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1.   Chynon, who slept not in a businesse so earnestly importing him, seton them (the day following) with his Ship, and standing aloft on thedecke, cryed out to them that had the charge of Iphigenia, saying.Strike your sayles, or else determine to be sunke in the Sea. Theenemies to Chynon, being nothing danted with his words, prepared tostand upon their owne defence; which made Chynon, after the formerspeeches delivered, and no answer returned, to command the graplingIrons to be cast forth, which tooke such fast hold on the Rhodiansshippe, that (whether they would or no) both the vessels joynedclose together. And he shewing himselfe fierce like a Lyon, nottarrying to be seconded by any, stepped aboord the Rhodians ship, asif he made no respect at all of them, and having his sword readydrawne in his hand (incited by the vertue of unfaigned love) laiedabout him on all sides very manfully. Which when the men of Rhodesperceived, casting downe their weapons, and all of them (as it were)with one voyce, yeelded themselves his prisoners: whereupon he said.
2. 之后,这名房屋管理员曾到房间进行了几次检查
3.   She could not weary gazing at Camaralzaman, but at length, having softly kissed his brow and each cheek, she replaced the coverlet and resumed her flight through the air.
4.   "Well, I was trying to express it as delicately as I could, but ifyou insist upon the word I will not contradict you."
5. 比如,搜救员在救援中必须长时间高度集中注意力,穿着的救生衣中还藏着十来斤的逃生气瓶。
6. 内涵型标题要求标题新颖内涵丰富,比较适合案例、深度类型的文章,可以尖锐的语气,可以反思的语气,也可以是比较的语气,利用好的标题来提高用户的关注度。


1. 实在担心的话,可以避免发原图,或者关闭定位。
2.   "My faith," said D'Artagnan, "it appears that I was more drunkthan you, since I remember nothing of the kind."
3. 有关评估募款的过程,赵俊霞说,一般人做心脏瓣膜手术需要25万元左右,当时贵阳市第二人民医院向9958团队反馈,吴花燕病情复杂,除了心脏病,还存在自身免疫缺陷、骨头紧绷,以及胸墙积液、肺部感染、急性支气管炎等一系列问题,身体各项机能达不到手术条件,无法准确预估。
4. 在苏门答腊和伊里安岛之间的南洋群岛,是中国商人海外贸易活动的主要地区。在这一片广大的海域中,几乎每一个岛上都有过中国商人的踪迹。其中苏门答腊、爪畦和加里曼丹,是三个贸易集中地。
5.   When Mrs. Fairfax had bidden me a kind good-night, and I hadfastened my door, gazed leisurely round, and in some measure effacedthe eerie impression made by that wide hall, that dark and spaciousstaircase, and that long, cold gallery, by the livelier aspect of mylittle room, I remembered that, after a day of bodily fatigue andmental anxiety, I was now at last in safe haven. The impulse ofgratitude swelled my heart, and I knelt down at the bedside, andoffered up thanks where thanks were due; not forgetting, ere I rose,to implore aid on my further path, and the power of meriting thekindness which seemed so frankly offered me before it was earned. Mycouch had no thorns in it that night; my solitary room no fears. Atonce weary and content, I slept soon and soundly: when I awoke itwas broad day.
6. 一位不愿具名的业内人士告诉《法制日报》记者,不少盗版图片网站规避风险的主要操作方式有以下几种:批量注册马甲账号,伪装成摄影师或设计师上传图片,实则自主运营,以规避平台责任,同时又在网站上标注侵权内容版权归网站所有。


1.   My mother was, no doubt, unusually youthful in appearance even for her years; she hung her head, as if it were her fault, poor thing, and said, sobbing, that indeed she was afraid she was but a childish widow, and would be but a childish mother if she lived. In a short pause which ensued, she had a fancy that she felt Miss Betsey touch her hair, and that with no ungentle hand; but, looking at her, in her timid hope, she found that lady sitting with the skirt of her dress tucked up, her hands folded on one knee, and her feet upon the fender, frowning at the fire.
2.   There is no exception to the rule that every organic being naturally increases at so high a rate, that if not destroyed, the earth would soon be covered by the progeny of a single pair. Even slow-breeding man has doubled in twenty-five years, and at this rate, in a few thousand years, there would literally not be standing room for his progeny. Linnaeus has calculated that if an annual plant produced only two seeds and there is no plant so unproductive as this and their seedlings next year produced two, and so on, then in twenty years there would be a million plants. The elephant is reckoned to be the slowest breeder of all known animals, and I have taken some pains to estimate its probable minimum rate of natural increase: it will be under the mark to assume that it breeds when thirty years old, and goes on breeding till ninety years old, bringing forth three pairs of young in this interval; if this be so, at the end of the fifth century there would be alive fifteen million elephants, descended from the first pair.
3. 此外在解锁方面依旧延续了延续3DTof解锁的方式,总之称它为超级旗舰一点都不为过。
4. 2.能向用户贡献价值的事业,才是对的方向创业,要做一些对的事。
5. (一)对元朝王室及诸王的征战
6. 这片都是违建,占用了河道的地。


1. 三才观念中,人的因素由人和演变为人力,是一个重要的变化。这是因为人和意味着要使人的主观因素和天时、地利等客观因素密切配合,适应自然的气息浓厚一些。而人力,则具有重视人工劳动的含义,改造自然的意味浓厚一些。这种意识形态的改变,是要以一定的科学技术为前提的。显然,秦汉时的生产力水平,要比以前有显著的提高,从而为实现这种转变奠定了基础。
2.   He, for it was a man, turned his head slowly towards where I stood,and having examined me with the two inquisitive-looking grey eyeswhich twinkled under a pair of bushy brows, said solemnly, and in abass voice, 'Her size is small: what is her age?'
3. 前10位员工有多重要?是否7点到点回家,是否有办公室政治,是否可以按时完成任务,是否领导具有威信……这一切的一切都起源于这前10位同事。
4.   "I will not refuse you," replied Telemachus, "if you wish to joinus. Come, therefore, and in Ithaca we will treat you hospitablyaccording to what we have."
5. 28日,是高度疑似感染新型冠状病毒性肺炎的她出现症状并居家隔离的第14天。
6.   'I hope there will be nothing wrong about it,' said I. 'I hope not,' said Traddles. 'I should think not, though, because he told me, only the other day, that it was provided for. That was Mr. Micawber's expression, "Provided for."'


1. The U.S. has fallen to become Germany's third largest trading partner in 2016.
2. J以邮件方式就其2018年下半年绩效结果发起申诉。
3. 除了内部管理的需要,坚持见大量项目也有对自己的要求,就是保持对行业的敏感度。

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