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1. 这两份判决书也是她住院期间逐字逐句把关完成的。
2.   Loving friends, if you were pleased to follow mine advise, wee threewill quickely be the richest men in Florence; because, byinformation from a Gentleman (well deserving to be credited) on thePlaine of Mugnone: there is a precious stone to be found, whichwhosoever carrieth it about him, walketh invisible, and is not to beseene by any one. Let us three be the first men to goe and finde it,before any other heare thereof, and goe about it, and assure ourselves that we shall finde it, for I know it (by discription) so sooneas I see it. And when wee have it, who can hinder us from bearing itabout us? Then will we goe to the Tables of our Bankers, or moneyChangers, which we see daily charged with plenty of gold and silver,where we may take so much as wee list, for they (nor any) are ableto descrie us. So, (in short time) shall wee all be wealthy, neverneeding to drudge any more, or paint muddy walles, as hitherto we havedone; and, as many of our poore profession are forced to doe.
3. This was rather a blow to my previous convictions.
4. 同时,借助名人成龙生日,最庆生活动宣传。
5. 住院期间,当事人包某自己要求入住ICU病房,在ICU病房期间,包某各项生命体征平稳。
6. 《中华人民共和国刑法》第一百四十五条规定,[生产、销售不符合标准的医用器材罪]生产不符合保障人体健康的国家标准、行业标准的医疗器械、医用卫生材料,或者销售明知是不符合保障人体健康的国家标准、行业标准的医疗器械、医用卫生材料,足以严重危害人体健康的,处三年以下有期徒刑或者拘役,并处销售金额百分之五十以上二倍以下罚金。


1. 徐静坦言,她自制力较差,缺乏毅力,缺乏改变自己的决心。
2.   I then could see apparant flatterie
3.   "Indeed?" said the count with an air of surprise, remarkablywell counterfeited; "I really did not remember."
4. 他们开着车去各地的火车站、广场等地,发寻人启事。
5.   He did not begin, but, in his indecision, met her glance.
6.   Striguario made no delaying of the matter, but got himselfe closelieunder the Fat, and Peronella opening the doore for her husbandsenterance, with a frowning countenance, spake thus unto him. Whatmeaneth this so early returning home againe this morning? Itseemeth, thou intendest to do nothing to day, having brought backe thytooles in thy hands? If such be thine intent, how shall we live? Whereshal we have bread to fill our bellies? Dooest thou thinke, that Iwill suffer thee to pawne my gowne, and other poore garments, asheeretofore thou hast done? I that card and spinne both night and day,till I have worne the flesh from my fingers; yet all will hardly findeoyle to maintaine our Lampe. Husband, husband, there is not oneneighbour dwelling by us, but makes a mockerie of me, and tels meplainly, that I may be ashamed to drudge and moyle as I do;wondering not a little, how I am able to endure it; and thou returnesthome with thy hands in thy hose, as if thou hadst no worke at all todo this day.


1.   'Not at all! You're right!' said Mr. Omer. 'Well, sir, her cousin - you know it's a cousin she's going to be married to?'
2. 这个主要还是要看苹果的进展,我们认为毫米波手机明年年底推出的可能行比较小。
3. 体育是个烧钱的行业,在俱乐部一个半小时,最低要150元到200元。
4. 1月6日下午,家住福建省泉州市南安市仑苍镇的苏先生告诉澎湃新闻(www.thepaper.cn),她妻子1月2日晚9点多从仑苍美宇综合市场出走,已经4天未归,电话不接,短信也没回
5.   "Firstly, then, I will tell you my name that you too may know it,and one day, if I outlive this time of sorrow, may become my thereguests though I live so far away from all of you. I am Ulysses sonof Laertes, reknowned among mankind for all manner of subtlety, sothat my fame ascends to heaven. I live in Ithaca, where there is ahigh mountain called Neritum, covered with forests; and not far fromit there is a group of islands very near to one another- Dulichium,Same, and the wooded island of Zacynthus. It lies squat on thehorizon, all highest up in the sea towards the sunset, while theothers lie away from it towards dawn. It is a rugged island, but itbreeds brave men, and my eyes know none that they better love tolook upon. The goddess Calypso kept me with her in her cave, andwanted me to marry her, as did also the cunning Aeaean goddessCirce; but they could neither of them persuade me, for there isnothing dearer to a man than his own country and his parents, andhowever splendid a home he may have in a foreign country, if it be farfrom father or mother, he does not care about it. Now, however, I willtell you of the many hazardous adventures which by Jove's will I metwith on my return from Troy.
6.   So saying the king took Camaralzaman by the hand and led him back to the palace, where the prince took to his bed and gave himself up to despair, and the king shutting himself up with his son entirely neglected the affairs of state.


1.   `Monsieur Manette;' Mr. Lorry laid his hand upon Defarge's arm; `do you remember nothing of this man? Look at him. Look at me. Is there no old banker, no old business, no old servant, no old time, rising in your mind, Monsieur Manette?'
2. 再聚焦到细分的共享单车领域来看,虽然哈啰单车现在看似一家独大,但整个共享单车行业的危机并没有因为它的突围而出得到有效解决,若不是背靠着阿里巴巴这个大山,很难说哈啰单车是不是已经建立起了自身核心的优势壁垒。
3.   'Can you tell me what the writing on that stone over the doormeans? What is Lowood Institution?'
4. 其余被告人犯聚众斗殴罪,分别被判处相应刑罚。
5.   'You had this morning a breakfast which you could not eat; you mustbe hungry:- I have ordered that a lunch of bread and cheese shall beserved to all.'
6.   "Ah, that boy will find out some Bavarian or Peruvianprincess; he will want a crown and an immense fortune."


1. 但长江有灭绝风险的鱼类也是最多的,尤其是长江上游,共有286种内陆鱼,其中79种是受威胁物种。
2. 原标题:花木兰日版海报曝光,镜子内外两个世界,木须龙真的变凤凰了在古代有几个非常出名的女性,要么是有过杰出成就的,比如武则天、花木兰、穆桂英,要么是美的惊天动地的,比如西施、杨玉环、赵飞燕,而在迪士尼世界中,也有一位中国的公主——花木兰公主。
3. 值得一提的是,《2020年春节联欢晚会》的主舞台除了充满中国元素、中国文化,还呈现出开放性的特色。

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      It was the fifteenth of January, about nine o'clock in the morning:Bessie was gone down to breakfast; my cousins had not yet beensummoned to their mama; Eliza was putting on her bonnet and warmgarden-coat to go and feed her poultry, an occupation of which she wasfond: and not less so of selling the eggs to the housekeeper andhoarding up the money she thus obtained. She had a turn for traffic,and a marked propensity for saving; shown not only in the vending ofeggs and chickens, but also in driving hard bargains with the gardenerabout flower-roots, seeds, and slips of plants; that functionaryhaving orders from Mrs. Reed to buy of his young lady all the productsof her parterre she wished to sell: and Eliza would have sold the hairoff her head if she could have made a handsome profit thereby. As toher money, she first secreted it in odd corners, wrapped in a rag oran old curl-paper; but some of these hoards having been discoveredby the housemaid, Eliza, fearful of one day losing her valuedtreasure, consented to intrust it to her mother, at a usurious rate ofinterest- fifty or sixty per cent.; which interest she exacted everyquarter, keeping her accounts in a little book with anxious accuracy.

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