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1.   Constance continuing thus in the old Ladies service at Susa, andthought to be dead or lost in her owne Fathers house; it fortuned,that one reigning then as King of Thunis, who named himselfeMariabdela: there was a young Lord of great birth, and very powerfull,who lived as then in Granada, and pleaded that the Kingdome ofThunis belonged to him. In which respect, he mustred together a mightyArmy, and came to assault the King, as hoping to expell him. Thesenewes comming to the eare of Martuccio Gomito, who spake the BarbarianLanguage perfectly; and hearing it reported, that the King of Thunismade no meane preparation for his owne defence: he conferred withone of his keepers, who had the custody of him, and the rest takenwith him, saying: If (quoth he) I could have meanes to speake with theKing, and he were pleased to allow of my counsell, I can enstructhim in such a course, as shall assure him to win the honor of thefield. The Guard reported these speeches to his Master, whopresently acquainted the King therewith, and Martuccio being sent for;he was commanded to speake his minde: Whereupon he began in thismanner.
2. 在记者搜索的国内现有公开报道中,污水厌氧罐倒塌在全国曾有1个先例:2013年云南普洱曼老江农业开发有限公司位于思茅区倚象镇纳吉村的厂部发生厌氧罐垮塌,造成5人死亡,4人受伤
3. 要是不同意,不签字,强制执行,就二十万。
4. 上图_曹操(155年-220年)那么,真实历史上的曹操到底有没有黑点呢?答案是有,而且分量大,数量也不少。
5. 有人坚持他是背朝镜头荡的,但也有人觉得他肯定是面朝镜头的。
6.   I should have been afraid to touch a horse when alone, but whentold to do it, I was disposed to obey. I put down my muff on thestile, and went up to the tall steed; I endeavoured to catch thebridle, but it was a spirited thing, and would not let me come nearits head; I made effort on effort, though in vain: meantime, I wasmortally afraid of its trampling forefeet. The traveller waited andwatched for some time, and at last he laughed.


1. 这直接带来的一个结果就是大家可以看到:拼多多的股价在二级市场今年上市以来增长了超过一倍,从19元涨到了41.5元。
2.   'Are you happy here?'
3.  告知用户当前状态用户在任何时候都希望能够了解当前所处的状态,而不用过多猜测。
4. CEOs: Newbies Mary Barra at GM and Mark Fields at Ford start playing close attention to the moves made by FCA’s Sergio Marchionne. Despite running his growing empire on two continents, Marchionne tacked on a U.S market share gain of 1.2 points, unhindered by one of the weakest product lineups in the business and troubles with his much heralded eight-speed transmission.
5. 希特勒的战略是沿着从芬兰到罗马尼亚的1000哩长的战线前进,向东推进到从列宁格勒到莫斯科、哈尔科夫和罗斯托夫的这条线上。德国军队打算将苏联红军包围和消灭在这条线以西的地区,因此,他们无需将他们的战线延伸到乌拉尔山脉和乌拉尔山脉那边。由于上述因素,德国人几乎达到了他们所提出的所有的领土目标、他们占领了哈尔科夫和罗斯托夫,差不多完全包围了莫斯科和列宁格勒。在列宁格勒,每日口粮即代用面包减少到4盎司左右;近300万城市居民中有三分之一的人在可怕的冬天尚未结束前就已饿死。
6. 海南省人民医院负责人称,在国际航班空中复杂环境下,面对体弱多病的老人,根据现场条件制作简易穿刺导尿工具,辅助变换体位协助排尿,承担出血、气腹和感染等并发症风险,取得了非常好的效果,医院为肖占祥主任感到骄傲和欣慰。


1.   "The 28th of February."
2. 3名嫌疑人供认了盗窃的犯罪事实。
3. 有一个行业,就是资源密集型行业,譬如说 IaaS,现在已经有华为、阿里、腾讯这些头部企业。
4. 联想记忆
5.   In another second I was embracing and kissing her rapturously:'Bessie! Bessie! Bessie!' that was all I said; whereat she halflaughed, half cried, and we both went into the parlour. By the firestood a little fellow of three years old, in plaid frock and trousers.
6. 澎湃新闻:展望未来,无论是研究还是家庭,你有什么打算?王言博:未来,我还是希望自己能够坚定的走学术道路,有时间的时候能出去旅行,有生之年完成环游世界的梦想,唱歌出道是不指望了,哈哈哈,毕竟年纪大了


1.   "For a whole month the wind blew steadily from the South, andthere was no other wind, but only South and East. As long as cornand wine held out the men did not touch the cattle when they werehungry; when, however, they had eaten all there was in the ship,they were forced to go further afield, with hook and line, catchingbirds, and taking whatever they could lay their hands on; for theywere starving. One day, therefore, I went up inland that I mightpray heaven to show me some means of getting away. When I had gone farenough to be clear of all my men, and had found a place that waswell sheltered from the wind, I washed my hands and prayed to allthe gods in Olympus till by and by they sent me off into a sweetsleep.
2. 留美归来后,他习惯了在病房过节。
3. 据了解,与9月1日起同时废止的《深圳市户籍迁入若干规定(试行)》相比,新规中深圳的户籍迁户的类别由三变四,增加了“居住社保迁户”这个类别,并将“技术技能迁户”直接强化为“人才引进迁户”,其中,将纯学历型人才入户条件由本科放宽至大专,技术型人才入户条件放宽至中专+中级职称,技能型人才入户条件放宽至紧缺急需工种高级工。
4.   The result was that bidding began.
5. 王某说,他被社区书记刘建成排查出来,很感谢他。
6.   Milady listened.


1. 但同样源于这个现场拜访、离场管理的特点,直销团队的管理难度比电销团队的现场管理要高出两倍以上。
2. 美国入选全球十大智库的数量最多,达到6家,与去年持平。
3. 作为一个中国创业者,你看到的不仅是中国的创新,美国那些值得学习的创新我们也都能看到。

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