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1. 刘浩的目标是成为后者。
2. 在具体消费方面,他们也更喜欢二次元的东西,他们并不太在意以前传统的所谓的大品牌,他们更愿意自己去尝试,更愿意去跟他们的朋友们去交流,然后去选择购买什么东西。
3.   The time came in its season, and that was very soon, when I almost wondered that nothing troubled his repose, as I looked at him. But he slept - let me think of him so again - as I had often seen him sleep at school; and thus, in this silent hour, I left him.
4. Do you wonder that she felt sure she had not come back to earth? This is what she saw. In the grate there was a glowing, blazing fire; on the hob was a little brass kettle hissing and boiling; spread upon the floor was a thick, warm crimson rug; before the fire a folding-chair, unfolded, and with cushions on it; by the chair a small folding-table, unfolded, covered with a white cloth, and upon it spread small covered dishes, a cup, a saucer, a teapot; on the bed were new warm coverings and a satin-covered down quilt; at the foot a curious wadded silk robe, a pair of quilted slippers, and some books. The room of her dream seemed changed into fairyland-- and it was flooded with warm light, for a bright lamp stood on the table covered with a rosy shade.
5. 1.上天:从商业模式创新到科技创新二十年前,互联网本身就是高科技,但到今天,多数互联网企业只是传统科技。
6.   `Bravo' said Defarge, clapping him on the back when it was Over, like a patron; `you are a good boy!'


1. 省政府食品安全委员会办公室主任、省市场监管局党组书记、局长马林青表示,新型冠状病毒感染的肺炎疫情期间,省各级市场监管部门将严打哄抬物价行为。
2. 前朝太监钱能的家奴钱宁,得武宗宠幸,赐国姓,收为义子,掌管锦衣卫事。钱宁乘大同宣府兵调来京畿镇压农民起义,向武宗荐引大同游击江彬。武宗见江彬善骑射,得与游乐,擢任都指挥企事。钱宁与江彬陪侍豹房,与武宗同卧起。武宗命居庸关太监擒献虎豹,又在豹房建护国佛寺,听任番僧往来。番僧绰吉我些儿向武宗献秘术(房中术)。武宗在豹房与女乐淫乐,以至夺取臣下妻女。被劾罢官的凉延绥总兵官马昂将已嫁有孕的妹妹,进献武宗,入侍豹房。武宗又至马昂家索取马昂小妾,马昂将妾杜氏献上,又进献美女四人。马昂因而得授为右都督,两弟也都进升军职。御史徐文华、都给事中石天柱等连续上疏,请遣出孕妇,武宗不理。
3. 还有另一种情况,那就是人们缺乏消灭歧视的积极性。比如国营企业招工,非招有本地户口的人不可。这种“户籍歧视”没有道理,会对搞“歧视”的企业造成损失。但深究下去,也能解释这种貌似不合理的现象,那就是国营企业受制于很多人事规定,而且他们对人才的需求也并不迫切。与此对照,民营企业用人,不必要的条条框框就少得多。
4. Yes, some molds cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems. And a few molds, in the right conditions, produce "mycotoxins," poisonous substances that can make you sick.
5. 美团曾经在两年多前于内部开展过一次关于虚假报销的自查自纠行动,最后统计下来,共有440名员工进行了自主申报,统计涉及虚假报销金额32万余元。
6.   The prince and princess were now entirely happy, and months slipped by unconsciously in the enjoyment of each other's society.


1. 团队方面,创始人CEO周琨,TVPlay创始人CEO。
2. 记者在法院监控视频中看到,18日上午9时许,潘某右手拎着把明晃晃的菜刀独自一人准备进入法院审判区
3. 如今,自嗨锅的产品体系里已经包括了自热火锅、自热煲仔饭、冲泡饭、冲泡面/粉、拌面等。
4. 看到杨某面露胆怯、神情紧张,陈勃义忽然说道:老杨,这是最新高科技。
5.   "Send your saddle, then, to the hotel of the Musketeers, andyour horse can be brought back with ours."
6. 马宏彬表示:在互联网时代,阿里做了商业基建,美团做了服务的基建,快手正在以铺路者的角色,为国民教育做信息基建,让短视频和直播成为教育的基础设施。


1. 根据用户反映,自从收取押金以后,友友用车的可用车辆就越来越少,提现越来越困难,直到最近彻底无法使用,有用户因此质疑:友友用车有恶意卷款跑路的嫌疑。
2. 加强网络综合治理,营造清朗空间,鼓励高质量文艺创造,引领正确文明导向。
3. 而火炉的形制又与朱鲔墓画像石上的烤肉炉不同。这只火炉下有双腿支撑,炉身呈长方形悬空中。朱鲔墓画像石之烤肉炉呈圆筒状坐地上。腰部稍细,顶部稍阔。此外,在马王堆一号墓也出土过烤肉炉用的扇子。在一些摹写起居、宴饮的汉画像石中,也经常可以见到烤肉的场景。由此可知,到了汉代烤羊肉串已成为宴饮中必备的食品②。
4. While Jodie Foster used to opt for the bathroom – “they looked good with the faucets” – she has since moved the two she won for The Accused and Silence of the Lambs to a much more orthodox spot: a trophy case.
5. 玩蟹科技后来推出的手游--大掌门,跻身多家移动游戏应用平台榜前十。
6. 以销售虚构的养老公寓、养老山庄等名义,或者以返本销售、售后返租、约定回购等方式销售养老公寓、养老山庄,或者以入住老年公寓后给予优惠打折、不入住给予高于银行利息分红的方式非法吸收公众资金。


1.   The youth gave them attentive hearing, and (in few words) returnedthem answer: That he would not give way to any such travaile,because he knew how to dispose of himselfe in Florence, as well asin any other place he should be sent too. Which when his Tutors heard,they reproved him with many severe speeches: and seeing they could winno other answer from him, they made returne thereof to his Mother. Shestorming extreamly thereat, yet not so much for denying the journey toParis, as in regard of his violent affection to the Maide; gave himvery bitter and harsh language. All which availing nothing, shebegan to speake in a more milde and gentle straine, entreating himwith flattering and affable words, to be governed in this case byhis Tutors good advice. And so farre (in the end) she prevailed withhim, that he yeelded to live at Paris for the space of a yeare, butfurther time he would not grant, and so all was ended.
2. 鉴于合同中采用的激励支付方式,若富士康建造的工厂成本高昂,但雇佣人数较少,该州则需要为每个岗位支付29万美元,在某些情况下,这个金额甚至在50万美元以上。
3. 维权人员称,人人车包括成都、贵阳等50多个城市的站点已悉数关闭。

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