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1.   `It `shard in the law to spile a man, I think. It `shard enough to kill him, but it's wery hard to spile him, sir.'
2.   "Married?"
3. 在这份报告中,警方表示,经调查,秦坤渝、刘兴卫无违法犯罪行为,建议各方协商以解决问题,如协商无果,建议通过诉讼解决。
4.   Heereupon, he commanded Pyrrhus to come downe, and being on theground: Now Pyrrhus (quoth he) tell me what thou saydst. Pyrrhus,pretending an alteration into much amazement, straungely looking abouthim, saide; I know not verie well (my Lord) what answere I should makeyou, fearing least my sight hath bin abused by error: for when I wasaloft in that Tree, it seemed manifestly to me: that you embraced myLady (though somewhat rudely, in regard of her perillous sicknesse,yet lovingly) and as youthfully as in your yonger dales, with infinitekisses, and wanton dalliances, such as (indeede) deserved a far moreprivate place in my poore opinion. But in my descending downe, meethought you gave over that amorous familiaritie, and I found youseated as I left you. Now trust mee Pyrrhus, answered Nicostratus, Thytongue and wit have very strangely wandred, both from reason and allreall apprehension: because we never stirred from hence, since thoudidst climbe up into the Tree, neither mooved otherwise, then as nowthou seest us. Alas my Lord (saide Pyrrhus) I humbly crave pardonfor my presumption, in reprooving you for medling with your owne:which shal make me hereafter better advised, in any thing whatsoever I heare or see.
5. 多余和毛毛姐在抖音迅速走红。
6. 我和另一个出院的病友一起说:感谢所有的医护人员,你们是最可爱的人。


1. "My dear fellow," Mr. Carmichael answered cheerily, "the sooner you cease tormenting yourself the better it will be for you. If you possessed all the wealth of all the Indies, you could not set right all the discomforts in the world, and if you began to refurnish all the attics in this square, there would still remain all the attics in all the other squares and streets to put in order. And there you are!"
2.   Circumstances favourable to Natural Selection
3. 原告在起诉状中提到,孙女士及物业公司赔偿原告402647.54元,且由孙女士向原告赔礼道歉并张贴文字道歉信不少于30日。
4. 在这里,三个价值产品也是不同的,即20、50和14;而每个场合的劳动量大小上的这种差别,又可以化为工人人数、劳动时间或劳动强度的差别,或者化为一个以上的因素或所有这些因素上的差别。
5.   `Swinging by the chain? To be suffocated?'
6. 央行称,预约期结束后第三个工作日至兑换期前一个工作日为核实期。


1. 通常来说,在社会各阶层中,往往是比较富裕、比较成功的人最先把钱投入股市,这些人在学校读书时成绩优异、名列前茅,进入社会工作后也是春风得意。但是这些在学习和工作上非常成功的人士,在股票投资上却经常一败涂地。在学校经常得到优秀成绩的人在股市中却很容易业绩不及格。那些买卖期货和期权及想预测未来走势、判断最佳买卖时机的人,就更亏得一塌糊涂。大多数投资人都是在自己投资亏得很惨后,只好转向投资基金。
2.   "The first ghost 'that came was that of my comrade Elpenor, for hehad not yet been laid beneath the earth. We had left his bodyunwaked and unburied in Circe's house, for we had had too much else todo. I was very sorry for him, and cried when I saw him: 'Elpenor,'said I, 'how did you come down here into this gloom and darkness?You have here on foot quicker than I have with my ship.'
3. 也被认为是汉初民歌。而像这样优美生动悦娱耳目的民歌,在武帝时被采入乐府后,必然会引起文人的注意,并有意识地模仿、学习。现在看来以音乐歌舞侍奉皇帝的倡优先行动起来了,李延年就有一首著名的《李夫人歌》:北方有佳人,绝世而独立。一顾倾人城,再顾倾人国。不知倾城与倾国,佳人难再得。
4. 崇祯皇帝把前兵部尚书侯恂从监狱释放出来,让他督河南、河北、山东、湖广诸路援军驰援开封。又令督师丁启睿、总督杨文岳、总兵左良玉等率部前去开封增援。六月,丁启睿会合杨文岳,率领左良玉、虎大威、杨德政、方国安四个总兵,调集了明朝在中原地区的所有精锐部队进援开封,雇集在开封西南的朱仙镇。
5. TWO双肺磨玻璃样,感染14天日记▼DAY11月14日5台手术,觉得特别累那一天,我的手术特别多,一共安排了5台手术。
6. 俗话说,三十而立,然而,齐鲁人才网近日发布数据显示,山东30岁职场人的平均薪酬为5855元,虽然已经工作了好几年,工资也不低,但4成以上几乎没有存款,大部分的工资每个月一到手就拿来还花呗。


1. 但相比大胃王,人们对于吃播主播挑剔许多,喜欢吃的东西是否和自己的胃口,外貌是否漂亮英俊,说话是否幽默风趣,连吃相是否优雅,甚至吃饭会不会吧唧嘴都会被列入考虑。
2. 中国警察网报道:去年5月,长沙、邵东两地警方16个行动小组展开行动,查封假冒日化生产销售窝点26个、大型仓储库房6个、运输网络物流公司4家、日化品流水生产线6条和制假原料20余吨、半成品10余吨。
3. As I've said, I had never cared very much for women, nor they for me--not Terry-fashion. But this one--
4. 一位住在武汉汉口的小区业主告诉记者,从27日下午开始,武汉汉口、武昌等地一些小区的业主群开始组织今晚齐唱《歌唱祖国》。
5. 韦尔斯·王尔德的抛物线和方向性运动系统
6.   The next place she stopped at was a fruit and flower shop, and here she bought a large quantity of apples, apricots, peaches, and other things, with lilies, jasmine, and all sorts of sweet-smelling plants. From this shop she went to a butcher's, a grocer's, and a poulterer's, till at last the porter exclaimed in despair, "My good lady, if you had only told me you were going to buy enough provisions to stock a town, I would have brought a horse, or rather a camel." The lady laughed, and told him she had not finished yet, but after choosing various kinds of scents and spices from a druggist's store, she halted before a magnificent palace, at the door of which she knocked gently. The porteress who opened it was of such beauty that the eyes of the man were quite dazzled, and he was the more astonished as he saw clearly that she was no slave. The lady who had led him hither stood watching him with amusement, till the porteress exclaimed, "Why don't you come in, my sister? This poor man is so heavily weighed down that he is ready to drop."


1. 摄影/本报记者杨益点击进入专题:中国进入垃圾分类强制时代。
2.   `All right. The fact that things ought to be something else than what they are, is not my department.
3. “象其他一切分工一样,体力劳动和脑力劳动之间的分离,随着社会〈他正确地使用了这个用语来表示资本、土地所有权和它们的国家〉的日益富裕而越来越明显、越来越确定。象其他任何分工一样,这种分工是过去进步

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