the perpetrators. For some yearsthe organization flourished in spite of the efforts of theUnited States government and of the better classes of thecommunity in the South. Eventually, in the year 1869, themovement rather suddenly collapsed, although there have beensporadic outbreaks of the same sort since that date.
2.  "This is the place," said he as we came to two high park gateswith heraldic griffins towering above them. "About midday, Mr.Barnes informs me, the old lady takes a drive, and the carriage mustslow down while the gates are opened. When it comes through, andbefore it gathers speed, I want you, Watson, to stop the coachman withsome question. Never mind me. I shall stand behind this holly-bush andsee what I can see."
3.  "There's nothing to show who he was," said Lestrade. "You shallsee the body at the mortuary, but we have made nothing of it up tonow. He is a tall man, sunburned, very powerful, not more than thirty.He is poorly dressed, and yet does not appear to be a labourer. Ahorn-handled clasp knife was lying in a pool of blood beside him.Whether it was the weapon which did the deed, or whether it belongedto the dead man, I do not know. There was no name on his clothing, andnothing in his pockets save an apple, some string, a shilling map ofLondon, and a photograph. Here it is."
4.  "Nothing?"
5.   A cab had driven up whilst the American had been talking. Twouniformed policemen sat inside. Inspector Martin rose and touchedhis prisoner on the shoulder.
6.  Lord Harringby, The Dingle; Sir George Ffolliott, Oxshott Towers;Mr. Hynes Hynes, J. P., Purdey Place; Mr. James Baker Williams, FortonOld Hall; Mr. Henderson, High Gable; Rev. Joshua Stone, NetherWalsling.


1.  "But I am not convinced of it. I have known such things to happen. Ipresume there are other papers there. Well, it may have got mixed withthem."
2.  "I tell you, Mr. Holmes, this man collects women, and takes apride in his collection, as some men collect moths or butterflies.He had it all in that book. Snapshot photographs, names, details,everything about them. It was a beastly book- a book no man, even ifhe had come from the gutter, could have put together. But it wasAdelbert Gruner's book all the same. 'Souls I have ruined.' He couldhave put that on the outside if he had been so minded. However, that'sneither here nor there, for the book would not serve you, and, if itwould, you can't get it."
3.  "Who posted your letter?"
4、  Holmes rose from his chair.
5、  "What are you going to do, then?" I asked.




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      by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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       "Why, there ain't no secret about that, Masser Holmes. It was thatsame gen'l'man that you have just done gone mention."

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      "'"Then maybe you remember something queer about it?"

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    {  "'"It's an old acquaintance of mine who has come down in the world,"said she. When I promised her I would say nothing she kissed me, and Ihave never seen her since. I have told you now the whole truth, and ifI withheld it from the police it is because I did not realize then thedanger in which my dear friend stood. I know that it can only be toher advantage that everything should be known.'

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      "I am quite comfortable, sir. I have no need to stay. I havesimply looked in to know how your self-appointed task wasprogressing."

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      "The first who entered was a little Ribston pippin of a man, withruddy cheeks and fluffy white side-whiskers. Holmes had drawn a letterfrom his pocket.

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       "Youngish, sir- not over thirty."

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    {  "Mr. Mortimer Tregennis died during the night, and with exactlythe same symptoms as the rest of his family."

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      "Certainly, Mr. Holmes. Step into my room here."