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1. 当地博龙中学一名工作人员告诉澎湃新闻,3日下午,附近确实发生一起坍塌事故,事故未给学校造成影响。
2. 特色小镇不是产业园区建设,特色小镇离不开特色产业,但又不是单纯的以工业制造业为主的园区开发。
3.   "The ship ran before a fresh North wind till we had reached thesea that lies between Crete and Libya; there, however, Jove counselledtheir destruction, for as soon as we were well out from Crete andcould see nothing but sea and sky, he raised a black cloud over ourship and the sea grew dark beneath it. Then Jove let fly with histhunderbolts and the ship went round and round and was filled withfire and brimstone as the lightning struck it. The men fell all intothe sea; they were carried about in the water round the ship lookinglike so many sea-gulls, but the god presently deprived them of allchance of getting home again. I was all dismayed; Jove, however,sent the ship's mast within my reach, which saved my life, for I clungto it, and drifted before the fury of the gale. Nine days did Idrift but in the darkness of the tenth night a great wave bore me onto the Thesprotian coast. There Pheidon king of the Thesprotiansentertained me hospitably without charging me anything at all forhis son found me when I was nearly dead with cold and fatigue, whereonhe raised me by the hand, took me to his father's house and gave meclothes to wear.
4.  最近联合国可持续发展解决方案网络(SDSN)在3月20日发布了世界幸福国家排行,挪威被评为2017年世界最幸福的国家,中国排名第79。
5. 假定一个有机构成相同,也就是说,所使用的活的劳动力和所推动的不变资本的比率相同的资本,不得不为同样推动不变资本400的劳动力支付150,而不是支付100镑;再假定利润和地租也按不同的比例来分配剩余价值。因为已经假定150镑的可变资本,和以前100镑的可变资本推动同量的劳动,所以,新生产的价值仍旧=250,总产品的价值也仍旧=650。但现在我们看到的是400c+150v+100m;并且这100m也许要分为利润45和地租55。新生产的总价值分为工资、利润和地租的比例极不相同;全部预付
6.   'Miss Temple is full of goodness; it pains her to be severe toany one, even the worst in the school: she sees my errors, and tellsme of them gently; and if I do anything worthy of praise, she gives memy meed liberally. One strong proof of my wretchedly defectivenature is, that even her expostulations, so mild, so rational, have noinfluence to cure me of my faults; and even her praise, though I valueit most highly, cannot stimulate me to continued care and foresight.'


1.   "Away we went then, and we drove for at least an hour. ColonelLysander Stark had said that it was only seven miles, but I shouldthink, from the rate that we seemed to go, and from the time that wetook, that it must have been nearer twelve. He sat at my side insilence all the time, and I was aware, more than once when I glancedin his direction, that he was looking at me with great intensity.The country roads seem to be not very good in that part of theworld, for we lurched and jolted terribly. I tried to look out ofthe windows to see something of where we were, but they were made offrosted glass, and I could make out nothing save the occasional brightblur of a passing light. Now and then I hazarded some remark tobreak the monotony of the journey, but the colonel answered only inmonosyllables, and the conversation soon flagged. At last, however,the bumping of the road was exchanged for the crisp smoothness of agravel-drive, and the carriage came to a stand. Colonel Lysander Starksprang out, and, as I followed after him, pushed me swiftly into aporch which gaped in front of us. We stepped, as it were, right out ofthe carriage and into the hall, so that I failed to catch the mostfleeting glance of the front of the house. The instant that I hadcrossed the threshold the door slammed heavily behind us, and Iheard faintly the rattle of the wheels as the carriage drove away."It was pitch dark inside the house, and the colonel fumbled aboutlooking for matches and muttering under his breath. Suddenly a dooropened at the other end of the passage, and a long, golden bar oflight shot out in our direction. It grew broader, and a woman appearedwith a lamp in her hand, which she held above her head, pushing herface forward and peering at us. I could see that she was pretty, andfrom the gloss with which the light shone upon her dark dress I knewthat it was a rich material. She spoke a few words in a foreign tonguein a tone as though asking a question, and when my companionanswered in a gruff monosyllable she gave such a start that the lampnearly fell from her hand. Colonel Stark went up to her, whisperedsomething in her ear, and then, pushing her back into the room fromwhence she had come, he walked towards me again with the lamp in hishand.
2. 托尼·库特,简·达夫,吉奥夫·奥布莱恩,布兰特·皮切,艾利森·沃尔和柯林·惠特尔,他们代表2140名购买了十年座位期票的球迷,他们的依据就是1994年支付的500英镑允许他们拥有十年的座位使用权,当他们参加消费者权益节目《监察员》的时候就表明了立场,同纽卡斯尔俱乐部摆开了阵势。俱乐部也承认自己曾试图寻求更换座位意外合适的解决方法,但发现那行不通。
3. 之后,周继仁和儿子两人扭打在一起,大孙子帮忙拿来绳子,他用绳子勒住儿子脖子,大孙子又拿来一根铁丝,将铁丝缠在周建初脖子上拧了一圈。
4. "Let me point to the performance of China, in coming in at number 25 in the rankings, is now joining the upper income group of countries that have traditionally dominated the top slots in the global innovation index," the WIPO director-general, Francis Gurry, told a news conference.
5. 在杠杆效应作用下,期货商必须密切关注市场的一举一动,因此所关心的时间域必然也细致入微。与此不同,股市分析者喜欢更长时间的图表,研究更长时间的问题.他们也许要预测的是3个月或半年后的市场。期货商想知道的则是下周、明天乃至下半天的形势如何,所以所提炼出的一些具有即时效用的工具,股市分析师或许闻所末闻。移动平均线便是一例。在股市分析中用得最广泛的是30周或者200天的平均线,而在期货市场,绝大多数在40天以下,其中流行的移动平均线组合是4天、9天和18天。
6. "Well, what'll we do then?" I asked, rather gloomily. "How do you know we'll ever get out?"


1.   `Oh yes! I think I do, really.'
2. 深夜的医院似乎成了一些醉汉表演撒酒疯的直播现场。
3. 有投资人认为,当自动驾驶处在风口时,融资过于容易,太容易让人膨胀,而纯技术型人才缺少真正的管理经验和社会经验,不知道如何处理市场、资本的诉求和诱惑。
4. Four knocks came from Becky's side of the wall.
5. 在网络上,关于中福在线连环夺宝引人上瘾,许多人为此输掉大笔钱财的投诉和吐槽,也是比比皆是。
6. 但罗格主席与执行委员会在2002年遭遇了很大打击。在盐湖城冬奥会之前召开的例会上,反对改革的声音甚嚣尘上。改革内容主要是禁止委员们访问申办城市,以及将一些观众较少的项目从奥运会中裁掉。在同年的11月,为此又召开了特别会议,但成果依然有限。在此之前,执委会已经明白,项目委员会(该委员会主席是意大利的卡拉罗[FrancoCarraro])提出将棒球、现代五项和垒球裁掉的方式有些不妥。这一提议引起了很大的争议,而且争论也不仅局限于被提到的这几个项目。国际奥委会体育部主任、奥运会与国际单项体育联合会关系?调部主任吉尔伯特o费利(GilbertFelli)--一位为规范运动员不断增多、比赛项目日渐臃肿的奥运会而不知疲倦地工作的专家--表达了不少顾虑。当然,也有不少顾虑是没来由的。总之,这年秋天,罗格的权威在墨西哥城?受了考验。


1.   "While you assert that she is a queen, or at least aprincess. No; I hope that when he sees me leave you, he willcome out."
2.   `Oh do! do be impossible, General!' cried Olive.
3. 在医院所有科室中,急症科医生面临的暴力风险更高,尤其是言语暴力。
4.   The Canterbury Tales are presented in this edition with as near an approach to completeness as regard for the popular character of the volume permitted. The 17,385 verses, of which the poetical Tales consist, have been given without abridgement or purgation -- save in a single couplet; but, the main purpose of the volume being to make the general reader acquainted with the "poems" of Chaucer and Spenser, the Editor has ventured to contract the two prose Tales -- Chaucer's Tale of Meliboeus, and the Parson's Sermon or Treatise on Penitence -- so as to save about thirty pages for the introduction of Chaucer's minor pieces. At the same time, by giving prose outlines of the omitted parts, it has been sought to guard the reader against the fear that he was losing anything essential, or even valuable. It is almost needless to describe the plot, or point out the literary place, of the Canterbury Tales. Perhaps in the entire range of ancient and modern literature there is no work that so clearly and freshly paints for future times the picture of the past; certainly no Englishman has ever approached Chaucer in the power of fixing for ever the fleeting traits of his own time. The plan of the poem had been adopted before Chaucer chose it; notably in the "Decameron" of Boccaccio -- although, there, the circumstances under which the tales were told, with the terror of the plague hanging over the merry company, lend a grim grotesqueness to the narrative, unless we can look at it abstracted from its setting. Chaucer, on the other hand, strikes a perpetual key-note of gaiety whenever he mentions the word "pilgrimage;" and at every stage of the connecting story we bless the happy thought which gives us incessant incident, movement, variety, and unclouded but never monotonous joyousness.
5. 同时,当地教育局也组成调查小组对其开展调查。
6. 就目前来看,融资金额超过1亿元在智能洗车领域还不多见,2020年会不会有更大的资金注入,值得期待。


1.   "Ma foi," said Franz, "it would be the easiest thing in theworld; for I feel eagle's wings springing out at myshoulders, and with those wings I could make a tour of theworld in four and twenty hours."
2. 总部位于英国布里斯托尔的消费者机器人公司ReachRobotics目前已关闭其消费机器人业务。
3.   To prevent any more of these nightly disturbances, they went tolodge in another part of the house, where they continued out thetime of Puccioes paines, with equall contentment to them both, whichmade her divers times say to Felice: You teach my father the cheefegrounds of Alchimy, while we helpe to waste away his treasure. Thusthe Scholler being but poore, yet well forwarded in Learning, made useof Puccioes folly, and found benefit thereby, to keepe him out ofwants, which is the bane and overthrow of numberlesse good wits. AndPuccio dying, before the date of his limited time, because he failedof the Philosophers Stone, Isabetta joyned in marriage with Felice, tomake him amends for instructing her father, by which meanes he came tobe her husband.

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      When all the people were assembled in the Church together, FriarOnyon (never distrusting any injurie offered him, or that his closecommodities had bin medled withal) began his predication, uttering athousand lies to fit his purpose. And when he came to shew the featherof the Phoenix (having first in great devotion finisht the confession)he caused two goodly torches to be lighted, and ducking downe his headthree severall times, before hee would so much as touch the Taffata,he opened it with much reverence. So soone as the Cabinet came to beseen, off went his Hood, lowly he bowed downe his body, and utteringespecial praises of the Phoenix, and sacred properties of thewonderfull Relique, the Cover of the Cabinet being lifted uppe, he sawthe same to bee full of Coales. He could not suspect his Villaineboy to do this deede, for he knew him not to be endued with so muchwit, onely hee curst him for keeping it no better, and cursthimselfe also, for reposing trust in such a careles knave, knowing himto be slothfull, disobedient, negligent, and void of all honestunderstanding or grace. Sodainly (without blushing) lest his losseshould be discerned, he lifted his lookes and hands to heaven,speaking out so loude, as every one might easily heare him, thus: Othou omnipotent providence, for ever let thy power be praised. Thenmaking fast the Cabinet againe, and turning himselfe to the people,with lookes expressing admiration, he proceeded in this manner.