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1. 据ETTech报道,知情人士透露,OYO为节省人力成本,计划在印度各职能部门解雇约2000名员工。
2.   "Well, you must know better than I," said the captain. "You will soon see him now, and meantime be content where you are and have patience."
3. 第二天,黄景教继续拐山过坳,进这家出那家,村情民意也在这样的走访中逐渐了然于胸。
4. 历任舟山市公安局定海区分局盐仓派出所民警、双桥派出所副所长、治安大队副大队长、解放路派出所副所长、督察大队大队长,2019年3月任定海分局岑港派出所所长。
5.   "It was day-break by the time she had done speaking, so shedressed me in my shirt and cloak. As for herself she threw a beautifullight gossamer fabric over her shoulders, fastening it with a goldengirdle round her waist, and she covered her head with a mantle. Then Iwent about among the men everywhere all over the house, and spokekindly to each of them man by man: 'You must not lie sleeping here anylonger,' said I to them, 'we must be going, for Circe has told meall about it.' And this they did as I bade them.
6.   `Why, I'm sure 'twas very kind of you, I must say! So she was crying! I knew there'd be something afore they got far. She's frightened of 'im, that's wheer it is. Seems 'e's almost a stranger to 'er, fair a stranger, and I don't think they're two as'd hit it off very easy. He's got funny ways.'


1. 尼古拉斯·凯奇(Nicolas Cage)向来不随大流,他曾向媒体透露,因为居住权问题,他因影片《离开拉斯维加斯》(Leaving Las Vegas)所获得的小金人“正在某辆卡车上穿越路易斯安那州”。显然,如果政府要对你查户口,问问你的小金人在何处就可以了。
2. 他们可能听到耳朵都起茧子了。
3. 原标题:别在路边搭棚设宴了。
4. 警方介绍,刘大庆从警37年以来,始终战斗在保卫铁路运输生产安全和打击违法犯罪一线,在查缉网上逃犯、侦破大要案件等工作中取得了优异战绩,先后荣立个人三等功6次、个人嘉奖3次。
5. Matt Damon was named best actor in a comedy or musical motion picture for his role as a stranded astronaut in The Martian.
6. 同一天,美国前财政部长拉里·萨默斯也给出了一个更加肯定的结论:中国以及中东国家将"决定着"美国历史上最大金融拯救计划的成败。萨默斯说,美国政府现在最应该做的和"不得不做的"是,向中国保证"美国的证券是安全的"。


1. 据介绍,虽然章子欣的骨灰已经迁走,但是原本的生态墓还是留了下来。
2.   The pair went into the outer court as fast as they could, and satdown by Jove's great altar, looking fearfully round, and stillexpecting that they would be killed. Then Ulysses searched the wholecourt carefully over, to see if anyone had managed to hide himself andwas still living, but he found them all lying in the dust andweltering in their blood. They were like fishes which fishermen havenetted out of the sea, and thrown upon the beach to lie gasping forwater till the heat of the sun makes an end of them. Even so werethe suitors lying all huddled up one against the other.
3.   Many a night and many a day had its inmates listened to the echoes in the corner, with hearts that failed them when they heard the thronging feet. For, the footsteps had become to their minds as the
4. 记者王翀鹏程点击进入专题:身负7条人命女逃犯潜逃20年落网。
5. 发帖、举报等本是公民正常的维权手段,本身也是维护自身利益,属于民法意义上的自力救助,哪怕是村民一度在村道设限宽墩的行为,也不同于拦路设卡的车匪路霸行为。
6.   At these wordes the Pilgrime sighed, and then proceeded on againethus. Surely Madame, this one onely sin, may justly torment you,because I know for a certainty, that Theobaldo never offered you anyin many, the day hee first became enamoured of you; and what graceor favour you affoorded him, was your owne voluntary gift, and (ashe tooke it) no more then in modesty might well become you; for heeloving you first, you had beene most cruell and unkinde, if you shouldnot have requited him with the like affection. If then he continued sojust and loyall to you, as (of mine owne knowledge) I am able to sayhe did; what should move you to repulse him so rudely? Such mattersought well to bee considered on before hand; for if you did imagine,that you should repent it as an action ill done, yet you could not doeit, because as hee became yours, so were you likewise onely his; andhe being yours, you might dispose of him at your pleasure, as beingtruely obliged to none but you. How could you then with-draw yourselfe from him, being onely his, and not commit most manifest theft, afarre unfitting thing for you to doe, except you had gone with hisconsent.


1. 联想记忆
2. 其实,商业的路径从来都没有确定过。
3. 扩展V形反转形态
4. 酒喝多了,他就爬上了音乐节会场边摆放的流动厕所的顶部,借着酒劲开始在一排流动厕所上面奔跑。
5. Second, McDermott, a career 39.9% three-point shooter, addresses Oklahoma City's biggest roster weakness—a lack of perimeter options around Russell Westbrook—and remains on a bargain rookie deal through the end of next season.
6.   'Not dead, too! Oh, she's not dead, Peggotty?'


1. 通过收购此项目,AA能够加强其工程团队,以增加产品开发,对印度和整个地区的客户的支持和交付。
2. 制作传送带的想法是从芝加哥的罐头食品工人那里得来的,他们利用一台空中吊车沿着一排屠夫吊运菜牛躯体。福特先是在装配发动机上的小部件和飞轮磁电机时,然后又在装配发动机本身和汽车底盘时,尝试了这一想法。
3. 收复襄阳——中原战场上,宋、齐间不断发生小规模战事。一一三三年二月,襄阳镇抚使李横会合右武大夫牛皋等收复颍昌。刘豫派宋朝叛将李成率二万人迎战,又向金朝求救兵。金宗弼领大军来侵,李横败退,襄阳、颍昌失守。五月,高宗下令沿边诸将不得“侵犯齐界”,派韩肖胄等去金朝求和。十一月,韩肖胄回朝,金使李永寿来宋,要挟宋朝归还齐俘虏和在东南的西北士民,并要求以长江为界,把江北地方全部给刘豫。金使的无理要求,激起宋朝抗战派将士的愤怒。广州一个监管盐税的官员吴绅上书,请高宗亲征,讨伐刘豫。殿中侍御史常同对高宗说:“先振国威,则和战常在我。若一意议和,则和战常在彼。”“未闻二十万兵而畏人者也”。岳飞建议出兵,收复襄阳六郡,恢复中原。岳飞收复建康后,被任命为通、泰州镇抚使,守卫长江下游。在一一三一年到一一三三年两年多的时间中,岳飞忠实地执行南宋王朝“荡清内寇”的使命,转战湘赣间,讨伐李成等盗军,又残酷地镇压了虔州和吉州等地的农民起义,因而得到高宗的赏识和信任。高宗亲自召见岳飞,特赐“精忠岳飞”的军旗,提升他为镇南军承宣使、江南西路舒薪州制置使,驻军江州。岳飞连续上疏,建议出兵北上,进取襄樊。岳飞的建议得到宰相朱胜非和参知政事赵鼎的支持。赵鼎荐任岳飞为统帅。牛皋进见高宗,说“刘豫必灭,中原可复”,受命率部去江州,归岳飞指挥。

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