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1. 去年11月特朗普当选后,安倍最先赶赴纽约与特朗普会谈,当时他送了一根金光闪闪的顶级高尔夫球杆给特朗普作为见面礼。
2. 有一天正碰上大雨,吴亮嫌出门就餐过于麻烦,便在手机上订了外卖,准备带回茶水间吃。
3.   "Excellent! But I assure you you are mistaken about my allegedagents."
4. 李子柒的作品,相信依然会有人喜爱,因为在她身上,被投射了诸多的希冀,人们需要这种希冀带来的照耀。
5.   `Hold!' cried Defarge, reddening a little as if he felt charged with cowardice; `I too, my dear, will stop at nothing.'
6.   'I like Revelations, and the book of Daniel, and Genesis andSamuel, and a little bit of Exodus, and some parts of Kings andChronicles, and Job and Jonah.'


1.   His manner as he said this was the most quiet imaginable. Hisface and body retained utter composure. Only his eyes moved, andthey flashed a subtle, dissolving fire. In them the wholeintensity of the man's nature was distilling itself.
2. 第二,外人似颇有心为善,不妨相机妥为利用。俄人首先表示,愿派兵船会同中国陆师平乱,并愿与美人采办米粮,以济京师。法人亦有此请。曾国藩以为此举目前困难尚多,自后贻害无穷。恭亲王等对于俄、法用心亦多顾虑,英人更是疑忌。事虽未成,但一八六〇年上海之所以不失,实赖洋兵之力。清廷原坚拒洋船入江,一八五九年以来,英人一再诋毁太平军。一八六一年巴夏礼告上海士绅,英军愿保卫上海、宁波,攻取南京、苏州。继又面告恭亲王,太平军断无成事之理,但是官军饷项不足,船炮不利,亦不易胜。恭亲王本有"妥为牢笼,使为我用"之意。一八六二年,遂决定借洋兵助剿。他虽知洋人系为自身之利,虽确可为清廷除心腹之患,未始非由于近年"驾驭得宜"的结果。助剿之外,洋人管理海关,可吞不吞,税收悉行交出,使军饷充裕,力事的属公正。
3. 此时,该主管并没有充分尽责地了解其患病情况。
4.   `Young Jerry,' said Mr. Cruncher, turning to his offspring, `it's a buryin'.'
5. 与毕业创业公司取得联系、了解更多信息。
6. 为了彻底杜绝亲戚的来访,陈某在陈某某和自己家门口都贴上了告示,虽然这样做少了一点年味,但是只要大家都健康,什么时候都可以团聚


1. 通过沟通,我们可以雇到好的适合的人,可以融到资,可以找到好的机会、渠道等。
2. 举个例子,有没有发现Google、微软等国外的巨头,说语义这个行业说了这么久,但其实没有做出中文的语义系统。
3. 这些话看上去很自然,当企业和用户的长远期利益没有冲突的时候,大家都可以更好为客户考虑。
4. 2003年下半年,谷澄清又利用代表财评中心参与湖南长大投资有限公司(以下简称长大公司)承建的长沙大道四段等项目工程评审的职务便利,借机向长大公司项目负责人谭某介绍解某来分包该公司所承建的新姚路项目工程的绿化工程,谭某表示同意。
5. 该工作人员表示,鉴于案情复杂,暂不便透露更多细节,相关情况以省公安厅发布的通报为准。
6. 如果公司退市,将在三板市场持续经营,同时继续向相关责任人进行追偿,保护公司股东的利益。


1.   There we found delicious fruits, and having satisfied our hunger we presently lay down to rest upon the shore. Suddenly we were aroused by a loud rustling noise, and starting up, saw that it was caused by an immense snake which was gliding towards us over the sand. So swiftly it came that it had seized one of my comrades before he had time to fly, and in spite of his cries and struggles speedily crushed the life out of him in its mighty coils and proceeded to swallow him. By this time my other companion and I were running for our lives to some place where we might hope to be safe from this new horror, and seeing a tall tree we climbed up into it, having first provided ourselves with a store of fruit off the surrounding bushes. When night came I fell asleep, but only to be awakened once more by the terrible snake, which after hissing horribly round the tree at last reared itself up against it, and finding my sleeping comrade who was perched just below me, it swallowed him also, and crawled away leaving me half dead with terror.
2. 但用户希望附近就能有一个安全低价的行李寄存处,而Stasher就是为此提供了解决方案……(查看更多请点这里)产业互联网项目报道:「博大视野BroADAS」:重型起重设备智能辅助驾驶系统博大视野(厦门)科技有限公司是智慧港口视觉AI方案提供商,其自主研发的BroADAS是一套针对港口领域的重型起重设备打造的智能辅助驾驶系统。
3. 然后,他继续弯着腰走出了电梯往家里走。
4.   Afterward, she requested to have some conference with Manutio alone,and every one being gone forth of the Chamber, she spake unto him inthis manner.
5. 在摸索制作中,最大的难题就是如何使口罩最大程度地遮住口鼻,保证良好的隔菌效果。
6. If Sara had been older or less punctilious about being quite polite to people, she could have explained herself in a very few words. But, as it was, she felt a flush rising on her cheeks. Miss Minchin was a very severe and imposing person, and she seemed so absolutely sure that Sara knew nothing whatever of French that she felt as if it would be almost rude to correct her. The truth was that Sara could not remember the time when she had not seemed to know French. Her father had often spoken it to her when she had been a baby. Her mother had been a French woman, and Captain Crewe had loved her language, so it happened that Sara had always heard and been familiar with it.


1. 所以,最后,谨慎看好说自己要做视频社交的陌陌
2.   "He must be quite blind," returned the wife of the chief cook. "As for her looking a little younger than we do, what does that matter? You would have made a far better Sultana than she."
3. 费米知道,铀,是铀238和铀235混在一起存在的,两者数量上的比例是140∶1。玻尔的理论告诉他,人们通常讲的“铀的裂变”,实际上就是铀235的裂变,换句话说,是铀极小一部分的裂变。

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