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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Faust (entering with the poodle)
2.  Faust
3.  Hearken! The end I aim at is not joy; I crave excitement, agonizing bliss,Enamour'd hatred, quickening vexation. Purg'd from the love of knowledge,my vocation, The scope of all my powers henceforth be this, To bare mybreast to every pang, - to know In my heart's core all human weal and woe,To grasp in thought the lofty and the deep, Men's various fortunes on mybreast to heap, And thus to theirs dilate my individual mind, And share atlength with them the shipwreck of mankind.
4.  The He - Monkey (taking it down)
5.  'Tis when the roof rings back the tone, Then first the full power of the bass isknown.
6.  Thy heart by one sole impulse is possess'd; Unconscious of the other stillremain! Two souls, alas! are lodg'd within my breast, Which struggle there forundivided reign: One to the world, with obstinate desire, And closely -cleaving organs, still adheres; Above the mist, the other doth aspire, Withsacred vehemence, to purer spheres. Oh, are there spirits in the air, Who float'twixt heaven and earth dominion wielding, Stoop hither from your goldenatmosphere, Lead me to scenes, new life and fuller yielding! A magic mantledid I but possess, Abroad to waft me as on viewless wings, I'd prize it farbeyond the costliest dress, Nor would I change it for the robe of kings.Alas, two souls are living in my breast, And one wants to separate itself fromthe other. One holds fast to the world with earthy passion And clings withtwining tendrils: The other lifts itself with forceful craving To the very roof ofheaven.


1.  Author
2.  Mephistopheles
3.  'Tis all your fault; your part you do not bear, No beastliness, no folly.Frosch
4.  Martha (coming out)
5.  Vales, where mists still shift and play, To ancient hills succeeding, These ourscenes; - so we, to - day, May rest, brave sons of Mieding.Herald
6.  Martha


1.  Faust
2.  Parchment, is that the sacred fount whence roll Waters, he thirsteth not whoonce hath quaffed? Oh, if it gush not from thine inmost soul, Thou has not wonthe life - restoring draught.
3.  In seasons past we snatch'd, 'tis true, Some tit - bits by our cunning; Ourshoes, alas, are now danced through, On our bare soles we're running.Will - o' - the - Wisps
4.  Mephistopheles (aside)
5.   Margaret (half aloud)
6.  There! Now the lubber's tamed! But quick, away! We must at once takewing; A cry of murder strikes upon the ear; With the police I know my courseto steer, But with the blood - ban 'tis another thing.Martha (at the window)


1.  Mephistopheles
2.  Tiny step and lofty bound, Through dew and exhalation; Ye trip it deftly onthe ground, But gain no elevation.
3.  Ay, verily! a corpse's eyes are those, Which there was no fond loving hand toclose. That is the bosom I so fondly press'd, That my sweet Gretchen's form,so oft caress'd!
4、  Ay, out of sight is out of mind! Politeness easy is to you; Friends everywhere,and not a few, Wiser than I am, you will find.Faust
5、  And had you naught besides to bring?




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       Still to watch on I had been well content, Thus to converse so learnedly withyou. But as to - morrow will be Easter - day, Some further questions grant, Ipray; With diligence to study still I fondly cling; Already I know much, butwould know everything.

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      Ah, rich in sorrow, thou, Stoop thy maternal brow, And mark with pitying eyemy misery! The sword in thy pierced heart, Thou dost with bitter smart, Gazeupwards on thy Son's death agony. To the dear God on high, Ascends thypiteous sigh, Pleading for his and thy sore misery. Ah, who can know Thetorturing woe, The pangs that rack me to the bone? How my poor heart,without relief, Trembles and throbs, its yearning grief Thou knowest, thoualone! Ah, wheresoe'er I go, With woe, with woe, with woe, My anguish'dbreast is aching! When all alone I creep, I weep, I weep, I weep, Alas! myheart is breaking! The flower-pots at my window Were wet with tears ofmine, The while I pluck'd these blossoms, At dawn to deck thy shrine! Whenearly in my chamber Shone bright the rising morn, I sat there on my pallet, Myheart with anguish torn. Help! from disgrace and death deliver me! Ah! rich insorrow, thou, Stoop thy maternal brow, And mark with pitying eye mymisery!

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       (She puts them on and steps before the glass.)Were but the ear - rings only mine! Thus one has quite another air. Whatboots it to be young and fair? It doubtless may be very fine; But then, alas,none cares for you, And praise sounds half like pity too. Gold all doth lure,Gold doth secure All things. Alas, we poor!

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