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1.   Look at a plant in the midst of its range, why does it not double or quadruple its numbers? We know that it can perfectly well withstand a little more heat or cold, dampness or dryness, for elsewhere it ranges into slightly hotter or colder, damper or drier districts. In this case we can clearly see that if we wished in imagination to give the plant the power of increasing in number, we should have to give it some advantage over its competitors, or over the animals which preyed on it. On the confines of its geographical range, a change of constitution with respect to climate would clearly be an advantage to our plant; but we have reason to believe that only a few plants or animals range so far, that they are destroyed by the rigour of the climate alone. Not until we reach the extreme confines of life, in the arctic regions or on the borders of an utter desert, will competition cease. The land may be extremely cold or dry, yet there will be competition between some few species, or between the individuals of the same species, for the warmest or dampest spots.
2.   "It was Catherine Cusack who told me of it," said he in acrackling voice.
4.   Down posted Hilda from Scotland, where she had taken up her abode. She came in March, alone, driving herself in a nimble two-seater. Up the drive she came, tooting up the incline, then sweeping round the oval of grass, where the two great wild beech-trees stood, on the flat in front of the house.
5. 企业方通过搜索所在媒体,行业,发布频率,报道方向等信息筛选出对应领域的媒体人,并通过平台发送报道与合作邀请。
6. 优化商品运营、广告投放等营销能力,提升用户触达效率。


1. 从长期来看,价值观的重要性要远远超过能力素质。
2. 即使掉头,导航也还会坚持原来的道路,所以只能凭感觉往前开,离远一点之后再重新规划路线。
3.   'I suppose she wouldn't be inclined to forgive him now,' hinted Peggotty.
4.   Thus, then, the ship sped on her way through the watches of thenight from dark till dawn.
5. 在灾难面前,所有人都面对着相同的环境,无一例外。
6. 微博铁粉制度虽然王高飞在面对质疑时否认了微博会从中获利,但当头部的明星的资源几乎都集中在微博上,将明星粉丝和微博进行深度绑定、增强其在微博上活跃度的做法,目前来看是微博最行之有效的商业方法。


1. 在百货业,河南郑州一家叫亚细亚的商场是当时最炙手可热的标杆企业,它是全国第一家搞“微笑服务”和尝试连锁发展的商业公司。总经理王遂舟制订发展规划:“2000年前,在全国开设1000家连锁商场,达到年销售额500亿元,排名全国商界第一,综合实力进入全国最大企业前十名,成为对中国经济有重大影响的国际托拉斯。还要在北京或上海建造亚细亚摩天大厦,至少高120层,像征亚细亚这样一个历史丰碑。”这些发展规划经过专家的论证,被无比庄严地公布于众,没有人对这样的目标表示怀疑,这似乎是一个靠狂想就能实现理想的年代。
2. 和硕特部在漠西四部中是较为强盛的一部,与准噶尔部为邻,一六三七年(崇德二年)分道东迁。顾实汗(固始汗)图鲁拜琥率部迁至青海地区游牧。顾实汗弟巴噶斯率部迁徙到河套地区。顾实汗在一六三七年即遣使去盛京,向清朝进贡。顺治帝即位后,又遣使祝贺。顺治帝诏命顾实汗统辖诸厄鲁特。
3. 原标题:刷脸支付可以,骗钱就不对了。
4. 原标题:佛山一地下作坊赶工生产假冒名牌口罩未流入市场中新网广州1月31日电(索有为程骁)在社会各界众志成城对抗疫情的关键时刻,竟有人为图谋非法利益,赶工生产假冒名牌口罩。
5. 中国私募机构的迅速崛起,使它变成了美国以外的全球第二大私募股权市场。
6. We learned about a warehouse that is like a mausoleum for endangered species.


1. 美国也应帮助中东稳定下来,帮助中东发展经济,帮助中东人民摆脱贫困,这样美国就会站在道德的制高点。
2. 劳伦斯鼓足了勇气,道:“难道不是这样吗?”
3.   Slowly, at last, he moved his eyes from my face, as if he were waking from a vision, and cast them round the room. Then he said, in a low voice:
4. 庭上,三名被告人的认罪态度较好。
5. 刘阳说,他看到国内物资紧缺的消息,第一时间就有想法要为祖国做一些事,他首批购买了1万个口罩通过民宿客人带回国内寄往武汉。
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1.   "No, sir. Down at the station they are certain that no strangereither came or went yesterday."
2. The Hidrate Spark 2 tracks your water intake by syncing with a mobile app and recording how many ounces of water you drink a day, which can also be tracked by remembering how many times you refilled your bottle labeled with the number of ounces on the side.
3.   "No." said Villefort; "fetch the nearest."

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