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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "You are a singular man," said Villefort.
2.  "That is impossible," replied the governor. "The chaplain ofthe chateau came to me yesterday to beg for leave ofabsence, in order to take a trip to Hyeres for a week. Itold him I would attend to the prisoners in his absence. Ifthe poor abbe had not been in such a hurry, he might havehad his requiem."
3.  "Well," said Franz with a sigh, "do as you please my dearviscount, for your arguments are beyond my powers ofrefutation. Still, in spite of all, you must admit that thisCount of Monte Cristo is a most singular personage."
4.  "Why, the fair is on at Beaucaire, there are alwaysjewellers from Paris there, and I will show it to them. Lookafter the house, wife, and I shall be back in two hours,"and Caderousse left the house in haste, and ran rapidly inthe direction opposite to that which the priest had taken."Fifty thousand francs!" muttered La Carconte when leftalone; "it is a large sum of money, but it is not afortune."
5.  "Do I know M. Debray? -- do I wish to know him? -- do I wishto know that he gives advice? -- do I wish to follow it? --do I speculate? No; you do all this, not I."
6.  "About half-past six."


1.  "I should like to know upon what occasion?"
2.  "Your name?"
3.  "Who wrote to Yanina?"
4.  "You lie," repeated the abbe a third time, with a still moreimperative tone. Caderousse, terrified, looked at the count."You have lived on the money he has given you."
5.  "They say that it is quite fair, and that sowing so muchred, you ought to reap a little blue."
6.  "Can I believe my ears?" cried the marquise.


1.  "Yes," replied the abbe, "it is very affecting."
2.  "You need not fear." Morrel advanced towards Beauchamp andChateau-Renaud, who, seeing his intention, came to meet him.The three young men bowed to each other courteously, if notaffably.
3.  "No, sir," replied Monte Cristo; "besides, has she not" --
4.  "Oh, come, then, come!" cried she, hastening away with theyoung man. During this time, Madame Morrel had told her soneverything. The young man knew quite well that, after thesuccession of misfortunes which had befallen his father,great changes had taken place in the style of living andhousekeeping; but he did not know that matters had reachedsuch a point. He was thunderstruck. Then, rushing hastilyout of the apartment, he ran up-stairs, expecting to findhis father in his study, but he rapped there in vain.
5.   "Oh, sir, twenty-five years."
6.  "The same thing that happened to Brutus the night before thebattle of Philippi; I have seen a ghost."


1.  "But you will not make me your confidant, Maximilian?" saidthe count, in a tone which showed how gladly he would havebeen admitted to the secret.
2.  "Ah, ha; you will do as much as that, will you?"
3.  "Poor humanity!" murmured Monte Cristo.
4、  "Mademoiselle Danglars?"
5、  "Yes; pray take a cigar, and cease to defend yourself, andto struggle to escape marrying Mademoiselle Danglars. Letthings take their course; perhaps you may not have toretract."




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      "That his experiments have very considerably advanced thecause of science, doubtless?"

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      "Have you any knowledge of him?"

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       "Well, then, it is but fair that you should be paid for yourloss of time and trouble," said the count; and he made agesture of polite dismissal. The notary left the roombackwards, and bowing down to the ground; it was the firsttime he had ever met a similar client. "See this gentlemanout," said the count to Bertuccio. And the steward followedthe notary out of the room. Scarcely was the count alone,when he drew from his pocket a book closed with a lock, andopened it with a key which he wore round his neck, and whichnever left him. After having sought for a few minutes, hestopped at a leaf which had several notes, and compared themwith the deed of sale, which lay on the table. "`Auteuil,Rue de la Fontaine, No. 28;' it is indeed the same," saidhe; "and now, am I to rely upon an avowal extorted byreligious or physical terror? However, in an hour I shallknow all. Bertuccio!" cried he, striking a light hammer witha pliant handle on a small gong. "Bertuccio!" The stewardappeared at the door. "Monsieur Bertuccio," said the count,"did you never tell me that you had travelled in France?"

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      "Thanks, thanks, dear love, adieu!" The sound of a kiss washeard, and Valentine fled through the avenue. Morrellistened to catch the last sound of her dress brushing thebranches, and of her footstep on the gravel, then raised hiseyes with an ineffable smile of thankfulness to heaven forbeing permitted to be thus loved, and then also disappeared.The young man returned home and waited all the evening andall the next day without getting any message. It was only onthe following day, at about ten o'clock in the morning, ashe was starting to call on M. Deschamps, the notary, that hereceived from the postman a small billet, which he knew tobe from Valentine, although he had not before seen herwriting. It was to this effect: --

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    {  "And now why are you here?"

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      So extreme was the surprise of the sailor, that he wasunable even to thank Edmond, whose receding figure hecontinued to gaze after in speechless astonishment. "Somenabob from India," was his comment.}

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      "But should he come and find that young man with yourdaughter, he might be displeased."

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      "Ah, it's all over! You are come too late -- you are come tosee me die. What blows, what blood!" He fainted. Ali and hismaster conveyed the wounded man into a room. Monte Cristomotioned to Ali to undress him, and he then examined hisdreadful wounds. "My God!" he exclaimed, "thy vengeance issometimes delayed, but only that it may fall the moreeffectually." Ali looked at his master for furtherinstructions. "Bring here immediately the king's attorney,M. de Villefort, who lives in the Faubourg St. Honore. Asyou pass the lodge, wake the porter, and send him for asurgeon." Ali obeyed, leaving the abbe alone withCaderousse, who had not yet revived.

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       "Thank you, no, sir "

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    {  "And so Mademoiselle Danglars" --

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      "But what?"