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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Well, do you not adopt this means, Athos?" said D'Artagnan."I do not reject it altogether," said Athos; "but I wish toremind Aramis that he cannot quit the camp, and that nobodybut one of ourselves is trustworthy; that two hours afterthe messenger has set out, all the Capuchins, all thepolice, all the black caps of the cardinal, will know yourletter by heart, and you and your clever person will bearrested."
3.  He then related to his friends, word for word, all that hadpassed between him and his host, and how the man who had abductedthe wife of his worthy landlord was the same with whom he had hadthe difference at the hostelry of the Jolly Miller."Your affair is not bad," said Athos, after having tasted like aconnoisseur and indicated by a nod of his head that he thoughtthe wine good; "and one may draw fifty or sixty pistoles fromthis good man. Then there only remains to ascertain whetherthese fifty or sixty pistoles are worth the risk of four heads.""But observe," cried D'Artagnan, "that there is a woman in theaffair--a woman carried off, a woman who is doubtless threatened,tortured perhaps, and all because she is faithful to hermistress."
4.  D'Artagnan remained all day in his quarters, assigning as areason to himself that the weather was bad.
5.  "How, you are going soon?" asked Milady.
6.  "What you believe?"


1.  The eyes of Milady darted such flashes that although he was a manand armed before an unarmed woman, he felt the chill of fearglide through his whole frame. However, he continued all thesame, but with increasing warmth: "Yes, I can very wellunderstand that after having inherited the fortune of my brotherit would be very agreeable to you to be my heir likewise; butknow beforehand, if you kill me or cause me to be killed, myprecautions are taken. Not a penny of what I possess will passinto your hands. Were you not already rich enough--you whopossess nearly a million? And could you not stop your fatalcareer, if you did not do evil for the infinite and supreme joyof doing it? Oh, be assured, if the memory of my brother werenot sacred to me, you should rot in a state dungeon or satisfythe curiosity of sailors at Tyburn. I will be silent, but youmust endure your captivity quietly. In fifteen or twenty days Ishall set out for La Rochelle with the army; but on the eve of mydeparture a vessel which I shall see depart will take you henceand convey you to our colonies in the south. And be assured thatyou shall be accompanied by one who will blow your brains out atthe first attempt you make to return to England or theContinent."
2.  "Without remorse," said he. "The baron knows, as well as myself, thatMilady de Winter is a very guilty woman, and it is treating her veryfavorably to commute her punishment to transportation."The duke put his pen to the paper.
3.  D'Artagnan colored and grew pale several times in readingthis billet.
4.  "Very well," said the cardinal; "and you, Monsieur Aramis?""Monseigneur, being of a very mild disposition, and being,likewise, of which Monseigneur perhaps is not aware, aboutto enter into orders, I endeavored to appease my comrades,when one of these wretches gave me a wound with a sword,treacherously, across my left arm. Then I admit my patiencefailed me; I drew my sword in my turn, and as he came backto the charge, I fancied I felt that in throwing himselfupon me, he let it pass through his body. I only know for acertainty that he fell; and it seemed to me that he wasborne away with his two companions."
5.  At seven o'clock in the morning he arose and called Planchet, whoat the second summons opened the door, his countenance not yetquite freed from the anxiety of the preceding night."Planchet," said D'Artagnan, "I am going out for all day,perhaps. You are, therefore, your own master till seven o'clockin the evening; but at seven o'clock you must hold yourself inreadiness with two horses."
6.  "My own service!" said D'Artagnan.


1.  The novice, seeing Milady in bed, was about the follow the example ofthe superior; but Milady stopped her.
2.  "What, Milady! has he not come?" said Kitty. "Can he beinconstant before being happy?"
3.  "Oh, he was not a gentleman, I'll answer for it; besides, he didnot wear a sword, and the others treated him with smallconsideration."
4.  "Hush!" said Porthos, placing a finger on his lips. "Ibelieve her to be a cardinalist; she must know nothing ofthe matter."
5.   D'Artagnan advanced.
6.  There was in all this, as may have been observed, one personageconcerned, of whom, notwithstanding his precarious position, wehave appeared to take but very little notice. This personage wasM. Bonacieux, the respectable martyr of the political and amorousintrigues which entangled themselves so nicely together at thisgallant and chivalric period.


1.  "Only name to me the base man that has brought tears intoyour beautiful eyes!"
2.  The travelers had chosen crossroads in the hope that they mightmeet with less interruption; but at Crevecoeur, Aramis declaredhe could proceed no farther. In fact, it required all thecourage which he concealed beneath his elegant form and polishedmanners to bear him so far. He grew more pale every minute, andthey were obliged to support him on his horse. They lifted himoff at the door of a cabaret, left Bazin with him, who, besides,in a skirmish was more embarrassing than useful, and set forwardagain in the hope of sleeping at Amiens.
3.  "At one o'clock this morning she had not returned.""My God! What can have become of her, then?"
4、  "When?"
5、  "I will ask his servant."




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      "Who goes there?" cried he, as soon as he perceived thehorsemen.

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       "This very night."

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      "My dear Planchet, I an the happiest of men!"

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    {  But, it is well known, what strikes the capricious mind of thepoet is not always what affects the mass of readers. Now, whileadmiring, as others doubtless will admire, the details we have torelate, our main preoccupation concerned a matter to which no onebefore ourselves had given a thought.

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      "Monsieur," said Aramis, parodying Jussac, "it would afford usgreat pleasure to obey your polite invitation if it depended uponourselves; but unfortunately the thing is impossible--Monsieur deTreville has forbidden it. Pass on your way, then; it is thebest thing to do."}

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      "I am Monsieur D'Artagnan, a Gascon gentleman, serving inthe king's Musketeers. And you?"

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      "They have eyes," repeated Milady, with an accent ofindescribable grief, "but they see not; ears have they, but theyhear not."

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       Porthos and Aramis resumed their places by the stovepipe.As to Athos, he went out without any mystery, took hishorse, which was tied with those of his friends to thefastenings of the shutters, in four words convinced theattendant of the necessity of a vanguard for their return,carefully examined the priming of his pistols, drew hissword, and took, like a forlorn hope, the road to the camp.

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    {  "Monsieur Cardinal, you know that I do not like worldlypleasures."

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      This event had hastened the resolutions of the cardinal; andtill the king and he could take the command of the siege ofLa Rochelle, which was determined, he had sent Monsieur todirect the first operations, and had ordered all the troopshe could dispose of to march toward the theater of war. Itwas of this detachment, sent as a vanguard, that our friendD'Artagnan formed a part.