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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "And am I not a hundred times better thus?" cried Eugenie,smoothing the scattered curls of her hair, which had nowquite a masculine appearance; "and do you not think mehandsomer so?"
2.  "M. Noirtier, Rue Coq-Heron, No. 13," murmured he, growingstill paler.
3.  "True," replied Faria, "we are prisoners; but I forget thissometimes, and there are even moments when my mental visiontransports me beyond these walls, and I fancy myself atliberty."
4.  "How could that bring me into trouble, sir?" asked Dantes;"for I did not even know of what I was the bearer; and theemperor merely made such inquiries as he would of the firstcomer. But, pardon me, here are the health officers and thecustoms inspectors coming alongside." And the young man wentto the gangway. As he departed, Danglars approached, andsaid, --
5.  "I understand," replied Fernand, "you can endure your ownwretchedness patiently, but you are afraid to share mine.Well, Mercedes, beloved by you, I would tempt fortune; youwould bring me good luck, and I should become rich. I couldextend my occupation as a fisherman, might get a place asclerk in a warehouse, and become in time a dealer myself."
6.  "Ah, then, I suppose you heard Haidee's guzla; the poorexile frequently beguiles a weary hour in playing over to methe airs of her native land." Morcerf did not pursue thesubject, and Monte Cristo himself fell into a silentreverie. The bell rang at this moment for the rising of thecurtain. "You will excuse my leaving you," said the count,turning in the direction of his box.


1.  "Yes," was the laconic reply. "You have found out that thereis something worth having about this large gentleman?"
2.  "Thanks, monsieur," said Monte Cristo; "I shall contentmyself with being presented to your sister and her husband,if you will do me the honor to introduce me; but I cannotaccept the offer of any one of these gentlemen, since myhabitation is already prepared."
3.  "Until Saturday, when I may expect you, may I not?"
4.  "Are all your family well?" asked the count, with anaffectionate benevolence, whose sincerity no one could for amoment doubt.
5.  "What?"
6.  "But I explained to him the cause of my refusal," repliedDantes, "and I hope he fully understood it."


1.  "And who thus advised you?"
2.  "An Englishman," said Monte Cristo, who grew uneasy at theattention with which Julie looked at him. "An Englishman yousay?"
3.  "And do you think she is not there?"
4.  "On the contrary, do not look at him, but at this."
5.   "And the destruction of your future prospects," repliedNoirtier; "yes, I can easily comprehend that. But I havenothing to fear while I have you to protect me."
6.  "Oh, count." said Julie, "will you restore him to us curedof his melancholy?" -- Morrel turned away to conceal theconfusion of his countenance.


1.  Villefort, as we have seen, belonged to the aristocraticparty at Marseilles, Morrel to the plebeian; the first was aroyalist, the other suspected of Bonapartism. Villefortlooked disdainfully at Morrel, and replied, --
2.  "Tell me; satisfy my impatience."
3.  "Everything."
4、  "Undoubtedly."
5、  "I want nothing now that I have you," said the old man.




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      "Doubtless, but not in the same way; every one has not blackslaves, a princely retinue, an arsenal of weapons that woulddo credit to an Arabian fortress, horses that cost sixthousand francs apiece, and Greek mistresses."

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      "Is there any answer?" inquired Franz, taking the letterfrom him.

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       "A friend," said Monte Cristo in the same language.

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      "Heaven grant that this may not be visited upon him!"

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    {  "Edward!" he stammered -- "Edward!" The child did notanswer. Where, then, could he be, if he had entered hismother's room and not since returned? He stepped forward.The corpse of Madame de Villefort was stretched across thedoorway leading to the room in which Edward must be; thoseglaring eyes seemed to watch over the threshold, and thelips bore the stamp of a terrible and mysterious irony.Through the open door was visible a portion of the boudoir,containing an upright piano and a blue satin couch.Villefort stepped forward two or three paces, and beheld hischild lying -- no doubt asleep -- on the sofa. The unhappyman uttered an exclamation of joy; a ray of light seemed topenetrate the abyss of despair and darkness. He had only tostep over the corpse, enter the boudoir, take the child inhis arms, and flee far, far away.

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      "Let me also ask you a question. Have you never seen any oneenter your room at night?"}

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      The tenants of the humble lodging were a young couple whohad been scarcely married a week; and seeing them, Dantessighed heavily. Nothing in the two small chambers formingthe apartments remained as it had been in the time of theelder Dantes; the very paper was different, while thearticles of antiquated furniture with which the rooms hadbeen filled in Edmond's time had all disappeared; the fourwalls alone remained as he had left them. The bed belongingto the present occupants was placed as the former owner ofthe chamber had been accustomed to have his; and, in spiteof his efforts to prevent it, the eyes of Edmond weresuffused in tears as he reflected that on that spot the oldman had breathed his last, vainly calling for his son. Theyoung couple gazed with astonishment at the sight of theirvisitor's emotion, and wondered to see the large tearssilently chasing each other down his otherwise stern andimmovable features; but they felt the sacredness of hisgrief, and kindly refrained from questioning him as to itscause, while, with instinctive delicacy, they left him toindulge his sorrow alone. When he withdrew from the scene ofhis painful recollections, they both accompanied himdownstairs, reiterating their hope that he would come againwhenever he pleased, and assuring him that their poordwelling would ever be open to him. As Edmond passed thedoor on the fourth floor, he paused to inquire whetherCaderousse the tailor still dwelt there; but he received,for reply, that the person in question had got intodifficulties, and at the present time kept a small inn onthe route from Bellegarde to Beaucaire.

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      "Sir," said Valentine, "my grandfather wishes for a notary."At this strange and unexpected demand M. de Villefort andhis father exchanged looks. "Yes," motioned the latter, witha firmness which seemed to declare that with the help ofValentine and his old servant, who both knew what his wisheswere, he was quite prepared to maintain the contest. "Do youwish for a notary?" asked Villefort.

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       "Did you see the postscript?"

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    {  "Precisely, monsieur," replied Monte Cristo with one ofthose smiles that a painter could never represent or aphysiologist analyze.

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