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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  The young man advanced rapidly into the chamber, leaving the dooropen behind him, and making a sign to Milady to be silent; hisface was much agitated.
2.  On the morrow, nothing was talked of in Paris but the ball whichthe aldermen of the city were to give to the king and queen, andin which their Majesties were to dance the famous La Merlaison--the favorite ballet of the king.
3.  Planchet began to weep. We will not venture to say whetherit was from terror created by the threats or from tendernessat seeing four friends so closely united.
4.  Lord de Winter believed he spoke in this manner to soothe the grief ofD'Artagnan.
5.  "A proof?" cried Milady; "I will have ten."
6.  "Lieutenant Felton, from Lord de Winter," said Patrick."From Lord de Winter!" repeated Buckingham; "let him come in."Felton entered. At that moment Buckingham was throwing upon a couch arich toilet robe, worked with gold, in order to put on a blue velvetdoublet embroidered with pearls.


1.  Then, turning toward the door, and seeing that the young officerwas waiting for his last orders, he said. "All is well, I thankyou; now leave us alone, Mr. Felton."
2.  "A written examination attests it," said the cardinal, replyingaloud to the mute interrogation of his Majesty; "and the ill-treated people have drawn up the following, which I have thehonor to present to your Majesty."
3.  "You have given your word, then?"
4.  "No, upon honor and by the faith of a gentleman, I bought it withthe contents of my own purse," answered he whom they designatedby the name Porthos.
5.  "Then," replied he, "my visit is ill-timed; you, no doubt,stand in need of repose, and I will withdraw."
6.  "Matters go but badly," said Athos, smiling; "and we shall not bemade Chevaliers of the Order this time."


1.  "But after all," said Lord de Winter, when the three friendshad been named, "we do not know who you are. We cannotfight with such names; they are names of shepherds.""Therefore your lordship may suppose they are only assumednames," said Athos.
2.  "Alas," said D'Artagnan, "it is because I am the mostunfortunate? Tell me."
3.  "That is true, that is true, my child," said the queen, "you areright."
4.  In the meantime the host and his wife hurried down with lampsinto the cellar, which had so long been interdicted to them andwhere a frightful spectacle awaited them.
5.   "Well, I will avenge you of this wretch," repliedD'Artagnan, giving himself the airs of Don Japhet ofArmenia.
6.  As to D'Artagnan, who as yet knew nobody in the capital, he onlyfound one chocolate breakfast at the house of a priest of his ownprovince, and one dinner at the house of a cornet of the Guards.He took his army to the priest's, where they devoured as muchprovision as would have lasted him for two months, and to thecornet's, who performed wonders; but as Planchet said, "People donot eat at once for all time, even when they eat a good deal."D'Artagnan thus felt himself humiliated in having only procuredone meal and a half for his companions--as the breakfast at thepriest's could only be counted as half a repast--in return forthe feasts which Athos, Porthos, and Aramis had procured him. Hefancied himself a burden to the society, forgetting in hisperfectly juvenile good faith that he had fed this society for amonth; and he set his mind actively to work. He reflected thatthis coalition of four young, brave, enterprising, and active menought to have some other object than swaggering walks, fencinglessons, and practical jokes, more or less witty.In fact, four men such as they were--four men devoted to oneanother, from their purses to their lives; four men alwayssupporting one another, never yielding, executing singly ortogether the resolutions formed in common; four arms threateningthe four cardinal points, or turning toward a single point--mustinevitably, either subterraneously, in open day, by mining, inthe trench, by cunning, or by force, open themselves a way towardthe object they wished to attain, however well it might bedefended, or however distant it may seem. The only thing thatastonished D'Artagnan was that his friends had never thought ofthis.


1.  Aramis colored imperceptibly. "You disturb me? Oh, quite thecontrary, dear friend, I swear; and as a proof of what I say,permit me to declare I am rejoiced to see you safe and sound.""Ah, he'll come round," thought D'Artagnan; "that's not bad!""This gentleman, who is my friend, has just escaped from aserious danger," continued Aramis, with unction, pointing toD'Artagnan with his hand, and addressing the two ecclesiastics."Praise God, monsieur," replied they, bowing together."I have not failed to do so, your Reverences," replied the youngman, returning their salutation.
2.  "What, you are ignorant of Lord de Winter's designs upon me?""I am."
3.  "Yes," replied Anne, "but you know why and how I see you;because, insensible to all my sufferings, you persist inremaining in a city where, by remaining, you run the risk of yourlife, and make me run the risk of my honor. I see you to tellyou that everything separates us--the depths of the sea, theenmity of kingdoms, the sanctity of vows. It is sacrilege tostruggle against so many things, my Lord. In short, I see you totell you that we must never see each other again.""Speak on, madame, speak on, Queen," said Buckingham; "thesweetness of your voice covers the harshness of your words. Youtalk of sacrilege! Why, the sacrilege is the separation of twohearts formed by God for each other."
4、  "Thank you, monsieur, you are not brave enough to be of any useto me whatever," replied Mme. Bonacieux. "I shall return verysafely to the Louvre all alone."
5、  "You are laughing at me, and want to try me!" said D'Artagnan,whom anger began to take by the hair, as Minerva takes Achilles,in the ILLIAD.




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      "I have won five pistoles of Aramis."

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      "What have you done to him, then?"

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       "You must be Satan!" cried she.

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      "What! Will they dare to arrest a man in his Majesty's service?""PARDIEU! They did not scruple much in the case of Athos. Atall events, young man, rely upon one who has been thirty years atcourt. Do not lull yourself in security, or you will be lost;but, on the contrary--and it is I who say it--see enemies in alldirections. If anyone seeks a quarrel with you, shun it, were itwith a child of ten years old. If you are attacked by day or bynight, fight, but retreat, without shame; if you cross a bridge,feel every plank of it with your foot, lest one should give waybeneath you; if you pass before a house which is being built,look up, for fear a stone should fall upon your head; if you stayout late, be always followed by your lackey, and let your lackeybe armed--if, by the by, you can be sure of your lackey.Mistrust everybody, your friend, your brother, your mistress--your mistress above all."

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    {  "My God, yes, GAVE, that is the word," said Porthos; "for theanimal was worth at least a hundred and fifty louis, and thestingy fellow would only give me eighty."

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      Athos drew D'Artagnan aside.}

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      "What did he say?" demanded Porthos.

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      "Search, then, monsieur! I am a criminal, as it appears.Estafania, give up the keys of my drawers and my desks."For form's sake the chancellor paid a visit to the pieces offurniture named; but he well knew that it was not in a piece offurniture that the queen would place the important letter she hadwritten that day.

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       Each retired to his own apartment.

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    {  "How much in that little bag?"

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      "Sooner." said Aramis.