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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  (He writes and returns the book.)
2.  At The Well
3.  They are about to recommence; - the play Will be the last of seven, and spick- span new 'Tis usual here that number to present. A dilettante did the pieceinvent, And dilettanti will enact it too. Excuse me, gentlemen; to me's assign'dAs dilettante to uplift the curtain.
4.  Well, he hath paid the forfeit, and is dead. Now were I in your place, mycounsel hear; My weeds I'd wear for one chaste year, And for another lovermeanwhile would look out.
5.  Good heavens! can that my mother be?
6.  Ay! and full many a riddle tied anew. But let the great world rave and riot!Here will we house ourselves in quiet. A custom 'tis of ancient date, Ourlesser worlds within the great world to create! Young witches there I see,naked and bare, And old ones, veil'd more prudently. For my sake onlycourteous be! The trouble's small, the sport is rare. Of instruments I hear thecursed din One must get used to it. Come in! come in! There's now no helpfor it. I'll step before And introducing you as my good friend, Confer on youone obligation more. How say you now? 'Tis no such paltry room; Why onlylook, you scarce can see the end. A hundred fires in rows disperse the gloom;They dance, they talk, they cook, make love, and drink: Where could we findaught better, do you think?


1.  Witches And Wizards Chorus - Visions And DancesWitches (in chorus)
2.  With gentlemen like you indeed The inward essence from the name we read,As all too plainly it doth appear, When Beelzebub, Destroyer, Liar, meets theear. Who then art thou?
3.  Faust
4.  Mephistopheles
5.  Oberon. Titania. Ariel. Puck, &c. &c.
6.  What aileth thee? what chafes thee now so sore? A face like that I never sawbefore!


1.  Plan all things to achieve my end! Engage the attention of her friend! No milk- and - water devil be, And bring fresh jewels instantly!Mephistopheles
2.  Evil - Spirit behind Margaret
3.  Yonder doth the bagpipe come! Its sack an airy bubble. Schnick, schnick,schnack, with nasal hum, Its notes it doth redouble.Embryo Spirit
4.  Most sensual, supersensualist? The while A damsel leads thee by the nose!Faust
5.   Wherefore thy passion so excite And thus thine eloquence inflame? A scrap isfor our compact good. Thou under - signest merely with a drop of blood.Faust
6.  Frosch


1.  This senseless, juggling witchcraft I detest! Dost promise that in this foul nestOf madness, I shall be restored? Must I seek counsel from an ancient dame?And can she, by these rites abhorred, Take thirty winters from my frame?Woe's me, if thou naught better canst suggest! Hope has already fled mybreast. Has neither nature nor a noble mind A balsam yet devis'd of any kind?Mephistopheles
2.  Our land doth no such usage know.
3.  Altmayer
4、  It need hardly be said that Goethe's "Faust" does not derive its greatness fromits conformity to the traditional standards of what a tragedy should be. Hehimself was accustomed to refer to it cynically as a monstrosity, and yet heput himself into it as intensely as Dante put himself into "The Divine Comedy."A partial explanation of this apparent contradiction in the author's attitude is tobe found in what has been said of its manner of composition. Goethe began itin his romantic youth, and availed himself recklessly of the supernaturalelements in the legend, with the disregard of reason and plausibilitycharacteristic of the romantic mood. When he returned to it in the beginning ofthe new century his artistic standards has changed, and the supernaturalismcould now be tolerated only by being made symbolic. Thus he makes thecareer of Faust as a whole emblematic of the triumph of the persistent strivingfor the ideal over the temptation to find complete satisfaction in the sense, andprepares the reader for this interpretation by prefixing the "Prologue inHeaven." The elaboration of this symbolic element is responsible for suchscenes as the Walpurgis - Night and the Intermezzo scenes full of power andinfinitely suggestive, but destructive of the unity of the play as a tragedy ofhuman life. Yet there remains in this First Part even in its final form much thatis realistic in the best sense, the carousal in Auerbach's cellar, the portrait ofMartha, the Easter - morning walk, the character and fate of Margaret. It issuch elements as these that have appealed to the larger reading public and thathave naturally been emphasized by performance on the stage, and by virtue ofthese alone "Faust" may rank as a great drama; but it is the result of Goethe'sbroodings on the mystery of human life, shadowed forth in the symbolic partsand elaborated with still greater complexity and still more far - reachingsuggestiveness - and, it must be added, with deepening obscurity - in theSecond Part, that have given the work its place with "Job," with the"Prometheus Bound," with "The Divine Comedy," and with "Hamlet."The Tragedy Of Faust - Dedication
5、  Valentine




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      A nosegay may that be?

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      Faust (dancing)

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       Delusion, from their eyes the bandage take! Note how the devil loves a jest tobreak!

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      The road is not a pleasant one.

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    {  Mephistopheles

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      Happy as cannibals are we, Or as five hundred swine.Mephistopheles

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       Martha (approaching)

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    {  If o'er my soul the tone familiar, stealing, Drew me from harrowing thought'sbewild'ring maze, Touching the ling'ring chords of childlike feeling, With sweetharmonies of happier days: So curse I all, around the soul that windeth Itsmagic and alluring spell, And with delusive flattery bindeth Its victim to thisdreary cell! Curs'd before all things be the high opinion, Wherewith the spiritgirds itself around! Of shows delusive curs'd be the dominion, Within whosemocking sphere our sense is bound! Accurs'd of dreams the treacherouswiles, The cheat of glory, deathless fame! Accurs'd what each as propertybeguiles, Wife, child, slave, plough, whate'er its name! Accurs'd be mammon,when with treasure He doth to daring deeds incite: Or when to steep the soulin pleasure, He spreads the couch of soft delight! Curs'd be the grape'sbalsamic juice! Accurs'd love's dream, of joys the first! Accurs'd be hope!accurs'd be faith! And more than all, be patience curs'd!Chorus of Spirits (invisible)

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      But yet without desire; 'Tis long since thou hast been either to shrift or mass.Dost thou believe in God?