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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Was he placed here when he first arrived?"
2.  "Hollo! what's the matter at the Chateau d'If?" said thecaptain.
3.  "Faith, yes," replied Andrea, whose hunger prevailed overevery other feeling.
4.  "You see," said Danglars, "he fancies himself captainalready, upon my word."
5.  "Now I recollect," said the afflicted old father; "my poorboy told me yesterday he had got a small case of coffee, andanother of tobacco for me!"
6.  "Oh, you frighten me! But speak; I will listen."


1.  "If what you say be true," replied the count, smiling,"perhaps you will be kind enough to give me some account ofyourself and your family?"
2.  "What matter? you know I take but little sleep, and I do notsuppose you are very much inclined for it either." Bertucciobowed, and resumed his story.
3.  "Ah, just so," said Albert; "here begins the trial. Do youknow the decision we have come to, mother?"
4.  Faria sat up to receive him, avoiding all gestures in orderthat he might conceal from the governor the paralysis thathad already half stricken him with death. His fear was lestthe governor, touched with pity, might order him to beremoved to better quarters, and thus separate him from hisyoung companion. But fortunately this was not the case, andthe governor left him, convinced that the poor madman, forwhom in his heart he felt a kind of affection, was onlytroubled with a slight indisposition.
5.  We have already said that there was something in the countwhich attracted universal attention wherever he appeared. Itwas not the coat, unexceptional in its cut, though simpleand unornamented; it was not the plain white waistcoat; itwas not the trousers, that displayed the foot so perfectlyformed -- it was none of these things that attracted theattention, -- it was his pale complexion, his waving blackhair, his calm and serene expression, his dark andmelancholy eye, his mouth, chiselled with such marvellousdelicacy, which so easily expressed such high disdain, --these were what fixed the attention of all upon him. Manymen might have been handsomer, but certainly there could benone whose appearance was more significant, if theexpression may be used. Everything about the count seemed tohave its meaning, for the constant habit of thought which hehad acquired had given an ease and vigor to the expressionof his face, and even to the most trifling gesture, scarcelyto be understood. Yet the Parisian world is so strange, thateven all this might not have won attention had there notbeen connected with it a mysterious story gilded by animmense fortune.
6.  "I could live" --


1.  "This is, indeed, a house of mourning," said Valentine;"speak, Maximilian, although the cup of sorrow seems alreadyfull."
2.  "Possibly."
3.  At twelve this man was replaced by another functionary, andDanglars, wishing to catch sight of his new guardian,approached the door again. He was an athletic, giganticbandit, with large eyes, thick lips, and a flat nose; hisred hair fell in dishevelled masses like snakes around hisshoulders. "Ah, ha," cried Danglars, "this fellow is morelike an ogre than anything else; however, I am rather tooold and tough to be very good eating!" We see that Danglarswas collected enough to jest; at the same time, as though todisprove the ogreish propensities, the man took some blackbread, cheese, and onions from his wallet, which he begandevouring voraciously. "May I be hanged," said Danglars,glancing at the bandit's dinner through the crevices of thedoor, -- "may I be hanged if I can understand how people caneat such filth!" and he withdrew to seat himself upon hisgoat-skin, which reminded him of the smell of the brandy.
4.  "Yes, and up to this point I know all," said the priest."Dantes himself only knew that which personally concernedhim, for he never beheld again the five persons I have namedto you, or heard mention of any one of them."
5.   "And pray," asked the baroness, "am I responsible for thisloss?"
6.  "Sire, I listen," said De Blacas, biting his nails withimpatience.


1.  "I beg your pardon, madame. I really must pray you to excuseme, but -- in truth -- I was not attending to theconversation."
2.  "I cannot have deceived myself," he said; "I must look uponthe past in a false light. What!" he continued, "can I havebeen following a false path? -- can the end which I proposedbe a mistaken end? -- can one hour have sufficed to prove toan architect that the work upon which he founded all hishopes was an impossible, if not a sacrilegious, undertaking?I cannot reconcile myself to this idea -- it would maddenme. The reason why I am now dissatisfied is that I have nota clear appreciation of the past. The past, like the countrythrough which we walk, becomes indistinct as we advance. Myposition is like that of a person wounded in a dream; hefeels the wound, though he cannot recollect when he receivedit. Come, then, thou regenerate man, thou extravagantprodigal, thou awakened sleeper, thou all-powerfulvisionary, thou invincible millionaire, -- once again reviewthy past life of starvation and wretchedness, revisit thescenes where fate and misfortune conducted, and wheredespair received thee. Too many diamonds, too much gold andsplendor, are now reflected by the mirror in which MonteCristo seeks to behold Dantes. Hide thy diamonds, bury thygold, shroud thy splendor, exchange riches for poverty,liberty for a prison, a living body for a corpse!" As hethus reasoned, Monte Cristo walked down the Rue de laCaisserie. It was the same through which, twenty-four yearsago, he had been conducted by a silent and nocturnal guard;the houses, to-day so smiling and animated, were on thatnight dark, mute, and closed. "And yet they were the same,"murmured Monte Cristo, "only now it is broad daylightinstead of night; it is the sun which brightens the place,and makes it appear so cheerful."
3.  Chapter 60The Telegraph.
4、  "Your excellency has 5,050,000 francs in your pocket; thatwill be fifty fowls at 100,000 francs apiece, and half afowl for the 50,000."
5、  "But, sir, you spoke of vigilance and protection. Are you adoctor?"




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      "For heaven's sake, madame," said Villefort, with a firmnessof expression not altogether free from harshness -- "forheaven's sake, do not ask pardon of me for a guilty wretch!What am I? -- the law. Has the law any eyes to witness yourgrief? Has the law ears to be melted by your sweet voice?Has the law a memory for all those soft recollections youendeavor to recall? No, madame; the law has commanded, andwhen it commands it strikes. You will tell me that I am aliving being, and not a code -- a man, and not a volume.Look at me, madame -- look around me. Have mankind treatedme as a brother? Have they loved me? Have they spared me?Has any one shown the mercy towards me that you now ask atmy hands? No, madame, they struck me, always struck me!

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      He descended fifteen steps, and the door of a dungeon wasopened, and he was thrust in. The door closed, and Dantesadvanced with outstretched hands until he touched the wall;he then sat down in the corner until his eyes becameaccustomed to the darkness. The jailer was right; Danteswanted but little of being utterly mad.

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       "She was of a noble family of Fiesole, count."

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      "I will fulfil all your wishes, my dear mother," said theyoung man. "Yes, I share your hopes; the anger of heavenwill not pursue us, since you are pure and I am innocent.But, since our resolution is formed, let us act promptly. M.de Morcerf went out about half an hour ago; the opportunityin favorable to avoid an explanation."

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    {  "Listen," continued the abbe. "When you had betrayed yourfriend God began not to strike, but to warn you. Povertyovertook you. You had already passed half your life incoveting that which you might have honorably acquired; andalready you contemplated crime under the excuse of want,when God worked a miracle in your behalf, sending you, by myhands, a fortune -- brilliant, indeed, for you, who hadnever possessed any. But this unexpected, unhoped-for,unheard-of fortune sufficed you no longer when you oncepossessed it; you wished to double it, and how? -- by amurder! You succeeded, and then God snatched it from you,and brought you to justice."

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      "Yes," said Noirtier.}

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      "It is just as I tell you, I assure you, and you must not beangry with me, for you have sought this disclosure. I do notwillingly enter into arithmetical explanations with anartist like you, who fears to enter my study lest she shouldimbibe disagreeable or anti-poetic impressions andsensations. But in that same banker's study, where you verywillingly presented yourself yesterday to ask for thethousand francs I give you monthly for pocket-money, youmust know, my dear young lady, that many things may belearned, useful even to a girl who will not marry. There onemay learn, for instance, what, out of regard to your nervoussusceptibility, I will inform you of in the drawing-room,namely, that the credit of a banker is his physical andmoral life; that credit sustains him as breath animates thebody; and M. de Monte Cristo once gave me a lecture on thatsubject, which I have never forgotten. There we may learnthat as credit sinks, the body becomes a corpse, and this iswhat must happen very soon to the banker who is proud to ownso good a logician as you for his daughter." But Eugenie,instead of stooping, drew herself up under the blow."Ruined?" said she.

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      "Yes, I will tell you all; but take away the young man; Icannot endure his presence."

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       "I say, sir, that with the eyes fixed on the socialorganization of nations, you see only the springs of themachine, and lose sight of the sublime workman who makesthem act; I say that you do not recognize before you andaround you any but those office-holders whose commissionshave been signed by a minister or king; and that the menwhom God has put above those office-holders, ministers, andkings, by giving them a mission to follow out, instead of apost to fill -- I say that they escape your narrow, limitedfield of observation. It is thus that human weakness fails,from its debilitated and imperfect organs. Tobias took theangel who restored him to light for an ordinary young man.The nations took Attila, who was doomed to destroy them, fora conqueror similar to other conquerors, and it wasnecessary for both to reveal their missions, that they mightbe known and acknowledged; one was compelled to say, `I amthe angel of the Lord'; and the other, `I am the hammer ofGod,' in order that the divine essence in both might berevealed."

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    {  "This very day."

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      "No. 27," said the inspector.