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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  At last he had a clew to her interest, and followed it deftly.In a few minutes he had come about into her seat. He talked ofsales of clothing, his travels, Chicago, and the amusements ofthat city.
2.  Not long after she arrived Mrs. Hale established social relationswith her, and together they went about. For a long time this washer only companionship, and the gossip of the manager's wifeformed the medium through which she saw the world. Suchtrivialities, such praises of wealth, such conventionalexpression of morals as sifted through this passive creature'smind, fell upon Carrie and for the while confused her.
3.  The blue-eyed soldier's name was Osborne--Lola Osborne. Her roomwas in Nineteenth Street near Fourth Avenue, a block now given upwholly to office buildings. Here she had a comfortable backroom, looking over a collection of back yards in which grew anumber of shade trees pleasant to see.
4.  "Not just at present," he answered smiling. "Not just atpresent. Come in some time next week. Occasionally we need someone."
5.  "I'll look in at Hooley's," thought he, but as a matter of facthe did not. Before he had reached the central portion of thecity he thought the whole matter over and decided it would beuseless. As much as he longed to see Carrie, he knew she wouldbe with some one and did not wish to intrude with his plea there.A little later he might do so--in the morning. Only in themorning he had the lawyer question before him.
6.  Hurstwood winced the least bit. The real thing was slightlyworse than the thoughts of it had been.


1.  Carrie's countenance fell.
2.  They listened a few moments in silence, touched by the samefeeling, only hers reached her through the heart. Music stillcharmed her as in the old days.
3.  The next day he resorted to the same effort, experiencing avariety of rebuffs and one or two generous receptions. At lastit crossed his mind that there was a science of faces, and that aman could pick the liberal countenance if he tried.
4.  The short gentleman turned about towards Carrie, and she aroseand came forward.
5.  Carrie looked at him with the hue of shifting thought in herlarge eyes.
6.  Minnie saw her chance.


1.  "The next time you get a pair of shoes, dearie," said Mrs. Vance,"get button, with thick soles and patent-leather tips. They'reall the rage this fall."
2.  "Well, never mind," she exclaimed. Her lips tightened. Thefeeling of mutual antagonism was increased.
3.  "Well, you can bet that you're all right," said Drouet. "You cantake my word for that. You won't fail."
4.  "Come, now," he exclaimed to several curious observers; "eighteencents will fix us all up for the night. Eighteen cents. I havesix. Somebody give me the money. Remember, I have to go over toBrooklyn yet to-night. Before that I have to take these men downand put them to bed. Eighteen cents."
5.   "I won't apply as a motorman," he answered. "I can ring up faresall right."
6.  He walked homeward in a blinding snowstorm, reaching the ferry bydusk. The cabins were filled with comfortable souls, who studiedhim curiously. His head was still in such a whirl that he feltconfused. All the wonder of the twinkling lights of the river ina white storm passed for nothing. He trudged doggedly on untilhe reached the flat. There he entered and found the room warm.Carrie was gone. A couple of evening papers were lying on thetable where she left them. He lit the gas and sat down. Then hegot up and stripped to examine his shoulder. It was a merescratch. He washed his hands and face, still in a brown study,apparently, and combed his hair. Then he looked for something toeat, and finally, his hunger gone, sat down in his comfortablerocking-chair. It was a wonderful relief.


1.  "It isn't anything very serious," Hurstwood said solemnly. Hewas very much disturbed over his own situation, and now that hehad Carrie with him, he only wanted to get safely out of reach ofthe law. Therefore he was in no mood for anything save suchwords as would further his plans distinctly.
2.  "Why, George, how are you?" said another genial West Sidepolitician and lodge member. "My, but I'm glad to see you again;how are things, anyhow?"
3.  When Hurstwood got back to his office again he was in a greaterquandary than ever. Lord, Lord, he thought, what had he gotinto? How could things have taken such a violent turn, and soquickly? He could hardly realise how it had all come about. Itseemed a monstrous, unnatural, unwarranted condition which hadsuddenly descended upon him without his let or hindrance.
4、  "I'll ring for soap and towels," he said, "and send you up ahair-brush. Then you can bathe and get ready for breakfast.I'll go for a shave and come back and get you, and then we'll goout and look for some clothes for you."
5、  "It's you, is it?" she said, and went back.




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      Now, when such little things, such as the proposed earlier startto Waukesha, came up, they made clear to him his position. Hewas being made to follow, was not leading. When, in addition, asharp temper was manifested, and to the process of shoulderinghim out of his authority was added a rousing intellectual kick,such as a sneer or a cynical laugh, he was unable to keep histemper. He flew into hardly repressed passion, and wishedhimself clear of the whole household. It seemed a mostirritating drag upon all his desires and opportunities.

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      He scratched his head and prepared to go down town. He was stillfrowning. As he came into the hall he encountered the girl, whowas now looking after another chamber. She had on a whitedusting cap, beneath which her chubby face shone good-naturedly.Drouet almost forgot his worry in the fact that she was smilingon him. He put his hand familiarly on her shoulder, as if onlyto greet her in passing.

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       Carrie shook her head. Like all women, she was there to objectand be convinced. It was for him to brush the doubts away andclear the path if he could."Why are you going home?" he asked.

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      "I expect so," said Carrie, agreeably.

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    {  "Here you are," remarked a bystander, putting a coin into hishand.

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      She tried to answer, but he turned away and shuffled off towardthe east.}

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      "No," said Hurstwood.

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      At last she yielded enough to ask Hanson. It was a half-heartedprocedure without a shade of desire on her part.

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       "Yes, sir," said Carrie.

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    {  As Carrie entered she noticed several persons lounging about--men, who said nothing and did nothing.

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      "What?" asked Carrie.