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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  D'Artagnan examined the countenances of his companions, which, like thatof Athos, wore an impression of deep anxiety; and they continued theirroute as fast as their horses could carry them, but without addinganother word.
2.  D'Artagnan did reflect, and resolved to thrash Planchetprovisionally; which he did with the conscientiousness thatD'Artagnan carried into everything. After having well beatenhim, he forbade him to leave his service without his permission."For," added he, "the future cannot fail to mend; I inevitablylook for better times. Your fortune is therefore made if youremain with me, and I am too good a master to allow you to misssuch a chance by granting you the dismissal you require."This manner of acting roused much respect for D'Artagnan's policyamong the Musketeers. Planchet was equally seized withadmiration, and said no more about going away.
3.  "Well," said the prisoner, when the door was shut, "I am not sofar advanced as I believed. De Winter has changed his usualstupidity into a strange prudence. It is the desire ofvengeance, and how desire molds a man! As to Felton, hehesitates. Ah, he is not a man like that cursed D'Artagnan. APuritan only adores virgins, and he adores them by clasping hishands. A Musketeer loves women, and he loves them by claspinghis arms round them."
4.  "Private interests are as nothing before the interests of all. Iam for those who save the state," said Bonacieux, emphatically."And what do you know about the state you talk of?" said Mme.Bonacieux, shrugging her shoulders. "Be satisfied with being aplain, straightforward citizen, and turn to that side whichoffers the most advantages."
5.  "What is this gentleman's name?" asked the commissary."I cannot tell you; I don't know him."
6.  "Your companion!" cried D'Artagnan, becoming more pale than the whiteveil of his mistress. "Of what companion are you speaking, dearConstance?"


1.  Felton, quite bewildered, almost mad, stood speechless.Milady plainly perceived that it was now her turn to take part inthe scene. She ran to the table, and seizing the knife whichFelton had laid down, exclaimed, "And by what right will youprevent me from dying?"
2.  When landing at Portsmouth, Milady was an Englishwoman whom thepersecutions of the French drove from La Rochelle; when landing atBoulogne, after a two days' passage, she passed for a Frenchwoman whomthe English persecuted at Portsmouth out of their hatred for France.Milady had, likewise, the best of passports-her beauty, her nobleappearance, and the liberality with which she distribute her pistoles.Freed from the usual formalities by the affable smile and gallantmanners of an old governor of the port, who kissed her hand, she onlyremained long enough at Boulogne to put into the post a letter,conceived in the following terms:
3.  "Drink and relate, then."
4.  "It is, nevertheless, the only one we can give."
5.  "That is true," said the duke; "and it is to this person I ambound to discharge my debt of gratitude."
6.  At the end of an instant they heard a furious fusillade."What's that?" asked Porthos, "what are they firing at now?I hear no balls whistle, and I see nobody!"


1.  "I fear I am committing a great imprudence."
2.  "Yes, Monsieur Officer," stammered the mercer, more dead thanalive, "at your service."
4.  "Now," continued Aramis, "as the ladies did not see the singercome back, and as he was found in the Rue Payenne with a greatsword wound through his body, it was supposed that I hadaccommodated him thus; and the matter created some scandal whichobliged me to renounce the cassock for a time. Athos, whoseacquaintance I made about that period, and Porthos, who had inaddition to my lessons taught me some effective tricks of fence,prevailed upon me to solicit the uniform of a Musketeer. Theking entertained great regard for my father, who had fallen atthe siege Arras, and the uniform was granted. You may understandthat the moment has come for me to re-enter the bosom of theChurch."
5.   At bottom the character of M. Bonacieux was one of profoundselfishness mixed with sordid avarice, the whole seasoned withextreme cowardice. The love with which his young wife hadinspired him was a secondary sentiment, and was not strong enoughto contend with the primitive feelings we have just enumerated.Bonacieux indeed reflected on what had just been said to him."But, Monsieur Commissary," said he, calmly, "believe that I knowand appreciate, more than anybody, the merit of the incomparableeminence by whom we have the honor to be governed.""Indeed?" asked the commissary, with an air of doubt. "If thatis really so, how came you in the Bastille?"
6.  "Impossible, for three reasons," replied Athos. "The first,that we have not finished breakfast; the second, that westill have some very important things to say; and the third,that it yet wants ten minutes before the lapse of the hour.""Well, then," said Aramis, "we must form a plan of battle.""That's very simple," replied Athos. "As soon as the enemyare within musket shot, we must fire upon them. If theycontinue to advance, we must fire again. We must fire aslong as we have loaded guns. If those who remain of thetroop persist in coming to the assault, we will allow thebesiegers to get as far as the ditch, and then we will pushdown upon their heads that strip of wall which keeps itsperpendicular by a miracle."


1.  "Stupid fellow yourself!" said D'Artagnan, stooping in histurn on the neck of his horse, and answering on his sidethrough the carriage window. "I do not go on because itpleases me to stop here."
2.  "Tender hearts! Pierced hearts!" said Athos.
3.  "Monsieur, he carried on a trade which I have always thoughtsatisfactory."
4、  "Very well; and you--what will you do?"
5、  "Your Majesty gives me your word that you will not see anyonebetween Monsieur de la Tremouille and myself?"




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      "'You shall have no weapon left in your power.'

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      "It is, nevertheless, the only one we can give."

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       "That is correct," said the executioner; "and now in her turn, let thiswoman see that I am not fulfilling my trade, but my debt."And he threw the money into the river.

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      "No; for perhaps they were too high-placed for anyone todare look for them where they were. The Palace of Justicewould not be burned down for everybody, monseigneur.""You think, then, that the fire at the Palace of Justice wasnot caused by chance?" asked Richelieu, in the tone withwhich he would have put a question of no importance."I, monseigneur?" replied Milady. "I think nothing; I quotea fact, that is all. Only I say that if I were named Madamede Montpensier, or the Queen Marie de Medicis, I should useless precautions than I take, being simply called MiladyClarik."

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    {  Porthos drew his sword from the scabbard, and made passes atthe wall, springing back from time to time, and makingcontortions like a dancer.

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      "Thanks, madame!" said Porthos, "but I don't like to abuseyour kindness; besides, I must think of my outfit!""That's true," said the procurator's wife, groaning, "thatunfortunate outfit!"}

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      "Yes, yes," replied he, "I perceive that plainly; but do youreally believe it is she?"

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      "Twenty-five minutes past nine!" cried M. de Treville, looking atthe clock; "why, that's impossible!"

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       "At length he interrogates me!" said Milady to herself, at theheight of joy at having obtained so quickly such a great result."Oh, know him? Yes, yes! to my misfortune, to my eternalmisfortune!" and Milady twisted her arms as if in a paroxysm ofgrief.

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    {  "See, my Lord," said he, in a deep, gloomy tone, "here is a womanwho was under my guard, and who has killed herself!""Be at ease, Felton," said Lord de Winter. "She is not dead;demons do not die so easily. Be tranquil, and go wait for me inmy chamber."

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      M. de Treville, after having written the letter, sealed it, andrising, approached the young man in order to give it to him. Butat the very moment when D'Artagnan stretched out his hand toreceive it, M. de Treville was highly astonished to see hisprotege make a sudden spring, become crimson with passion, andrush from the cabinet crying, "S'blood, he shall not escape methis time!"