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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  She shook her head, though for all her distress and his trickeryshe was beginning to notice what she had always felt--histhoughtfulness.
2.  "Oh, nothing."
3.  "Well, that's funny," said Drouet. "He did, you know. It was inall the papers."
4.  "Oh, don't take that name," said Carrie.
5.  "Not if you couldn't wait."
6.  Summoning all his courage, he crossed to Broadway and up to theBroadway Central hotel. Within a block he halted, undecided. Abig, heavy-faced porter was standing at one of the sideentrances, looking out. Hurstwood purposed to appeal to him.Walking straight up, he was upon him before he could turn away.


1.  "I'll go in their barber shop and get a shave," he thought.
3.  Hurstwood heard nothing about this.
4.  "No, only a day or so."
5.  "Not a bit."
6.  "Who is he?" asked Carrie. doubtfully.


1.  "To be my wife, yes," went on the actor in a manner which wasweak by comparison, but which could not now spoil the tenderatmosphere which Carrie had created and maintained. She did notseem to feel that he was wretched. She would have done nearly aswell with a block of wood. The accessories she needed werewithin her own imagination. The acting of others could notaffect them.
2.  It was paid to her in greenbacks--three twenties, six tens, andsix fives. Thus collected it made a very convenient roll. Itwas accompanied by a smile and a salutation from the cashier whopaid it.
3.  "His office is upstairs," said a man in the box-office.
4.  "Oh, one of the heroines--I don't know."
5.   Carrie succumbed to this prompting, waiting, however, until themanager gave her notice of what clothing she must have to fit thepart.
6.  "Why, hello, Harry!" he said, addressing a lounger in one of thecomfortable lobby chairs. "How are you?"


1.  "What about it?" his mind asked, and for answer he put his handslowly up and scratched his head.
2.  The upshot of this was that the change was eventually effected;not without great gloom on the part of Carrie. It reallyaffected her more seriously than anything that had yet happened.She began to look upon Hurstwood wholly as a man, and not as alover or husband. She felt thoroughly bound to him as a wife,and that her lot was cast with his, whatever it might be; but shebegan to see that he was gloomy and taciturn, not a young,strong, and buoyant man. He looked a little bit old to her aboutthe eyes and mouth now, and there were other things which placedhim in his true rank, so far as her estimation was concerned.She began to feel that she had made a mistake. Incidentally, shealso began to recall the fact that he had practically forced herto flee with him.
3.  Hurstwood read this, formulating to himself his own idea of whatwould be the outcome. He was a great believer in the strength ofcorporations.
4、  "I raise you ten."
5、  "Oh," said Mrs. Vance, "that's right near here, isn't it?"




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      "Is that a paper?" said Carrie.

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      Chapter XXI

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       It was truly a wintry evening, a few days later, when his onedistinct mental decision was reached. Already, at four o'clock,the sombre hue of night was thickening the air. A heavy snow wasfalling--a fine picking, whipping snow, borne forward by a swiftwind in long, thin lines. The streets were bedded with it--sixinches of cold, soft carpet, churned to a dirty brown by thecrush of teams and the feet of men. Along Broadway men pickedtheir way in ulsters and umbrellas. Along the Bowery, menslouched through it with collars and hats pulled over their ears.In the former thoroughfare businessmen and travellers were makingfor comfortable hotels. In the latter, crowds on cold errandsshifted past dingy stores, in the deep recesses of which lightswere already gleaming. There were early lights in the cablecars, whose usual clatter was reduced by the mantle about thewheels. The whole city was muffled by this fast-thickeningmantle.

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      "I'm going away, Julia," he said, "for a few days."

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    {  "No," she answered, rising. "Besides, it's time I was gettingready for the theatre. I'll have to leave you. Come, now.""Oh, stay a minute," pleaded Drouet. "You've got plenty oftime."

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      "Oh, thou failure!" said the voice.}

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      "I don't know," said Quincel. "She's a friend of one of ourmembers."

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      "Well, you can bet that you're all right," said Drouet. "You cantake my word for that. You won't fail."

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       "One night," resumed Mrs. Morgan, whose lines came next, "fatherand mother were going to the opera. When they were crossingBroadway, the usual crowd of children accosted them for alms--"

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    {  "You oughtn't to have had anything to do with him," said Drouetin an injured tone, "after all I've done for you."

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      "Yes, and there's the coal man," said Carrie.