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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "True," said Noirtier, looking carelessly around him, "true,if this person were not on his guard, as he is;" and headded with a smile, "He will consequently make a few changesin his personal appearance." At these words he rose, and putoff his frock-coat and cravat, went towards a table on whichlay his son's toilet articles, lathered his face, took arazor, and, with a firm hand, cut off the compromisingwhiskers. Villefort watched him with alarm not devoid ofadmiration.
2.  "Really, that is a good idea! -- two hours have I beenboring you to death with my company, and then you, with thegreatest politeness, ask me if I am going. Indeed, count,you are the most polished man in the world. And yourservants, too, how very well behaved they are; there isquite a style about them. Monsieur Baptistin especially; Icould never get such a man as that. My servants seem toimitate those you sometimes see in a play, who, because theyhave only a word or two to say, aquit themselves in the mostawkward manner possible. Therefore, if you part with M.Baptistin, give me the refusal of him."
3.  "My friend, my dear Maximilian, do not make a hastyresolution, I entreat you."
4.  The wall of which he spoke was the one in which was fixedthe loophole by which light was admitted to the chamber.This loophole, which gradually diminished in size as itapproached the outside, to an opening through which a childcould not have passed, was, for better security, furnishedwith three iron bars, so as to quiet all apprehensions evenin the mind of the most suspicious jailer as to thepossibility of a prisoner's escape. As the stranger askedthe question, he dragged the table beneath the window.
5.  "Yes?" said the paralytic with the same solemnity. Morrelunderstood that the old man attached great importance to anoath. He extended his hand.
6.  "But you were speaking of Haitians?" said Monte Cristo.


1.  His head dropped upon his chest, and in this position hepaced his study; then he threw himself, dressed as he was,upon a sofa, less to sleep than to rest his limbs, crampedwith cold and study. By degrees every one awoke. Villefort,from his study, heard the successive noises which accompanythe life of a house, -- the opening and shutting of doors,the ringing of Madame de Villefort's bell, to summon thewaiting-maid, mingled with the first shouts of the child,who rose full of the enjoyment of his age. Villefort alsorang; his new valet brought him the papers, and with them acup of chocolate.
2.  "A Tuscan count."
3.  "Where?"
4.  "That one?"
5.  Chapter 5The Marriage-Feast.
6.  "No, you merely wished to be convinced, nothing more; butnow that we have come to so clear an understanding, and thatall distrust and suspicion are laid at rest, we may as wellfix a sum as the probable expenditure of the first year,suppose we say six millions to" --


1.  Madame Danglars (who, although past the first bloom ofyouth, was still strikingly handsome) was now seated at thepiano, a most elaborate piece of cabinet and inlaid work,while Lucien Debray, standing before a small work-table, wasturning over the pages of an album. Lucien had found time,preparatory to the count's arrival, to relate manyparticulars respecting him to Madame Danglars. It will beremembered that Monte Cristo had made a lively impression onthe minds of all the party assembled at the breakfast givenby Albert de Morcerf; and although Debray was not in thehabit of yielding to such feelings, he had never been ableto shake off the powerful influence excited in his mind bythe impressive look and manner of the count, consequentlythe description given by Lucien to the baroness bore thehighly-colored tinge of his own heated imagination. Alreadyexcited by the wonderful stories related of the count by DeMorcerf, it is no wonder that Madame Danglars eagerlylistened to, and fully credited, all the additionalcircumstances detailed by Debray. This posing at the pianoand over the album was only a little ruse adopted by way ofprecaution. A most gracious welcome and unusual smile werebestowed on M. Danglars; the count, in return for hisgentlemanly bow, received a formal though graceful courtesy,while Lucien exchanged with the count a sort of distantrecognition, and with Danglars a free and easy nod.
2.  "Will this promise be fulfilled, M. Noirtier?" asked Morrel,while d'Avrigny looked inquiringly.
3.  "He will not come in time; I feel my life fast ebbing."
4.  "Fortunately, sire," said M. de Blacas, "we can rely on thearmy; your majesty knows how every report confirms theirloyalty and attachment."
5.   "Grief has stunned him," replied d'Avrigny; and they bothreturned thoughtfully to the procureur's study.
6.  "No, excellency; and never shall I forget it," returnedPeppino, with an accent of profound gratitude.


1.  "Oh, well," said the count, "I do not think you have yetknown the want of money." Andrea was so surprised that hepondered the matter for a moment. Then, arousing from hisrevery, -- "Now, sir, I have one request to make to you,which you will understand, even if it should be disagreeableto you."
2.  "Very possibly."
3.  "Yes."
4、  "Everything," answered Franz, -- "your voice, your look,your pallid complexion, and even the life you lead."
5、  A small white cloud, which had attracted Dantes' attention,crowned the summit of the bastion of the Chateau d'If. Atthe same moment the faint report of a gun was heard. Thesailors looked at one another.




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      "Is he pleased with you?"

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      "He has broken his ribs," said the commander, in a lowvoice. "No matter; he is an excellent fellow, and we mustnot leave him. We will try and carry him on board thetartan." Dantes declared, however, that he would rather diewhere he was than undergo the agony which the slightestmovement cost him. "Well," said the patron, "let what mayhappen, it shall never be said that we deserted a goodcomrade like you. We will not go till evening." This verymuch astonished the sailors, although, not one opposed it.The patron was so strict that this was the first time theyhad ever seen him give up an enterprise, or even delay inits execution. Dantes would not allow that any suchinfraction of regular and proper rules should be made in hisfavor. "No, no," he said to the patron, "I was awkward, andit is just that I pay the penalty of my clumsiness. Leave mea small supply of biscuit, a gun, powder, and balls, to killthe kids or defend myself at need, and a pickaxe, that I maybuild a shelter if you delay in coming back for me."

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       "Ah, indeed?" said Cavalcanti.

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      "My father -- I will know who my father is," said theobstinate youth; "I will perish if I must, but I will knowit. What does scandal signify to me? What possessions, whatreputation, what `pull,' as Beauchamp says, -- have I? Yougreat people always lose something by scandal,notwithstanding your millions. Come, who is my father?"

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    {  "Yes, all but eight hundred piastres." The count went to hissecretary, opened it, and pulling out a drawer filled withgold, said to Franz, -- "I hope you will not offend me byapplying to any one but myself."

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      "That while the writing of different persons done with theright hand varies, that performed with the left hand isinvariably uniform."}

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      The guests were still at table, and the heated and energeticconversation that prevailed betrayed the violent andvindictive passions that then agitated each dweller of theSouth, where unhappily, for five centuries religious strifehad long given increased bitterness to the violence of partyfeeling.

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      "I," said Danglars, "have always intended giving my daughter500,000 francs as her dowry; she is, besides, my soleheiress."

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       "Do you know them, Fernand?" he said.

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    {  "And if you fail?"

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      "You are the inspector of prisons?"