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1. 千禧年的泡沫退尽之后,第一代门户雅虎逐渐式微,网易却在2002年的二季度便实现净盈利,开始领涨纳斯达克,2003年10月,网易股价超过70美金,比2001年9月1日的历史低点攀升了108倍,创始人丁磊成为中国大陆首富。
2. 一番交流之后,似有所察觉的孙某某对孙宝民说:你们开展这项活动后,人防系统会发生翻天覆地的变化,从此将开启新的阶段。
3. Its Academic Ranking of World Universities is made up of six objective indicators, including the number of alumni and staff winning Nobel Prizes and Fields Medals, the number of highly-cited researchers, the number of articles published in the journals Nature and Science, the number of articles indexed in the "Science Citation Index", and their per capita performance.
4.   My mother couldn't help it notwithstanding, so she cried until she had had her cry out.
5. 从2018年年底,即不断曝出有大数据公司从业者被带走调查。
6.   "Madame," said Lucien, playing with a little dog, who,recognizing him as a friend of the house, expected to becaressed, "I am not the only one who makes similarcomplaints, I think I heard Morcerf say that he could notextract a word from his betrothed."


1. “我看过了您的备忘录,”罗斯福说,“愿意听取您的进一步讲解。”
2. 1572年为莫卧儿人所征服。这些新来的统治者对海外贸易极不感兴趣,因此,当葡萄牙人开始夺取印度洋上所有的战略位置时,他们未采取行动加以制止。土耳其人确曾派出几支远征队顺红海而下,但是,这些远征队与他们派往波斯和中欧的陆上远征队相比,是微不足道的。莫卧儿帝国的皇帝在葡萄牙私商夺取对印度洋商船航线的控制时,也未有效地帮助他们的古吉拉特邦臣民进行抵制。
3.   His words excited my curiosity to the highest pitch. "Make trial on me, I implore you," I cried, holding out the box to the dervish. "You will know how to do it better than I! I am burning with impatience to test its charms."
4. 与此同时,负责警戒的铁骑队队员也迅速介入配合搜寻。
5.   It was no matter of wonder to me to find Mrs. Steerforth devoted to her son. She seemed to be able to speak or think about nothing else. She showed me his picture as an infant, in a locket, with some of his baby-hair in it; she showed me his picture as he had been when I first knew him; and she wore at her breast his picture as he was now. All the letters he had ever written to her, she kept in a cabinet near her own chair by the fire; and she would have read me some of them, and I should have been very glad to hear them too, if he had not interposed, and coaxed her out of the design.
6.   "Hear me," she cried, "Daughter of Aegis-bearing Jove,unweariable. If ever Ulysses while he was here burned you fat thighbones of sheep or heifer, bear it in mind now as in my favour, andsave my darling son from the villainy of the suitors."


1. 原标题:沉浸新闻:穿越屏幕的新体验新媒体时代,视频的种类层出不穷,各类形式百花齐放。
2.   It was obvious in them too that love had gone through them: that is, the physical experience. It is curious what a subtle but unmistakable transmutation it makes, both in the body of men and women: the woman more blooming, more subtly rounded, her young angularities softened, and her expression either anxious or triumphant: the man much quieter, more inward, the very shapes of his shoulders and his buttocks less assertive, more hesitant.
3. 实际上,玻尔与汤姆生的第一次会晤进行得并不像玻尔理解的那样好。
4. 352
5. 其中,也有一些关于秋裤的技术帖。
6. 其他企业家可能会恐慌并立即与某人分享股权,但却发现,从长远来看,他们不再需要他们的共同创始人的技能。


1. 2.5亿人群,两万亿巨大市场胡丹在创业之初就对中国的消费金融市场进行了分析:既然白领已经被信用卡和BATJ覆盖得很满了,那不如就做信用评级稍逊于白领的群体,而这一群体包括蓝领、学生、农民三类人。
2.   'Have it carried half a quarter of an inch towards the temple,' said Miss Mowcher. 'We can do it in a fortnight.'
3. 根据腾讯提供的资料,营销外挂的供应商通常会伪装为正常硬件供应商,且偷换概念为管理软件的开发商,通常硬件设备和管理软件分离,受到打击后,可以将攻击软件短暂分离,以逃避打击。
4. 目前,42所一流大学建设高校中,已有三十多所已有或正在筹建医学院。
5.   `Oh, nothing, really! But I don't think he wanted me to have the freedom of the castle, quite.'
6. n.


1. 事后盖尔回忆道,河水太冷了,我的手冻僵了,腿也失去了知觉,消防员一直在帮助我,我才竭尽全力摆脱了困境。
2. 17年之后,当我也成为了母亲,当我自己的父母年事渐高时,我才能体会到这种忧心。
3. 现在经常看到的则是,你和他说占道不对,他会和你振振有词地声辩,从我占我有理到别人家起火和我有什么关系。

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      I felt an inexpressible relief, a soothing conviction of protectionand security, when I knew that there was a stranger in the room, anindividual not belonging to Gateshead, and not related to Mrs. Reed.Turning from Bessie (though her presence was far less obnoxious tome than that of Abbot, for instance, would have been), I scrutinisedthe face of the gentleman: I knew him; it was Mr. Lloyd, anapothecary, sometimes called in by Mrs. Reed when the servants wereailing: for herself and the children she employed a physician.

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      'Well, you know, Missis always said they were poor and quitedespicable: and they may be poor; but I believe they are as muchgentry as the Reeds are; for one day, nearly seven years ago, a Mr.Eyre came to Gateshead and wanted to see you; Missis said you wereat school fifty miles off; he seemed so much disappointed, for hecould not stay: he was going on a voyage to a foreign country, and theship was to sail from London in a day or two. He looked quite agentleman, and I believe he was your father's brother.'

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      Miss Betsey thanked him, and we went into his room, which was furnished as an office, with books, papers, tin boxes, and so forth. It looked into a garden, and had an iron safe let into the wall; so immediately over the mantelshelf, that I wondered, as I sat down, how the sweeps got round it when they swept the chimney.

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      "When the child of morning, rosy-fingered Dawn, appeared, we admiredthe island and wandered all over it, while the nymphs Jove's daughtersroused the wild goats that we might get some meat for our dinner. Onthis we fetched our spears and bows and arrows from the ships, anddividing ourselves into three bands began to shoot the goats. Heavensent us excellent sport; I had twelve ships with me, and each ship gotnine goats, while my own ship had ten; thus through the livelong dayto the going down of the sun we ate and drank our fill,- and we hadplenty of wine left, for each one of us had taken many jars fullwhen we sacked the city of the Cicons, and this had not yet run out.While we were feasting we kept turning our eyes towards the land ofthe Cyclopes, which was hard by, and saw the smoke of their stubblefires. We could almost fancy we heard their voices and the bleating oftheir sheep and goats, but when the sun went down and it came on dark,we camped down upon the beach, and next morning I called a council.

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