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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "But then, philosopher that you are," said D'Artagnan, "instructme, support me. I stand in need of being taught and consoled.""Consoled for what?"
2.  Then she cried, "Ahem!" under cover of the MEA CULPA, strikingher breast so vigorously that everybody, even the lady with thered cushion, turned round toward her. Porthos paid no attention.Nevertheless, he understood it all, but was deaf.The lady with the red cushion produced a great effect--for shewas very handsome--upon the lady with he black hood, who saw inher a rival really to be dreaded; a great effect upon Porthos,who thought her much prettier than the lady with the black hood;a great effect upon D'Artagnan, who recognized in her the lady ofMeung, of Calais, and of Dover, whom his persecutor, the man withthe scar, had saluted by the name of Milady.
3.  *Haberdasher
4.  "It is indeed."
5.  "I cannot take you, however, to the siege of La Rochelle,"aid D'Artagnan.
6.  "He desired me to tell your Grace," replied Felton, "that he very muchregretted not having that honor, but that he was prevented by the guardhe is obliged to keep at the castle."


1.  He started, and the prisoner saw that start--for though her eyeswere cast down, nothing escaped her.
2.  Eleven o'clock sounded.
3.  "Well, monsieur has only to take the right-hand staircase in thecourtyard, and knock at Number Five on the second floor."D'Artagnan walked quickly in the direction indicated, and foundone of those exterior staircases that are still to be seen in theyards of our old-fashioned taverns. But there was no getting atthe place of sojourn of the future abbe; the defiles of thechamber of Aramis were as well guarded as the gardens of Armida.Bazin was stationed in the corridor, and barred his passage withthe more intrepidity that, after many years of trial, Bazin foundhimself near a result of which he had ever been ambitious.In fact, the dream of poor Bazin had always been to serve achurchman; and he awaited with impatience the moment, always inthe future, when Aramis would throw aside the uniform and assumethe cassock. The daily-renewed promise of the young man that themoment would not long be delayed, had alone kept him in theservice of a Musketeer--a service in which, he said, his soul wasin constant jeopardy.
4.  "Then that is agreed," said the king, "and that is all I had tosay to you."
5.  "Go to! It appears to me you make dull jokes, my dear,"said Porthos.
6.  The four Musketeers went to work; and as they were loadingthe last musket Grimaud announced that the breakfast wasready.


1.  Milady smiled. "I am her best friend."
2.  "AU REVOIR," said the Musketeer, making a sign to Grimaud touncork the bottle he had just brought.
3.  The procurator's wife saw him pass in his new uniform and onhis fine horse. She loved Porthos too dearly to allow himto part thus; she made him a sign to dismount and come toher. Porthos was magnificent; his spurs jingled, hiscuirass glittered, his sword knocked proudly against hisample limbs. This time the clerks evinced no inclination tolaugh, such a real ear clipper did Porthos appear.The Musketeer was introduced to M. Coquenard, whose littlegray eyes sparkled with anger at seeing his cousin allblazing new. Nevertheless, one thing afforded him inwardconsolation; it was expected by everybody that the campaignwould be a severe one. He whispered a hope to himself thatthis beloved relative might be killed in the field.Porthos paid his compliments to M. Coquenard and bade himfarewell. M. Coquenard wished him all sorts of
4.  "You are sure it is not he?" said she.
5.   "But," cried the young officer, "speak, then, speak!""Confide my shame to you," cried Milady, with the blush ofmodesty upon her countenance, "for often the crime of one becomesthe shame of another--confide my shame to you, a man, and I awoman? Oh," continued she, placing her hand modestly over herbeautiful eyes, "never! never!--I could not!"
6.  And yet, as he journeyed along, a profound sadness weighed uponhis heart. He thought of that young and pretty Mme. Bonacieuxwho was to have paid him the price of his devotedness; but let ushasten to say that this sadness possessed the young man less fromthe regret of the happiness he had missed, than from the fear heentertained that some serious misfortune had befallen the poorwoman. For himself, he had no doubt she was a victim of thecardinal's vengeance; and, and as was well known, the vengeanceof his Eminence was terrible. How he had found grace in the eyesf the minister, he did not know; but without doubt M. de Cavoiswould have revealed this to him if the captain of the Guards hadfound him at home.


1.  Fortunately, a mendicant passed, who, coming up to Athos to ask charity,Athos offered him half a crown to accompany him where he was going. Themendicant hesitated at first, but at the sight of the piece of silverwhich shone in the darkness he consented, and walked on before Athos.Arrived at the angle of a street, he pointed to a small house, isolated,solitary, and dismal. Athos went toward the house, while the mendicant,who had received his reward, left as fast as his legs could carry him.Athos went round the house before he could distinguish the door, amidthe red color in which the house was painted. No light appeared throughthe chinks of the shutters; no noise gave reason to believe that it wasinhabited. It was dark and silent as the tomb.
2.  "Monsieur still insists upon seeing him?"
3.  M. de Treville approved of the resolution he had adopted,and assured him that if on the morrow he did not appear, hehimself would undertake to find him, let him be where hemight.
4、  All this was of such incredible immodesty, of such monstrouseffrontery, that D'Artagnan could scarcely believe what hesaw or what he heard. He imagined himself to be drawn intoone of those fantastic intrigues one meets in dreams. He,however, darted not the less quickly toward Milady, yieldingto that magnetic attraction which the loadstone exercisesover iron.
5、  "Well, in that case, we can manage famously," saidD'Artagnan; "which of the two horses will you ride--thatwhich you bought or the one that was given to you?""That which was given to me, assuredly. You cannot for amoment imagine, D'Artagnan, that I would commit such anoffense toward--"




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      "I waited your orders," said D'Artagnan, crossing swords.But scarcely had the two rapiers clashed, when a company of theGuards of his Eminence, commanded by M. de Jussac, turned thecorner of the convent.

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       "Alas, monseigneur!" replied the young man, "very easily, nodoubt, for they are strong and well supported, while I amalone."

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      But alas, if he was the friend of D'Artagnan, he must have lent him hisassistance in all the proceedings by whose aid the queen had defeatedthe project of his Eminence; if he was the friend of D'Artagnan, he wasthe enemy of the cardinal; and she doubtless would succeed in involvinghim in the vengeance by which she hoped to destroy the young Musketeer.All these hopes were so many sweet thoughts for Milady; so, rocked bythem, she soon fell asleep.

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    {  In fact, Milady still held the harmless weapon in her clenchedhand; but these last words, this supreme insult, relaxed herhands, her strength, and even her will. The knife fell to theground.

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      A slight shade passed over the brow of Bonacieux, but so slightthat D'Artagnan did not perceive it.}

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      Aramis stopped on seeing Athos smile.

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      "Seeing you constantly surrounded by Musketeers of a very superbappearance, and knowing that these Musketeers belong to Monsieurde Treville, and were consequently enemies of the cardinal, Ithought that you and your friends, while rendering justice toyour poor queen, would be pleased to play his Eminence an illturn."

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       Felton was a Puritan; he abandoned the hand of this woman to kissher feet.

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    {  "You mean to take your horse?"

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      "The snare is rather MALADROIT for the cardinal," replied theyoung man, smiling.