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1. 同时,团队计划搭建天猫店铺,布局香水需求较为成熟的海外市场。
2. 此外,从环保需求的层面,虽然很多人认为电力来源依旧不环保,但相对燃油车的尾气排放,新能源发电的排放比较集中,更容易进行控制与集中治理。
3. 据介绍,2020年春运启动以来,刘大庆主动要求承担吉舒线5公里163米道口重点道口的整治工作。
4.   Most true it is, that as there is a respect to be used in the actionof things; so, time and place are necessarily to be considered, andalso whom we converse withall; because sometimes it happeneth, thata man or woman, intending (by a word of jest and merriment) to makeanother body blush or be ashamed: not knowing what strength of witremaineth in the opposite, doe convert the same disgrace uponthemselves. Therefore, that we may the more advisedly stand upon ourowne guard, and to prevent the common proverbe, That Women (in allthings) make choyse of the worst: I desire that this dayes lasttale, which is to come from my selfe, may make us all wise. To theend, that as in gentlenesse of minde we conferre with other; so byexcellency in good manners, we may shew our selves not inferiour tothem.
5. 展开全文3)工作的自由度更高在家办公能让员工工作的自由度更高,比如许多人都是夜猫子,晚上的工作效率最高,但大多数公司都没法提供昼伏夜出的考勤制度,在家则绝对没有问题。
6. 第二,巴别鸟能直接在任何文档上建立讨论区,在同一个文档上与团队详细讨论问题,并能结构化管理讨论内容。


1.   `But isn't there a difference?'
2. 12月,又在全国首届农医大会上,作为农业人工智能唯一代表,荣获2019年柑橘产业突出贡献奖。
3. 消灭赤眉军后,整个黄河中下游地区皆为刘秀据有,其政权统治渐趋巩固,为以后统一全国奠定了基础。
4. 后来,柳传志得知孙宏斌等人密谋把把分公司的钱转移之后,立刻报案,随后孙宏斌被警方羁押,1年后,孙宏斌以挪用公款罪名被判处有期徒刑5年。
5.   Chapter XX
6. [iks'tend]


1.   Chapter 6 - Difficulties on Theory
2.   Lo here, the wise king Dan* Solomon, *Lord <4> I trow that he had wives more than one; As would to God it lawful were to me To be refreshed half so oft as he! What gift* of God had he for all his wives? *special favour, licence No man hath such, that in this world alive is. God wot, this noble king, *as to my wit,* *as I understand* The first night had many a merry fit With each of them, so *well was him on live.* *so well he lived* Blessed be God that I have wedded five! Welcome the sixth whenever that he shall. For since I will not keep me chaste in all, When mine husband is from the world y-gone, Some Christian man shall wedde me anon. For then th' apostle saith that I am free To wed, *a' God's half,* where it liketh me. *on God's part* He saith, that to be wedded is no sin; Better is to be wedded than to brin.* *burn What recketh* me though folk say villainy** *care **evil Of shrewed* Lamech, and his bigamy? *impious, wicked I wot well Abraham was a holy man, And Jacob eke, as far as ev'r I can.* *know And each of them had wives more than two; And many another holy man also. Where can ye see, *in any manner age,* *in any period* That highe God defended* marriage *forbade <5> By word express? I pray you tell it me; Or where commanded he virginity? I wot as well as you, it is no dread,* *doubt Th' apostle, when he spake of maidenhead, He said, that precept thereof had he none: Men may counsel a woman to be one,* *a maid But counseling is no commandement; He put it in our owen judgement. For, hadde God commanded maidenhead, Then had he damned* wedding out of dread;** *condemned **doubt And certes, if there were no seed y-sow,* *sown Virginity then whereof should it grow? Paul durste not commanden, at the least, A thing of which his Master gave no hest.* *command The dart* is set up for virginity; *goal <6> Catch whoso may, who runneth best let see. But this word is not ta'en of every wight, *But there as* God will give it of his might. *except where* I wot well that th' apostle was a maid, But natheless, although he wrote and said, He would that every wight were such as he, All is but counsel to virginity. And, since to be a wife he gave me leave Of indulgence, so is it no repreve* *scandal, reproach To wedde me, if that my make* should die, *mate, husband Without exception* of bigamy; *charge, reproach *All were it* good no woman for to touch *though it might be* (He meant as in his bed or in his couch), For peril is both fire and tow t'assemble Ye know what this example may resemble. This is all and some, he held virginity More profit than wedding in frailty: (*Frailty clepe I, but if* that he and she *frailty I call it, Would lead their lives all in chastity), unless* I grant it well, I have of none envy Who maidenhead prefer to bigamy; It liketh them t' be clean in body and ghost;* *soul Of mine estate* I will not make a boast. *condition
3. 首先,扩大形态是相对少见的。不过一旦它出现了,通常便是市场的重要顶部。它的形状如同扩大的三角形,有三个依次上升的峰,二个相继下降的谷。在价格摆动幅度逐步增大的同时,伴随着交易活动的逐步增长。在第三峰完成后,如果价格跌破第二谷,就标志着该形态的完结。
4. │III.17-25│17、18-20│21-25│
5. 目前,彭州警方已排除刑事案件。
6.   'Not quite so much, I think, ma'am.'


1.   "The Bible," said Aramis, "make our belief in them a law; theghost of Samuel appeared to Saul, and it is an article of faiththat I should be very sorry to see any doubt thrown upon,Porthos."
2.   And yet was he not in a way to blame? This lack of warmth, this lack of the simple, warm, physical contact, was he not to blame for that? He was never really warm, nor even kind, only thoughtful, considerate, in a well-bred, cold sort of way! But never warm as a man can be warm to a woman, as even Connie's father could be warm to her, with the warmth of a man who did himself well, and intended to, but who still could comfort it woman with a bit of his masculine glow.
3. 到这个十年的尾声时,我预期更多机构将由年轻人运营,更多政策的制订将以长远眼光解决这些问题。
4. 有些家长会问什么时候开始给宝宝读书比较好?其实,任何时候都不嫌早。
5. “我从没有想过会有这么一天。
6. 人生在世,须臾之间,不知未来还会有几个十年。


1. 一方面是因为资金短缺,另一方面是因为车型定位存在问题。
2. 葡萄牙人取得成功,还因为他们的海军力量占有优势。这在某种程度上是由于葡萄牙人具有将舰艇编队布阵的本领,而不是依靠组成舰队的舰艇各自单独作战。更重要的则是葡萄牙人的海军火炮和射击技术。西欧人当时正发展起新的、有效的海军火炮,这种火炮使他们能将舰船用作流动炮台,而不是用作为部队提供膳宿的运输船(见第二章第四节)。火炮而非步兵这时成为海战的主要工具,火炮是用来攻击敌舰而不是攻击舰上人员的。正是由于这些新的发展,葡萄牙人才能在印度洋上粉碎穆斯林海军力量,从而控制香料贸易。
3. 陈某术后检查未见异常,现已投送监狱服刑。

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