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1. Foss also points out that recommendations from others are time-stamped, so it looks fishy to have five new accolades on your profile, all written within the same week. "They don't look like they're coming organically," she says. "It looks like you're out shaking the bushes, trying to get people to say nice things about you."
2.   "AFTER we were clear of the river Oceanus, and had got out intothe open sea, we went on till we reached the Aeaean island where thereis dawn and sunrise as in other places. We then drew our ship on tothe sands and got out of her on to the shore, where we went to sleepand waited till day should break.
3. 活得像个死人!一家人正在失魂落魄,寝食不安,度日如年的时刻,一日,派出所民警小刘忽然骑车过来,告诉宛家一个天大的喜讯!——传家国宝《钟馗捉鬼图》回来了!贯穿北京东西长安街的1路公共汽车上,猝然跳下一个可疑人!干警章贝贝急匆匆跟踪追迹,终于将该嫌疑人制服。但他没有料到,被捉的嫌疑人竟是一个哑巴!
4. 但是库克的确该为一系列影响苹果电脑产品线的行动承担责任。
5. 2019年5月20日,本案因文君报案而案发。
6. 天祐民安三年(一○九二年)正月,夏国得辽朝援助,梁乙通再次出兵攻绥德城,大掠五十余日而回。三月,夏兵在韦州聚集大兵攻环庆,战败,又遣使向辽求援。十月,梁太后亲自领兵攻打环州,围攻七日,不下。还军至洪德寨,被宋兵打得大败。梁太后弃帷帐,改换衣服逃走。夏兵死伤甚多。


1. 对于这个判决结果,公司表示不服并提起上诉。
2. 记者了解到,2019年有研究证实由餐后高血糖引起的糖尿病中,心血管事件、恶性肿瘤和全因死亡风险均为最高。
3.   `If you had,' pursued Mr. Lorry, `perhaps you would attend to it.'
4. 不大的面积被分为直播区、会客区、休息区
5. 人车争路之所以在一些地方依然存在,症结就在于不少人长期以来在潜意识里形成的以车为尊的路权观念。
6. 但是,除了具有“第五代”知识分子的代群特征,小凯的性情更显著地受到他的个人历史的影响。他性情里的朴素与谦和,竟从未妨碍他率直地表达他的那些反潮流的见解。


1.   "Oh, there was no harm meant," answered Danglars; "at firstI certainly did feel somewhat uneasy as to what Fernandmight be tempted to do; but when I saw how completely he hadmastered his feelings, even so far as to become one of hisrival's attendants, I knew there was no further cause forapprehension." Caderousse looked full at Fernand -- he wasghastly pale.
2. 可见摊丁入地的实际施行,并不像官书中所渲染的那么“公平至当”。但是,即使这样,它也受到“有田之家”的抵制。在雍正元年(一七二三)开始实行摊丁入地时,有人就料到“有力之家”的“阻遏”。山西省从雍正九年(一七三一)开始试办,一直到乾隆三十年(一七六五)全省一百零四州县中,丁粮合一者,只有四十一州县;丁粮分征者,仍有二十六州县;其余三十七州县,有的只将丁银一半或三分之一摊入地亩,有的将丁银统按下下则征收,以余额归入地亩。其所以如此,就是因为要遵循“有田之家所加者无多”的“良法美意”。正由于此,摊丁入地,延续了一个很长的过程。贵州至乾隆四十二年(一七七七)才开始通省施行,山西则迟至道光二年(一八二二)还在“次第查办”,而吉林省有些地方,一直到光绪八年(一八八二)还在等待地方官来“摊丁于地,以甦民困”。
3. 单词extend 联想记忆:
4. 而消费者一旦开始对某种商品进行抢购,所有以前理智的购买心理都会消失,此时企业及时使用“饥饿营销”,也会为其带来无法预料的效果。
5.   The man comming before him, hee demanded, if the accusationintimated against him, was true or no? Whereto the honest mananswered, that he could not denie the speaking of such words, anddeclared in what manner they were uttered. Presently the Inquisitor,most devoutly addicted to Saint John with the golden beard, saide;What? Doest thou make our Lord a drinker, and a curious quaffer ofwines, as if he were a glutton, a belly-god, or a Taverne haunter,as thou, and other drunkards are. Being an hypocrite, as thou art,thou thinkest this to be but a light matter, because it may seeme soin thine owne opinion: but I tell thee plainely, that it deservethfire and faggot, if I should proceede in justice to inflict it onthee: with these, and other such like threatning words, as also a verystearne and angry countenance, he made the man beleeve himselfe tobe an Epicure, and that hee denied the eternity of the soule;whereby he fell into such a trembling feare, as doubting indeede,least he should be burned; that, to be more mercifully dealt withal,he rounded him in the eare, and by secret meanes, so annointed hishands with Saint Johns golden grease (a verie singular remedie againstthe Disease Pestilentiall in covetous Priests, especially FriarsMinors, that dare touch no money) as the case became very quicklyaltered.
6. 硬币上的年份为硬币的生产年份,并非硬币的版别。


1.   He looked up at her with the full glance that saw everything, registered everything. At the same time, the infant crying in the night was crying out of his breast to her, in a way that affected her very womb.
2. 他怀有一腔工作热情,武汉封城后就觉得不妙,一直念叨着得早点回京,为他伟大的互联网事业燃烧青春。
3. 如果你还在有用户阶段,建议放弃跑马圈地的思维,放弃有流量就能变现的想法,直接先去变现。
4. "If you please," said Sara, "have you lost fourpence--a silver fourpence?" And she held the forlorn little piece of money out to her.
5. 2019年,刘利勤写了一句话贴在出租屋的卧室墙上:一生多少纠缠事,唯有思儿不与争。
6. □最重要的文件是品牌化战略(BrandingStrategy)。它包括了雀巢产品的营销原则、背景和战略品牌的主要特性的一些细节。这些主要特性包括:品牌个性、期望形象、与品牌联系的公司、其它两个文件涉及的视觉特征、以及品牌使用的开发。


1. 沈鹏表示,围绕三四五线城市,水滴筹在建能力之一就是线下服务能力。
2.   就在不久前的11月25日上午,《北京市文明行为促进条例(草案)》提交市十五届人大常委会第十六次会议进行一审。
3. 他觉得我无论跟男艺人还是女艺人,可能艺人都接受不了。

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