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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Edward? Poor child! Are all these crimes committed on hisaccount?"
2.  "But yet M. Danglars appeared" --
3.  "Yes," replied Caderousse, "little Albert."
4.  "Sir," replied the host, "we will do all in our power toprocure you one -- this is all I can say."
5.  "Nay, madame, the law is frequently powerless to effectthis; all it can do is to avenge the wrong done."
6.  "To M. Franz d'Epinay?"


1.  "Ah, you have heard of the landing of the emperor?"
2.  "The Abbe Faria."
3.  "There ought to be some money in that secretary?"
4.  "Yes."
5.  "Where will he receive me?"
6.  "He's heavy though for an old and thin man," said one, as heraised the head.


1.  "Then I may keep this money?"
2.  "Why, on board the tartan," replied the sailor.
3.  He saw nothing, he had no knife or sharp instrument, thewindow grating was of iron, but he had too often assuredhimself of its solidity. All his furniture consisted of abed, a chair, a table, a pail, and a jug. The bed had ironclamps, but they were screwed to the wood, and it would haverequired a screw-driver to take them off. The table andchair had nothing, the pail had once possessed a handle, butthat had been removed.
4.  "But you are a man of foresight and prudence, therefore yousent your luggage on before you. It has arrived at the Hoteldes Princes, Rue de Richelieu. It is there you are to takeup your quarters."
5.   "Or of wisdom, my dear baron -- or of wisdom," said LouisXVIII., laughing; "the greatest captains of antiquity amusedthemselves by casting pebbles into the ocean -- seePlutarch's life of Scipio Africanus."
6.  "Go, then, into the drawing-room, my young friend, where youwill find your father awaiting you." Andrea made a low bowto the count, and entered the adjoining room. Monte Cristowatched him till he disappeared, and then touched a springin a panel made to look like a picture, which, in slidingpartly from the frame, discovered to view a small opening,so cleverly contrived that it revealed all that was passingin the drawing-room now occupied by Cavalcanti and Andrea.The young man closed the door behind him, and advancedtowards the major, who had risen when he heard stepsapproaching him. "Ah, my dear father!" said Andrea in a loudvoice, in order that the count might hear him in the nextroom, "is it really you?"


1.  "Yes, a fowl." Peppino, turning around, shouted, "A fowl forhis excellency!" His voice yet echoed in the archway when ahandsome, graceful, and half-naked young man appeared,bearing a fowl in a silver dish on his head, without theassistance of his hands. "I could almost believe myself atthe Cafe de Paris," murmured Danglars.
2.  The brigadier sent for some sticks and straw, and havingfilled the chimney with them, set a light to it. The firecrackled, and the smoke ascended like the dull vapor from avolcano; but still no prisoner fell down, as they expected.The fact was, that Andrea, at war with society ever sincehis youth, was quite as deep as a gendarme, even though hewere advanced to the rank of brigadier, and quite preparedfor the fire, he had climbed out on the roof and wascrouching down against the chimney-pots. At one time hethought he was saved, for he heard the brigadier exclaim ina loud voice, to the two gendarmes, "He is not here!" Butventuring to peep, he perceived that the latter, instead ofretiring, as might have been reasonably expected upon thisannouncement, were watching with increased attention.
3.  Chapter 92The Suicide.
4、  "Very well, at ten o'clock;, you are still at the Hotel desPrinces?"
5、  "Yes. -- in the principality, but not in the prince."




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      "Then you feel quite sure that it was your misfortune hedeplored?"

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      This strange event aroused great wonder and curiosity in theneighborhood of the Allees de Meillan, and a multitude oftheories were afloat, none of which was anywhere near thetruth. But what raised public astonishment to a climax, andset all conjecture at defiance, was the knowledge that thesame stranger who had in the morning visited the Allees deMeillan had been seen in the evening walking in the littlevillage of the Catalans, and afterwards observed to enter apoor fisherman's hut, and to pass more than an hour ininquiring after persons who had either been dead or goneaway for more than fifteen or sixteen years. But on thefollowing day the family from whom all these particulars hadbeen asked received a handsome present, consisting of anentirely new fishing-boat, with two seines and a tender. Thedelighted recipients of these munificent gifts would gladlyhave poured out their thanks to their generous benefactor,but they had seen him, upon quitting the hut, merely givesome orders to a sailor, and then springing lightly onhorseback, leave Marseilles by the Porte d'Aix.

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       "And now," he said, "may I inquire what are the orders withwhich your majesty deigns to honor me?"

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      "The young man is better," said Danglars.

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    {  "Why," replied Dantes, "I see nothing but broken lines andunconnected words, which are rendered illegible by fire."

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      "Ah, capital," said Beauchamp. "For a man not connected withnewspapers, here is the pendant to the famous sea-serpent ofthe Constitutionnel."}

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      "Yes," said the Count, "you are right -- it is miraculous."

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      "What did you do then?"

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       "The 28th of February, 1815, at half-past two in theafternoon."

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    {  "Yes, I insist."

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      "You agree, do you not, that obtaining a carriage is out ofthe question?"