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1. In early 2005, Stone and her co-founders Elisa Camahort Page and Jory Des Jardins noticed that there were countless women blogging, but mainstream media rarely linked to their posts. The trio decided to host a grassroots conference that year and attracted sponsors like Google and Yahoo. It quickly sold out and soon after, they launched BlogHer.com. The publishing platform turned blogging into a lucrative business for many women -- it paid $25 million to 5,000 of its bloggers between 2009 and 2012 -- and now reaches an audience of 92 million.
2. 11月22日,呆萝卜微信公众号发布声明称,由于经营不善导致资金紧张,公司日常经营受到重大影响。
3. 但为什么说朋友是个各种旧套路组合起来的新产品呢?因为陌生人社交总有个问题,便是隐私与安全,在这一点上,滴滴做出了先驱者的贡献,由于审核不严、监管不当,在顺风车产品中屡次出事,其实,在QQ早期,类似的事情也时有发生,陌生人社交的最大难题就是信任,我不知道互联网另一个头到底是谁,甚至是条狗也不奇怪。
4. 这些企业纷纷向防疫指挥部呼吁:开检疫证,开通道路,起运鸡苗。
5.   'Don't be afraid, Jane, I saw it was an accident; you shall notbe punished.'
6. 发布日期:2015年


1. 22
2. 在放上这根稻草之前,淘集集这头骆驼就早已不堪重负。
3.   To this you answered, O swineherd Eumaeus, "Eat, my good fellow, andenjoy your supper, such as it is. God grants this, and withholds that,just as he thinks right, for he can do whatever he chooses."
4. 在我们接手之初,病区基本处于满员状态,而且除了大多数轻症患者之外,还有3名危重症患者。
5.   "Yes; dere is nothing to dat. It iss all over."
6. 全省共侦破盗抢骗案件131712起,刑拘盗抢骗犯罪嫌疑人4.65万人,检察机关批准逮捕3.31万人,起诉3.09万人,起诉各类跨市、跨省、系列性、团伙性盗抢骗犯罪团伙498个涉及案件10798起,省公安厅挂牌督办的72起重点案件已侦破其中67起,侦破率为93%,100名督捕逃犯抓获其中81名,30名公开悬赏逃犯抓获其中14名


1. 当时看到它吓我一大跳。
2. Ahead of this year's fashion week, set to take place September 14 to 18, an open letter written by singer Paloma Faith and published by Peta also called for LFW and the BFC to ban animal fur.
3.   "'"I've had enough of Norfolk," said he. "I'll run down to Mr.Beddoes in Hampshire. He'll be as glad to see me as you were, Idaresay."
4. 梁筑室,何以南?何以北?禾黍不获君何食?愿为忠臣安可得?思子良臣,良臣诫可思,朝行出攻,暮不夜归!
5. 1分22秒,希尔也在外线发炮,最终雄鹿以135-127击败老鹰
6. 单方面的产品,所以他常常是大批地卖;而他的多方面的需要,又迫使他不断地把已经实现的价格,或得到的全部货币额,分散在许多次买上。卖一次就要买许多次各种各样的商品。这样,一种商品的最终的形态变化,就是许多其他商品的第一形态变化的总和。


1. ChangetheWorld,OneStudentatatime。
2. 第二:总的说来,耕地的扩大或者是向较坏土地发展,或者是根据各级土地出现的情况,按不同的比例,向各级土地发展。当然,向较坏土地发展,决不是任意选择的,而只能是——在资本主义生产方式的前提下——价格上涨的结果,并且在任何一种生产方式的条件下,这只能是必然性的结果。但也并不是无条件的。较坏土地可以由于位置好,比那种相对地说较好土地,优先被人利用。在年轻的国家中,位置对于耕地的扩大是具有决定意义的。并且,尽管一个地带的土地从整体来说属于比较肥沃的一类,但是从局部来说,仍然会有较好土地和较坏土地夹杂在一起的情况,而单是由于较坏土地和较好土地联在一起,就不得不耕种较坏土地。如果有一块较坏土地处于较好土地的包围之中,这些较好土地就会使它同那些比较肥沃但不是和已耕地或待耕地联在一起的土地相比,具有更有利的位置。
3.   "What!" said the king; "is that wretch still alive? Go and behead him at once. I authorise you."
4. 刘承龙告诉记者,海王星辰的职能部门,包括人士、财务很多都到了一线岗位,加班加点尽量供应更多口罩。
5. 309
6. 同时还指出,有的智库研究存在重数量、轻质量问题,有的存在重形式传播、轻内容创新问题,还有的流于搭台子、请名人、办论坛等形式主义的做法。


1. 她的逻辑十分简单,所有在家不对外的用品,一律拼多多。
2. 工作室表示,除了对已经提及的侵权账号进行追责,我们还会持续进行取证和诉讼,使用法律的武器捍卫合法权益。
3. Taylor Swift, 'Reputation'

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      Although I do not doubt that isolation is of considerable importance in the production of new species, on the whole I am inclined to believe that largeness of area is of more importance, more especially in the production of species, which will prove capable of enduring for a long period, and of spreading widely. Throughout a great and open area, not only will there be a better chance of favourable variations arising from the large number of individuals of the same species there supported, but the conditions of life are infinitely complex from the large number of already existing species; and if some of these many species become modified and improved, others will have to be improved in a corresponding degree or they will be exterminated. Each new form, also, as soon as it has been much improved, will be able to spread over the open and continuous area, and will thus come into competition with many others. Hence more new places will be formed, and the competition to fill them will be more severe, on a large than on a small and isolated area. Moreover, great areas, though now continuous, owing to oscillations of level, will often have recently existed in a broken condition, so that the good effects of isolation will generally, to a certain extent, have concurred. Finally, I conclude that, although small isolated areas probably have been in some respects highly favourable for the production of new species, yet that the course of modification will generally have been more rapid on large areas; and what is more important, that the new forms produced on large areas, which already have been victorious over many competitors, will be those that will spread most widely, will give rise to most new varieties and species, and will thus play an important part in the changing history of the organic world.We can, perhaps, on these views, understand some facts which will be again alluded to in our chapter on geographical distribution; for instance, that the productions of the smaller continent of Australia have formerly yielded, and apparently are now yielding, before those of the larger Europaeo-Asiatic area. Thus, also, it is that continental productions have everywhere become so largely naturalised on islands. On a small island, the race for life will have been less severe, and there will have been less modification and less extermination. Hence, perhaps, it comes that the flora of Madeira, according to Oswald Heer, resembles the extinct tertiary flora of Europe. All fresh-water basins, taken together, make a small area compared with that of the sea or of the land; and, consequently, the competition between fresh-water productions will have been less severe than elsewhere; new forms will have been more slowly formed, and old forms more slowly exterminated. And it is in fresh water that we find seven genera of Ganoid fishes, remnants of a once preponderant order: and in fresh water we find some of the most anomalous forms now known in the world, as the Ornithorhynchus and Lepidosiren, which, like fossils, connect to a certain extent orders now widely separated in the natural scale. These anomalous forms may almost be called living fossils; they have endured to the present day, from having inhabited a confined area, and from having thus been exposed to less severe competition.To sum up the circumstances favourable and unfavourable to natural selection, as far as the extreme intricacy of the subject permits. I conclude, looking to the future, that for terrestrial productions a large continental area, which will probably undergo many oscillations of level, and which consequently will exist for long periods in a broken condition, will be the most favourable for the production of many new forms of life, likely to endure long and to spread widely. For the area will first have existed as a continent, and the inhabitants, at this period numerous in individuals and kinds, will have been subjected to very severe competition. When converted by subsidence into large separate islands, there will still exist many individuals of the same species on each island: intercrossing on the confines of the range of each species will thus be checked: after physical changes of any kind, immigration will be prevented, so that new places in the polity of each island will have to be filled up by modifications of the old inhabitants; and time will be allowed for the varieties in each to become well modified and perfected. When, by renewed elevation, the islands shall be re-converted into a continental area, there will again be severe competition: the most favoured or improved varieties will be enabled to spread: there will be much extinction of the less improved forms, and the relative proportional numbers of the various inhabitants of the renewed continent will again be changed; and again there will be a fair field for natural selection to improve still further the inhabitants, and thus produce new species.That natural selection will always act with extreme slowness, I fully admit. Its action depends on there being places in the polity of nature, which can be better occupied by some of the inhabitants of the country undergoing modification of some kind. The existence of such places will often depend on physical changes, which are generally very slow, and on the immigration of better adapted forms having been checked. But the action of natural selection will probably still oftener depend on some of the inhabitants becoming slowly modified; the mutual relations of many of the other inhabitants being thus disturbed. Nothing can be effected, unless favourable variations occur, and variation itself is apparently always a very slow process. The process will often be greatly retarded by free intercrossing. Many will exclaim that these several causes are amply sufficient wholly to stop the action of natural selection. I do not believe so. On the other hand, I do believe that natural selection will always act very slowly, often only at long intervals of time, and generally on only a very few of the inhabitants of the same region at the same time. I further believe, that this very slow, intermittent action of natural selection accords perfectly well with what geology tells us of the rate and manner at which the inhabitants of this world have changed.Slow though the process of selection may be, if feeble man can do much by his powers of artificial selection, I can see no limit to the amount of change, to the beauty and infinite complexity of the coadaptations between all organic beings, one with another and with their physical conditions of life, which may be effected in the long course of time by nature's power of selection.

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      "Now," said he, "that our guests have done their dinner, it willbe best to ask them who they are. Who, then, sir strangers, are you,and from what port have you sailed? Are you traders? or do you sailthe seas as rovers with your hand against every man, and every man'shand against you?"

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    "No," answered Sara.

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      "I dragged myself toward the bed, to seek the only defense I hadleft--my saving knife; but I could not reach the bolster. I sankon my knees, my hands clasped round one of the bedposts; then Ifelt that I was lost."

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      "Before God and before men," said he, "I accuse this woman of havingpoisoned Constance Bonacieux, who died yesterday evening."He turned towards Porthos and Aramis.

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