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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "What country does he come from?"
2.  "And where? In Italy?" asked the king eagerly.
3.  "Yes."
4.  "They gave all their fortune to the hospitals."
5.  "So much the worse."
6.  One evening he cast off the painter of a sailboat from theiron ring that secured it to the dock at Leghorn, wrappedhimself in his coat and lay down, and said to the crew, --"To the Island of Elba!" The boat shot out of the harborlike a bird and the next morning Franz disembarked atPorto-Ferrajo. He traversed the island, after havingfollowed the traces which the footsteps of the giant haveleft, and re-embarked for Marciana. Two hours after he againlanded at Pianosa, where he was assured that red partridgesabounded. The sport was bad; Franz only succeeded in killinga few partridges, and, like every unsuccessful sportsman, hereturned to the boat very much out of temper. "Ah, if yourexcellency chose," said the captain, "you might have capitalsport."


1.  "I am no comrade of these people," said the young man,proudly, "you have no right to insult me thus."
2.  As usual, a pilot put off immediately, and rounding theChateau d'If, got on board the vessel between Cape Morgionand Rion island.
3.  "Ah, no joking, viscount, if you please; I do not patronizeM. Andrea -- at least, not as concerns M. Danglars."
4.  "`Who and where is he?' -- `He is here.'
5.  "Has anything been sent for from a chemist's that I have notexamined?"
6.  "As happy as it is permitted to a human creature to be,"replied Maximilian. "She married the man she loved, whoremained faithful to us in our fallen fortunes -- EmmanuelHerbaut." Monte Cristo smiled imperceptibly. "I live thereduring my leave of absence," continued Maximilian; "and Ishall be, together with my brother-in-law Emmanuel, at thedisposition of the Count, whenever he thinks fit to honorus."


1.  "I never speak to his excellency," replied the concierge;"the valet de chambre will carry your message." The groomreturned to the carriage. "Well?" asked Danglars. The man,somewhat crest-fallen by the rebuke he had received,repeated what the concierge had said. "Bless me," murmuredBaron Danglars, "this must surely be a prince instead of acount by their styling him `excellency,' and only venturingto address him by the medium of his valet de chambre.However, it does not signify; he has a letter of credit onme, so I must see him when he requires his money."
2.  "And you have doubtless brought all your papers with you?"said Monte Cristo.
3.  "When we have a fog."
4.  "Nothing has happened to him, I hope," said the countfrowningly.
5.   "`Your mode of life as a smuggler,' said he to me one day,`will be the ruin of you; if you get out, don't take it upagain.' -- `But how,' inquired I, `am I to maintain myselfand my poor sister?'
6.  "Yes, and I will tell you. One evening I was in a garden; aclump of trees concealed me; no one suspected I was there.Two persons passed near me -- allow me to conceal theirnames for the present; they were speaking in an undertone,and yet I was so interested in what they said that I did notlose a single word."


1.  been presented to her when I met her at Madame Villefort'sball."
2.  "Speak out then, say what it was!"
3.  "The Chateau d'If?" cried he, "what are we going there for?"The gendarme smiled.
4、  "On your honor is that true?" cried Albert.
5、  "Who could know that I was here already?" said the youngman. The valet entered.




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      "Oh, do not fear; besides, you will accompany me. Beauchamp,solemn transactions should be sanctioned by a witness.Before this day closes, if M. Danglars is guilty, he shallcease to live, or I shall die. Pardieu, Beauchamp, mineshall be a splendid funeral!"

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      "Oh, indeed -- indeed, sir, he is innocent!" sobbed forthMercedes.

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       "Ah, it is really a serious matter, then?" asked themarquis, remarking the cloud on Villefort's brow.

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      "And here is Andrea Cavalcanti's baptismal register, givenby the curate of Saravezza."

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    {  "Full dress?" said the major, half aloud.

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      "The name of Edmond's betrothed was Mercedes."}

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      "You mistake, sir," said Morcerf with a gloomy smile; "I amnot referring in the least to matrimony, and I onlyaddressed myself to M. Cavalcanti because he appeareddisposed to interfere between us. In one respect you areright, for I am ready to quarrel with every one to-day; butyou have the first claim, M. Danglars."

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      "But can you not say that, sir? The moment you become aninhabitant of France, you are naturally subjected to theFrench law."

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       "To me? -- no -- was there one?"

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    {  "I will do everything in my power to carry out your wishes,your excellency. I should be glad, however, to receive yourexcellency's commands concerning the dinner."

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      "Oh," exclaimed Morrel, with a glance full of bitterreproach, "do you think it possible that I could be?"