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1.   Then he began grumbling again:
2.   Now, Sirs, then will I tell you forth my tale. As ever may I drinke wine or ale I shall say sooth; the husbands that I had Three of them were good, and two were bad The three were goode men, and rich, and old *Unnethes mighte they the statute hold* *they could with difficulty In which that they were bounden unto me. obey the law* Yet wot well what I mean of this, pardie.* *by God As God me help, I laugh when that I think How piteously at night I made them swink,* *labour But, *by my fay, I told of it no store:* *by my faith, I held it They had me giv'n their land and their treasor, of no account* Me needed not do longer diligence To win their love, or do them reverence. They loved me so well, by God above, That I *tolde no dainty* of their love. *cared nothing for* A wise woman will busy her ever-in-one* *constantly To get their love, where that she hath none. But, since I had them wholly in my hand, And that they had me given all their land, Why should I take keep* them for to please, *care But* it were for my profit, or mine ease? *unless I set them so a-worke, by my fay, That many a night they sange, well-away! The bacon was not fetched for them, I trow, That some men have in Essex at Dunmow.<9> I govern'd them so well after my law, That each of them full blissful was and fawe* *fain To bringe me gay thinges from the fair. They were full glad when that I spake them fair, For, God it wot, I *chid them spiteously.* *rebuked them angrily* Now hearken how I bare me properly.
3. [bent]
4. Terry was furious about it. We could hardly blame him.
5. 这也是我训练中花费大部分时间的地方,因为这是我作为经理和教练的经验可以帮助产品经理从正确的方向入手的地方。
6. 最后我想说,网站的友情链接不宜过多,个人觉得一个网站最多20-30个就好,同时要定期检测自己网站的友情链接情况,避免一些骗链接的人趁虚而入。


1. "Our young women will be glad to meet you," Somel suggested, "to talk with you more personally, if you are willing?"
2. 其实黄埔军校是名副其实的哀辞,其所指往往曾经辉煌,终而没落,前景索然,因此人才四散。
3. 1986年的全国棒球联赛冠军争夺战在纽约大都会队与休斯敦星象队之间展开,依靠击球手莱恩·戴克斯特拉(LenDykstra)在第九局面对投手戴夫·史密斯(DaveSmith)的第二投击出的一个本垒打,纽约大都会队赢得了关键的一仗。赛后,两位球员都被问到究竟发生了什么事。[1]戴克斯特拉说:“他在第一投投了一个快球,我击球出界。当时我有一种奇怪的想法,觉得他接下来会投一个下坠球*,他确实那样做了。这个球的路线我看得非常准确,我的出手也非常准确。”而史密斯的说法则是:“只能归结为一点,即这是一个糟糕的投球选择。”换言之,他也认为戴克斯特拉可能猜到,因为第一投是一个快球,接下来史密斯可能改变投球速度。“如果我再投一次会怎么样?当然是(又)一个快球。”
4. Q德叔:目前运营多少电动车,模型最优需要多少?创始人:目前运营是一百多辆,不到二百辆,达到现在这个模型我觉得三百辆,三百辆车足以让我优化现有模型。
5. 基于此,陈绍鹏的急流勇退也被部分解读为柳传志为了夯实杨元庆在联想集团CEO的位置和影响力,而有意无意间将他的竞争对手陈绍鹏调离了联想集团,而在联想控股为其找到了新位置,对于陈绍鹏和杨元庆似乎都是皆大欢喜。
6. 彭在林也在尝试法律途径,他向扬州市邗江区人民法院请求确认2014年前的搬迁安置协议书无效,并要求赔偿猪圈及花卉损失150万元,后被驳回。


1.   After a long silence, the head was lifted for another moment, and the voice replied, `Yes--I am working.' This time, a pair of haggard eyes had looked at the questioner, before the face had dropped again.
2. 同时,网络服务提供者在提供网络服务时,应当遵守法律法规,坚持正确导向,大力弘扬社会主义核心价值观,培育积极健康、向上向善的网络文化。
3.   As he spoke he drew his keen blade of bronze, sharpened on bothsides, and with a loud cry sprang towards Ulysses, but Ulyssesinstantly shot an arrow into his breast that caught him by thenipple and fixed itself in his liver. He dropped his sword and felldoubled up over his table. The cup and all the meats went over on tothe ground as he smote the earth with his forehead in the agonies ofdeath, and he kicked the stool with his feet until his eyes wereclosed in darkness.
4. (二)手工业的兴盛
5.   `Do you like me?'
6. 第四,中国式的屋顶、屋身结构、装饰等木构架建筑部件已大致具备。


1.   It is good thus to try in our imagination to give any form some advantage over another. Probably in no single instance should we know what to do, so as to succeed. It will convince us of our ignorance on the mutual relations of all organic beings; a conviction as necessary, as it seems to be difficult to acquire. All that we can do, is to keep steadily in mind that each organic being is striving to increase at a geometrical ratio; that each at some period of its life, during some season of the year, during each generation or at intervals, has to struggle for life, and to suffer great destruction. When we reflect on this struggle, we may console ourselves with the full belief, that the war of nature is not incessant, that no fear is felt, that death is generally prompt, and that the vigorous, the healthy, and the happy survive and multiply.
2.   It so happened that on the night when Hurstwood, Carrie, andDrouet were in the box at McVickar's, George, Jr., was in thesixth row of the parquet with the daughter of H. B. Carmichael,the third partner of a wholesale dry-goods house of that city.Hurstwood did not see his son, for he sat, as was his wont, asfar back as possible, leaving himself just partially visible,when he bent forward, to those within the first six rows inquestion. It was his wont to sit this way in every theatre--tomake his personality as inconspicuous as possible where it wouldbe no advantage to him to have it otherwise.
3. 第二,在资本主义生产方式消灭以后,但社会生产依然存在的情况下,价值决定仍会在下述意义上起支配作用:劳动时间的调节和社会劳动在各类不同生产之间的分配,最后,与此有关的簿记,将比以前任何时候都更重要。现在并没有放到更重要的地位。
4. 六个学生的家长都到医院看望过小丁,并表示愿意赔偿。
5. 一个研发团队、一项研发成果可以服务海量客户,进而能够产生长期的、巨大的回报。
6. 在预防、控制突发传染病疫情等灾害期间,遵纪守法、严格自律、与人为善、理性克制才是对疫情防控最大的贡献,任何起哄闹事的不理智行为,都有被刑事制裁的法律风险。


1. 如果供应链上下游的公司能够通力合作,共享数据,并共同承诺做出改变,有责任的消费就能从理念变成现实。
2. 2015、2016两年爆发期过后,内容端已呈过剩状态,而这直接导致了用户注意力的分散,现在想要做出现象级IP难上加难。
3. 一路上,小雨淅淅沥沥地下个不停。

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      Look at a plant in the midst of its range, why does it not double or quadruple its numbers? We know that it can perfectly well withstand a little more heat or cold, dampness or dryness, for elsewhere it ranges into slightly hotter or colder, damper or drier districts. In this case we can clearly see that if we wished in imagination to give the plant the power of increasing in number, we should have to give it some advantage over its competitors, or over the animals which preyed on it. On the confines of its geographical range, a change of constitution with respect to climate would clearly be an advantage to our plant; but we have reason to believe that only a few plants or animals range so far, that they are destroyed by the rigour of the climate alone. Not until we reach the extreme confines of life, in the arctic regions or on the borders of an utter desert, will competition cease. The land may be extremely cold or dry, yet there will be competition between some few species, or between the individuals of the same species, for the warmest or dampest spots.

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      Inasmuch as peculiarities often appear under domestication in one sex and become hereditarily attached to that sex, the same fact probably occurs under nature, and if so, natural selection will be able to modify one sex in its functional relations to the other sex, or in relation to wholly different habits of life in the two sexes, as is sometimes the case with insects. And this leads me to say a few words on what I call Sexual Selection. This depends, not on a struggle for existence, but on a struggle between the males for possession of the females; the result is not death to the unsuccessful competitor, but few or no offspring. Sexual selection is, therefore, less rigorous than natural selection. Generally, the most vigorous males, those which are best fitted for their places in nature, will leave most progeny. But in many cases, victory will depend not on general vigour, but on having special weapons, confined to the male sex. A hornless stag or spurless cock would have a poor chance of leaving offspring. Sexual selection by always allowing the victor to breed might surely give indomitable courage, length to the spur, and strength to the wing to strike in the spurred leg, as well as the brutal cock-fighter, who knows well that he can improve his breed by careful selection of the best cocks. How low in the scale of nature this law of battle descends, I know not; male alligators have been described as fighting, bellowing, and whirling round, like Indians in a war-dance, for the possession of the females; male salmons have been seen fighting all day long; male stag-beetles often bear wounds from the huge mandibles of other males. The war is, perhaps, severest between the males of polygamous animals, and these seem oftenest provided with special weapons. The males of carnivorous animals are already well armed; though to them and to others, special means of defence may be given through means of sexual selection, as the mane to the lion, the shoulder-pad to the boar, and the hooked jaw to the male salmon; for the shield may be as important for victory, as the sword or spear.Amongst birds, the contest is often of a more peaceful character. All those who have attended to the subject, believe that there is the severest rivalry between the males of many species to attract by singing the females. The rock-thrush of Guiana, birds of paradise, and some others, congregate; and successive males display their gorgeous plumage and perform strange antics before the females, which standing by as spectators, at last choose the most attractive partner. Those who have closely attended to birds in confinement well know that they often take individual preferences and dislikes: thus Sir R. Heron has described how one pied peacock was eminently attractive to all his hen birds. It may appear childish to attribute any effect to such apparently weak means: I cannot here enter on the details necessary to support this view; but if man can in a short time give elegant carriage and beauty to his bantams, according to his standard of beauty, I can see no good reason to doubt that female birds, by selecting, during thousands of generations, the most melodious or beautiful males, according to their standard of beauty, might produce a marked effect. I strongly suspect that some well-known laws with respect to the plumage of male and female birds, in comparison with the plumage of the young, can be explained on the view of plumage having been chiefly modified by sexual selection, acting when the birds have come to the breeding age or during the breeding season; the modifications thus produced being inherited at corresponding ages or seasons, either by the males alone, or by the males and females; but I have not space here to enter on this subject.Thus it is, as I believe, that when the males and females of any animal have the same general habits of life, but differ in structure, colour, or ornament, such differences have been mainly caused by sexual selection; that is, individual males have had, in successive generations, some slight advantage over other males, in their weapons, means of defence, or charms; and have transmitted these advantages to their male offspring. Yet, I would not wish to attribute all such sexual differences to this agency: for we see peculiarities arising and becoming attached to the male sex in our domestic animals (as the wattle in male carriers, horn-like protuberances in the cocks of certain fowls, &c.), which we cannot believe to be either useful to the males in battle, or attractive to the females. We see analogous cases under nature, for instance, the tuft of hair on the breast of the turkey-cock, which can hardly be either useful or ornamental to this bird; indeed, had the tuft appeared under domestication, it would have been called a monstrosity.

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      "It's true," she said. "I couldn't if I wanted to, but whosefault is it? You're very free to sit and talk about who I couldassociate with. Why don't you get out and look for work?"