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1.   Madame Catulla, having heard this long and unpleasing report,without any consideration, either what he was that tolde the tale,or what a treason he intended against her: immediately (as jealouspersons use to doe) she gave faith to his forgerie, and began todiscourse many things to him, which imagination had often misguidedher in, against her honest minded husband, and enflamed with rage,suddenly replied; that shee would doe according as he had advised her,as being a matter of no difficulty. But if he came, she would so shameand dishonour him, as no woman whatsoever should better schoole him.Ricciardo highly pleased herewith, and being perswaded, that hispurpose would take the full effect: confirmed the Lady in herdetermination with many words more; yet putting her in memory, tokeepe her faithfull promise made, without revealing the matter toany living person, as shee had sworne upon her faith.
2. 从高处跳进了一个救生艇,身上竟然滴水未沾。他连自己的职业工具——小提琴都没有损失——当小提琴盒子漂过来的时候,有位好心人替他把它捞了上来。
3.   (He seizes the book, and pronounces mysteriously the sign of the spirit. Aruddy flame flashes up; the spirit appears in the flame.)Spirit
4. 陈家丽对界面新闻回忆,起初她以为只是遇到了一些障碍,按照往常的经验,疏通一轮关系应该就能解决问题。
5. 平台车辆少了影响用户体验,用户就会申请退押金,如此一来就恶性循环,资金链断裂越来越大。
6.   Our client, Mr. Robert Ferguson, of Ferguson and Muirhead, teabrokers, of Mincing Lane, has made some inquiry from us in acommunication of even date concerning vampires. As our firmspecializes entirely upon the assessment of machinery the matterhardly comes within our purview, and we have therefore recommended Mr.Ferguson to call upon you and lay the matter before you. We have notforgotten your successful action in the case of Matilda Briggs.We are, sir,


1. 这个可能对FOF的角度来说就是一个像投BAT等上市公司和投A轮的角度差异一样。
2. 近期经济下行压力加大,通缩加剧,MLF、OMO利率下调,LPR报价年内第三次下调,宣告我们在这场大势研判、降息大讨论中完胜,这是客观、专业、接地气的实战经济学的胜利(参考超级畅销书:《新周期:中国宏观经济理论与实战》《房地产周期》《全球贸易摩擦与大国兴衰》)。
3. 比如CMC资本投资的完美日记、美菜、叮咚买菜、洪九果品……,在业内增长和行业地位来看,都有非常不俗的成绩。
4. 通过开发辅助康复工具,初创公司们使用先进的技术来帮助残疾人恢复身体机能。
5.   "So that you have lived for three months on sixty francs,"muttered Edmond.
6.   "But only her; do you then still hate those who separatedyou?"


1. 例如当上衣作为价值物被看作与麻布相等时,前者包含的劳动就被看作与后者包含的劳动相等。固然,缝上衣的劳动是一种与织麻布的劳动不同的具体劳动。但是,把缝看作与织相等,实际
2. 为讨好袁仁国经销商送5公斤仁国金鼎袁仁国,茅台集团原党委书记、董事长。
3.   `Would you like to come with me to the cottage, to your Gran, dear?'
4. (《旧唐书·武承嗣传》)所以当武后打算在明堂落成的时候诛杀李唐宗室的小道消息传来,越王贞的儿子琅琊王冲第一个沉不住气了,在其担任刺史的博州(今山东聊城附近)宣布起兵,并且告诸州宗室一同举事。
5.   Dantes took the hand of the abbe in his, and affectionatelypressed it. Faria smiled encouragingly on him, and the youngman retired to his task, in the spirit of obedience andrespect which he had sworn to show towards his aged friend.
6.   Presently Ulysses got up to go towards the town; and Minerva sheda thick mist all round him to hide him in case any of the proudPhaecians who met him should be rude to him, or ask him who he was.Then, as he was just entering the town, she came towards him in thelikeness of a little girl carrying a pitcher. She stood right in frontof him, and Ulysses said:


1. 原来,前一天晚上李女士用电热水袋取暖,睡了没一会就被冻醒了。
2. 拜腾和SK电讯还将探讨销售渠道、售后服务以及出行领域的合作,开拓韩国电动汽车市场机会。
3. [pr?'d?ektid]
4. 在任何情况下都必须是充分的,因此,必须一开始就估计到这一点,并按照适当的比例准备好。换句话说,生产资料的数量,必须足以吸收劳动量,足以通过这个劳动量转化为产品。如果没有充分的生产资料,买者所支配的超额劳动就不能得到利用;他对于这种超额劳动的支配权就没有用处。如果现有生产资料多于可供支配的劳动,生产资料就不能被劳动充分利用,不能转化为产品。现代庸俗经济学中的生产函数只考虑厂房、机器等固定资产形式的生产资料,而不考虑原材料等流动资产形式的生产资料。所以,现代庸俗经济学除了为资本主义制度辩护外,并无实际的用处。
5.   Gualtiero the Marquesse, who had caused his two children to be noblynourished at Bologna, with a neere kinswoman of his, who had marriedwith one of the Counts of Panago, his daughter being now aged twelveyeares old, and somewhat more, as also the Son about sixe or seven. Hesent a Gentleman expresly to his kindred, to have them come and visitehim at Saluzza, bringing his daughter and Sonne with them, attended invery honourable manner, and publishing every where as they came along,that the young Virgin (knowne to none but himselfe and them) should bethe Wife to the Marquesse, and that onely was the cause of hercomming. The Gentleman was not slacke, in the execution of the trustreposed in him: but having made convenient preparation; with thekindred, Sonne, daughter, and a worthy company attending on them,arrived at Saluzza about dinner time, where wanted no resort, from allneighbouring parts round about, to see the comming of the LordMarquesses new Spouse.
6.   "Yes."


1. 2009年成立的Uber,2010年成立的美团,2012年成立的字节跳动,2014年成立的滴滴,2015年成立的拼多多,都已成为市值或估值数百亿美元的新巨头。
2. 由于采用这一宪法和实行法律上的改革,日本人能够迫切要求废除不平等条约。他们完全可以认为这时的日本已在文明的国际礼让中占有一席之地,不再需要治外法权,不再允许对其主权的其他侵犯。经过长期的外交努力之后,1894年,他们说服英国和美国在五年之内结束其治外法权领事裁判权。同年,日本人出人意外地赢得了对中国帝国的惊人的胜利。从此以后,不再有任何理由将日本看作是一个劣势国家,其他列强也步英、美之后尘,很快放弃了他们的特权。到1899年时,日本已获得对其国土上的所有外国人的法定裁判权,在这情况下,它成为亚洲第一个砸碎西方控制的锁链的国家。
3. 熟悉黎万强的人士透露,黎万强此前已与小米管理层达成一致,在今年4月以后,就开始休假,目前正专注于自己热爱和追求的摄影和绘画。

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      The eyes of moles and of some burrowing rodents are rudimentary in size, and in some cases are quite covered up by skin and fur. This state of the eyes is probably due to gradual reduction from disuse, but aided perhaps by natural selection. In South America, a burrowing rodent, the tuco-tuco, or Ctenomys, is even more subterranean in its habits than the mole; and I was assured by a Spaniard, who had often caught them, that they were frequently blind; one which I kept alive was certainly in this condition, the cause, as appeared on dissection, having been inflammation of the nictitating membrane. As frequent inflammation of the eyes must be injurious to any animal, and as eyes are certainly not indispensable to animals with subterranean habits, a reduction in their size with the adhesion of the eyelids and growth of fur over them, might in such case be an advantage; and if so, natural selection would constantly aid the effects of disuse.

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      Mr. Cruncher's temper was not at all improved when he came to his breakfast. He resented Mrs. Cruncher's saying grace with particular animosity.