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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "The moment you leave me, Valentine, I am alone in theworld. My sister is happily married; her husband is only mybrother-in-law, that is, a man whom the ties of social lifealone attach to me; no one then longer needs my uselesslife. This is what I shall do; I will wait until the verymoment you are married, for I will not lose the shadow ofone of those unexpected chances which are sometimes reservedfor us, since M. Franz may, after all, die before that time,a thunderbolt may fall even on the altar as you approach it,-- nothing appears impossible to one condemned to die, andmiracles appear quite reasonable when his escape from deathis concerned. I will, then, wait until the last moment, andwhen my misery is certain, irremediable, hopeless, I willwrite a confidential letter to my brother-in-law, another tothe prefect of police, to acquaint them with my intention,and at the corner of some wood, on the brink of some abyss,on the bank of some river, I will put an end to myexistence, as certainly as I am the son of the most honestman who ever lived in France."
2.  "It appears so," replied Monte Cristo.
3.  "Because Fernand and Danglars, being both parvenus, bothhaving become noble, both rich, are about equal in worth,excepting that there have been certain things mentioned ofhim that were never said of me."
4.  "Yes, doctor."
5.  "Ah," said the captain, "we can agree very well, if you arereasonable."
6.  "Why?"


1.  "To tell you that you are free, your excellency."
2.  "It is incredible!"
3.  "But I was told he had four millions per annum?"
4.  "Doubtless; what does that imply?"
5.  "Ah," said he, "we have at Pisa, Ugolino's tower; atFerrara, Tasso's prison; at Rimini, the room of Francescaand Paolo."
6.  "You are mistaken, my friend," replied the abbe; "God mayseem sometimes to forget for a time, while his justicereposes, but there always comes a moment when he remembers-- and behold -- a proof!" As he spoke, the abbe took thediamond from his pocket, and giving it to Caderousse, said,-- "Here, my friend, take this diamond, it is yours."


1.  "I will do whatever is necessary." This assurance delightedMorrel, who took leave of Villefort, and hastened toannounce to old Dantes that he would soon see his son.
2.  "You heard -- Cavalcanti."
3.  "What country does he come from?"
4.  "Devotion!" said Villefort, with a sneer.
5.   "At Treport?"
6.  "True," said Louis XVIII., "was there not a marriageengagement between you and Mademoiselle de Saint-Meran?"


1.  "Nearly a year."
2.  "You were at the festival of your marriage?" said thedeputy, shuddering in spite of himself.
3.  "Very well, only do not give me false information as you didthe other day."
4、  When the operation was concluded, and Edmond felt that hischin was completely smooth, and his hair reduced to itsusual length, he asked for a hand-glass. He was now, as wehave said, three-and-thirty years of age, and his fourteenyears' imprisonment had produced a great transformation inhis appearance. Dantes had entered the Chateau d'If with theround, open, smiling face of a young and happy man, withwhom the early paths of life have been smooth. and whoanticipates a future corresponding with his past. This wasnow all changed. The oval face was lengthened, his smilingmouth had assumed the firm and marked lines which betokenresolution; his eyebrows were arched beneath a brow furrowedwith thought; his eyes were full of melancholy, and fromtheir depths occasionally sparkled gloomy fires ofmisanthropy and hatred; his complexion, so long kept fromthe sun, had now that pale color which produces, when thefeatures are encircled with black hair, the aristocraticbeauty of the man of the north; the profound learning he hadacquired had besides diffused over his features a refinedintellectual expression; and he had also acquired, beingnaturally of a goodly stature, that vigor which a framepossesses which has so long concentrated all its forcewithin itself.
5、  "He is at my house."




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      "Really!" exclaimed the Englishman.

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      Haidee dried her eyes, and continued: "By this time oureyes, habituated to the darkness, had recognized themessenger of the pasha, -- it was a friend. Selim had alsorecognized him, but the brave young man only acknowledgedone duty, which was to obey. `In whose name do you come?'said he to him. `I come in the name of our master, AliTepelini.' -- `If you come from Ali himself,' said Selim,`you know what you were charged to remit to me?' -- `Yes,'said the messenger, `and I bring you his ring.' At thesewords he raised his hand above his head, to show the token;but it was too far off, and there was not light enough toenable Selim, where he was standing, to distinguish andrecognize the object presented to his view. `I do not seewhat you have in your hand,' said Selim. `Approach then,'said the messenger, `or I will come nearer to you, if youprefer it.' -- `I will agree to neither one nor the other,'replied the young soldier; `place the object which I desireto see in the ray of light which shines there, and retirewhile I examine it.' -- `Be it so,' said the envoy; and heretired, after having first deposited the token agreed on inthe place pointed out to him by Selim.

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       "I tore up several of my shirts, and ripped out the seams inthe sheets of my bed, during my three years' imprisonment atFenestrelle; and when I was removed to the Chateau d'If, Imanaged to bring the ravellings with me, so that I have beenable to finish my work here."

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      The gendarme looked irresolutely at his companion, whoreturned for answer a sign that said, "I see no great harmin telling him now," and the gendarme replied, --

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    {  "Well, then, under these circumstances," said Caderousse, "Iwill, I even believe I ought to undeceive you as to thefriendship which poor Edmond thought so sincere andunquestionable."

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      "You are completely mistaken, sir," said Monte Cristocoldly, who felt the perfidious manoeuvre of the young man,and understood the bearing of his words; "you only acquiredmy protection after the influence and fortune of your fatherhad been ascertained; for, after all, who procured for me,who had never seen either you or your illustrious father,the pleasure of your acquaintance? -- two of my goodfriends, Lord Wilmore and the Abbe Busoni. What encouragedme not to become your surety, but to patronize you? -- yourfather's name, so well known in Italy and so highly honored.Personally, I do not know you." This calm tone and perfectease made Andrea feel that he was, for the moment,restrained by a more muscular hand than his own, and thatthe restraint could not be easily broken through.}

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      "You have a sister?" asked the count.

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      "You do wrong."

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       "Nay," said Caderousse, "one can't always work -- one is nota dog."

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    {  "I only mean that the count seems the rage," replied theviscount, smiling, "and that you are the seventeenth personthat has asked me the same question. The count is infashion; I congratulate him upon it."

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      Franz had so managed his route, that during the ride to theColosseum they passed not a single ancient ruin, so that nopreliminary impression interfered to mitigate the colossalproportions of the gigantic building they came to admire.The road selected was a continuation of the Via Sistina;then by cutting off the right angle of the street in whichstands Santa Maria Maggiore and proceeding by the Via Urbanaand San Pietro in Vincoli, the travellers would findthemselves directly opposite the Colosseum. This itinerarypossessed another great advantage, -- that of leaving Franzat full liberty to indulge his deep reverie upon the subjectof Signor Pastrini's story, in which his mysterious host ofMonte Cristo was so strangely mixed up. Seated with foldedarms in a corner of the carriage, he continued to ponderover the singular history he had so lately listened to, andto ask himself an interminable number of questions touchingits various circumstances without, however, arriving at asatisfactory reply to any of them. One fact more than therest brought his friend "Sinbad the Sailor" back to hisrecollection, and that was the mysterious sort of intimacythat seemed to exist between the brigands and the sailors;and Pastrini's account of Vampa's having found refuge onboard the vessels of smugglers and fishermen, reminded Franzof the two Corsican bandits he had found supping so amicablywith the crew of the little yacht, which had even deviatedfrom its course and touched at Porto-Vecchio for the solepurpose of landing them. The very name assumed by his hostof Monte Cristo and again repeated by the landlord of theHotel de Londres, abundantly proved to him that his islandfriend was playing his philanthropic part on the shores ofPiombino, Civita-Vecchio, Ostia, and Gaeta, as on those ofCorsica, Tuscany, and Spain; and further, Franz bethoughthim of having heard his singular entertainer speak both ofTunis and Palermo, proving thereby how largely his circle ofacquaintances extended.