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1.   Mephistopheles
2. 是啊,曾经一个大院里有人去世,各家之间将奔走相告,并在葬礼上出现,送昔日故人最后一程,如今这种事情在日本,多半也是只有核心家庭来操办了。
3.   "No, sir, neither of those; something connected with thisstory."
4. v. 形成(颗粒状),
5. 当求伯君知道雷军心生去意,整夜整夜地和他交流。
6.   "Thank you, gentlemen," replied Albert, with a smile ofindifference; "I shall follow your advice -- not because yougive it, but because I had before intended to quit France. Ithank you equally for the service you have rendered me inbeing my seconds. It is deeply engraved on my heart, and,after what you have just said, I remember that only."Chateau-Renaud and Beauchamp looked at each other; theimpression was the same on both of them, and the tone inwhich Morcerf had just expressed his thanks was sodetermined that the position would have become embarrassingfor all if the conversation had continued.


1. 另外早期的核心能力是融资的能力,融资的能力是想清楚的能力。
2. 河南安阳的林静第一时间赶往北京,她3岁的女儿已在爆料所称的康复中心接受了近10个月的治疗
3.   Neither paid the slightest attention to Hurstwood, who stoodfacing the cold wind, which was chilling him completely, andthinking of his orders.
4.   Then spake one bird for all, by one assent: "This matter asketh good advisement; For we be fewe birdes here in fere, And sooth it is, the cuckoo is not here, And therefore we will have a parlement.
5. 世界上有1200种蝙蝠,共携带了3204种冠状病毒。
6.   A broomstick dost thou not at least desire? The roughest he - goat fain wouldI bestride, By this road from our goal we're still far wide.Faust


1. I haven't said where it was for fear some self-appointed missionaries, or traders, or land-greedy expansionists, will take it upon themselves to push in. They will not be wanted, I can tell them that, and will fare worse than we did if they do find it.
2. 日本的投降德国的投降使日本人在太平洋上的前景更加惨淡。到1944年年中时,他们的本士诸岛已遭到以马里亚纳群岛为基地的B—29轰炸机的轰炸。这年年底,美军在菲律宾登陆,到1945年2月底时.他们已迫使日本驻军投降。对敌人来说更为严重的是,美国海军陆战队的3个师于3月攻占了硫黄岛。这场战斗的野蛮程度反映在以下伤亡数字中:美国海军陆战队的30,000人中有20000人死伤,日本人死亡20000人,被俘200人。硫黄岛离日本本土只有750哩,而冲绳岛离日本本土只有350哩,6月,经过另一次残酷的战斗之后,冲绳岛也被占领。这时,美国空军将这两座岛屿用作基地,使日本人口拥挤的城市象德国那样遭到暴风雨般的轰炸。日本人更易受伤害,因为他们的薄木板和纸板结构的房屋在烈火中就象许多引火物一样被烧毁。在1944年11月至1945年9月日本人投降的9个月里,B-29轰炸机对日本进行了32000架次的轰炸,平均每天100多架次。日本人中死亡的或无家可归的人数猛增到800多万。
3. 所以资本效率和美国不能完全相比,但是正因为这样,行业里充满了更多的机会。
4. 慈善和商业盈利很多情况下被视为矛盾冲突的两面,水滴筹们也一直在试图寻找到这种模式下的平衡。
5. 接到该通知后,家住潮白河孔雀城的陈先生第一反应就是上班该怎么办?陈先生在北京市朝阳区工作,按照北京市政府下发的复工通知要求,北京地区并不强制要求用人单位在2月3日以后延迟复工,所以他们单位规定2月10日返回单位上班。
6.   "Afraid of being heard! Why, there is nothing improper in ourconversation, my dear Planchet, and no one could find fault withit."


1. 其中苏州常熟市荣寿堂药房,2019年12月6日以0.195元/只的价格购进一次性医用口罩,2019年12月7日至2020年1月23日期间,以每只0.5元的价格对外出售。
2. 但在传统的经济学上,关于收入分配与资源使用的分析,大都是基于自由市场以市价定胜负的准则。这准则只能在私有产权的制度下出现。换言之,传统的经济分析,虽然可解释收入的分配与人类的行为,但其范围很狭窄。私有产权所约束着的游戏规则,只不过是千变万化的规则中的一部分。假若我们熟读一般经济学教科书,不管是怎样高程度的,我们能以之解释世事方面的,范围极小。墨守成规地学经济,将课本念得滚瓜烂熟,并不一定稍知门径,登堂入室更谈不上了。科学要活学活用,经济学更是如此。
3.   'Clara!' Miss Murdstone repeated.
4.   "We do not know, Piraeus," answered Telemachus, "what may happen. Ifthe suitors kill me in my own house and divide my property among them,I would rather you had the presents than that any of those peopleshould get hold of them. If on the other hand I manage to kill them, Ishall be much obliged if you will kindly bring me my presents."
5. 门口原来悬挂的成都嘉年华青少年心理辅导中心和成都市应用心理研究学会青少年心理科研基地的水牌,已经拆除,侧面墙壁上的拯救一个孩子,就是拯救一个家庭的宣传语,也已经铲除殆尽,并用水泥将墙壁重新涂抹。
6.   `Truly, you did well,' said the Marquis, felicitously sensible that such vermin were not to ruffle him, `to see a thief accompanying my carriage, and not open that great mouth of yours. Bah! Put him aside, Monsieur Gabelle!'


1. 很多人家里也会腌制一些腊鱼、腊肉和香肠,只是去年猪肉大涨价,这些腊货比往年少了许多。
2.   Alessandro, forbeare such boldnesse, uppon thy lives perill, andbefore thou further presume to touch me, understand what I shalltell thee. I am (as thou perceivest) no man, but a woman; anddeparting a Virgin from my Fathers House, am travelling towards thePopes holinesse, to the end that he should bestow me in marriage.But the other day, when first I beheld thee, whether it proceeded fromthy happinesse in fortune, or the fatall houre of my owne infelicityfor ever, I know not; I conceyved such an effectuall kinde of likingtowardes thee, as never did Woman love a man more truely then I doethee having sworn within my soule to make thee my Husband before anyother; and if thou wilt not accept me as thy wife, set a locke uponthy lippes concerning what thou hast heard, and depart hence tothine owne bed againe.
3. 其次,无人便利店并非就不需要人了。

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