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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Arrest him!" cried Peters.
2.  "I thought that, perhaps, if you had nothing particular on hand, youmight care to assist us in a most remarkable case, which occurred onlylast night at Hampstead."
3.  "It is a very fine demonstration," he answered. "In the St.Pancras case you may remember that a cap was found beside the deadpoliceman. The accused man denies that it is his. But he is apicture-frame maker who, habitually handles glue."
4.  "No, you wouldn't. I spotted his artificial limb. But proceed.""I was struck by the snaky locks of grizzled hair which curledfrom under his old straw hat, and his face with its fierce, eagerexpression and the deeply lined features."
5.  "G. DUNBAR.
6.  "The wages of sin, Watson- the wages of sin!" said he. "Sooner orlater it will always come. God knows, there was sin enough," he added,taking up a brown volume from the table. "Here is the book the womantalked of. If this will not break off the marriage, nothing evercould. But it will, Watson. It must. No self-respecting woman couldstand it."


1.  "She lie like that one day, two day. I 'fraid she die," said thegirl.
2.  "But why didn't the police see this mark yesterday?"
3.  "A wire to the head of the Athens police, then?"
4.  "You arranged an affair for a lodger of mine last year," she said-"Mr. Fairdale Hobbs."
5.  "But surely you or the girl enter his room of a morning?""No, sir; he looks after himself entirely."
6.  "Yes, about it."


1.  "No violence, Billy. Don't be rough with him. If you tell him thatCount Sylvius wants him he will certainly come."
2.  "Voyage of the Gloria Scott," he read. "That was a bad business. Ihave some recollection that you made a record of it, Watson, thoughI was unable to congratulate you upon the result. Victor Lynch, theforger. Venomous lizard or gila. Remarkable case, that! Vittoria,the circus belle. Vanderbilt and the Yeggman. Vipers. Vigor, theHammersmith wonder. Hullo! Hullo! Good old index. You can't beat it.Listen to this, Watson. Vampirism in Hungary. And again, Vampires inTransylvania." He turned over the pages with eagerness, but after ashort intent perusal he threw down the great book with a snarl ofdisappointment.
3.  "This outburst rather astonished me, as you can think. 'Well,'said I, 'other people don't think quite so much of me as you seem todo, Mr. Pinner. I had a hard enough fight to get this berth, and Iam very glad to have it.'
4.  "It was perfectly obvious to me, on reading the Ritual, that themeasurements must refer to some spot to which the rest of the documentalluded, and that if we could find that spot we should be in a fairway towards finding what the secret was which the old Musgraves hadthought it necessary to embalm in so curious a fashion. There were twoguides given us to start with, an oak and an elm. As to the oakthere could be no question at all. Right in front of the house, uponthe lefthand side of the drive, there stood a patriarch among oaks,one of the most magnificent trees that I have ever seen."'That was there when your Ritual was drawn up,' said I as wedrove past it.
5.   "I am naturally observant, as you may have remarked, Mr. Holmes, andI soon had a pretty good plan of the whole house in my head. There wasone wing, however, which appeared not to be inhabited at all. A doorwhich faced that which led into the quarters of the Tollers openedinto this suite, but it was invariably locked. One day, however, asI ascended the stair, I met Mr. Rucastle coming out through this door,his keys in his hand, and a look on his face which made him a verydifferent person to the round, jovial man to whom I was accustomed.His cheeks were red, his brow was all crinkled with anger, and theveins stood out at his temples with passion. He locked the door andhurried past me without a word or a look.
6.  "Lord bless you, Mr. Holmes," said our visitor, "she is that anxiousto see you that you might bring the whole parish at your heals!""Then we shall come early in the afternoon. Let us see that wehave our facts correct before we start. If we go over them it willhelp Dr. Watson to understand the situation. You say that Mrs.Ronder has been your lodger for seven years and that you have onlyonce seen her face."


1.  "It is most essential"
2.  "I am quite well again. I cannot imagine how I came to be so weak. Iwish you, Mr. Holmes, to come to Mackleton with me by the next train."My friend shook his head.
3.  "'Quite so. In dress now, for example. We are faddy people, youknow-faddy but kind-hearted. If you were asked to wear any dress whichwe might give you, you would not object to our little whim. Heh?'"'No,' said I, considerably astonished at his words.
4、  relationship-comes over from Greece to interfere. He imprudentlyputs himself into the power of the young man and his olderassociate. They seize him and use violence towards him in order tomake him sign some papers to make over the girl's fortune-of whichhe may be trustee-to them. This he refuses to do. In order tonegotiate with him they have to get an interpreter, and they pitchupon this Mr. Melas, having used some other one before. The girl isnot told of the arrival of her brother and finds it out by themerest accident.




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      "Is it furnished?"

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      "Well, then we must make a cross-country journey to Newhaven, and soover to Dieppe. Moriarty will again do what I should do. He will geton to Paris, mark down our luggage, and wait for two days at thedepot. In the meantime we shall treat ourselves to a couple ofcarpet-bags, encourage the manufactures of the countries through whichwe travel, and make our way at our leisure into Switzerland, viaLuxembourg and Basle."

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       "Using him roughly, anyway."

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      "Our young friend seems to be getting into deep waters," said Holmes,thoughtfully, as he finished the letter. "The case certainlypresents more features of interest and more possibility of developmentthan I had originally thought. I should be none the worse for a quiet,peaceful day in the country, and I am inclined to run down thisafternoon and test one or two theories which I have formed."Holmes's quiet day in the country had a singular termination, for hearrived at Baker Street late in the evening, with a cut lip and adiscoloured lump upon his forehead, besides a general air ofdissipation which would have made his own person the fitting object ofa Scotland Yard investigation. He was immensely tickled by his ownadventures and laughed heartily as be recounted them.

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    {  "Absolute exhaustion- possibly mere hunger and fatigue," said I,with my finger on the thready pulse, where the stream of life trickledthin and small.

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      "It is a very fine demonstration," he answered. "In the St.Pancras case you may remember that a cap was found beside the deadpoliceman. The accused man denies that it is his. But he is apicture-frame maker who, habitually handles glue."}

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      "Well, you know, after a crime of this sort we are very careful tokeep things in their position. Nothing has been moved. Officer incharge here day and night. This morning, as the man was buried and theinvestigation over- so far as this room is concerned- we thought wecould tidy up a bit. This carpet. You see, it is not fastened down,only just laid there. We had occasion to raise it. We found-""Yes? You found-"

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       A loud thudding noise came from somewhere downstairs. "That isMrs. Toller in the cellar," said she. "Her husband lies snoring on thekitchen rug. Here are his keys, which are the duplicates of Mr.Rucastle's."

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    {  "The body could not remain there. On the first night Norlett and Icarried it out to the old well-house, which is now never used. We werefollowed, however, by her pet spaniel, which yapped continually at thedoor, so I felt some safer place was needed. I got rid of the spaniel,and we carried the body to the crypt of the church. There was noindignity or irreverence, Mr. Holmes. I do not feel that I havewronged the dead."

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      "My name is not unfamiliar to you, Mr. Holmes," said she. "I thoughtthat it would bring you."