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1. 任何对足球稍有了解的人听到希斯堡事件时都会不寒而栗。1989年4月15日,世界杯足球赛半决赛在利物浦队和诺丁汉森林队之间举行。利物浦的球迷希望这场比赛能为后面的赛事扫平道路。但是开场后仅几分钟,这些就被人们抛到了脑后。那是在下午3点06分,中线开球六分钟之后,比赛被迫结束,因为场地边缘一处的栏杆由于球迷人数太多而坍塌,在看台前部的观众挤作了一团,九十六人在混乱中丧命。
2. There was growing in our minds, at least in Jeff's and mine, a keen appreciation of the advantages of this strange country and its management. Terry remained critical. We laid most of it to his nerves. He certainly was irritable.
3. 大火进入部分房屋内部,导致少数房屋结构损伤,但不影响原房屋整体结构安全
4. 后来住院期间我无数次懊悔前去上班,所幸至今上班期间与我接触的人均已解除医学观察,平安无事。
5. 该功能将于下个月在拉丁美洲的一些城市首次试用,允许用户选择在任何行程或所有行程中激活音频记录,用户和驾驶员将无法回听,加密的音频文件将直接发送给Uber的客户支持部门,以更好地了解事件并采取适当的措施。
6. 在美国希望苏联从古巴撤出导弹的前提下,肯尼迪为什么不直接威胁说,假如赫鲁晓夫不拆除那些导弹,他就会将莫斯科夷为平地?按照我们前面(第5章)介绍的术语,这将是一个令人信服的威胁;它必须具体说明对方退让的确切条件(将导弹撤回俄罗斯,还是装箱后搬上哈瓦那港的一条船)以及退让的最后期限。


1.   But at the moment when the cardinal saw his means alreadyfructify, and applauded himself for having put it in action, aninhabitant of La Rochelle who had contrived to pass the royallines--God knows how, such was the watchfulness of Bassompierre,Schomberg, and the Duc d'Angouleme, themselves watched over bythe cardinal--an inhabitant of La Rochelle, we say, entered thecity, coming from Portsmouth, and saying that he had seen amagnificent fleet ready to sail within eight days. Stillfurther, Buckingham announced to the mayor that at length thegreat league was about to declare itself against France, and thatthe kingdom would be at once invaded by the English, Imperial,and Spanish armies. This letter was read publicly in all partsof the city. Copies were put up at the corners of the streets;and even they who had begun to open negotiations interruptedthem, being resolved to await the succor so pompously announced.This unexpected circumstance brought back Richelieu's formeranxiety, and forced him in spite of himself once more to turn hiseyes to the other side of the sea.
2.   And so with most of the matters of ordinary life...how you make your money, or whether you love your wife, or if you have `affairs'. All these matters concern only the person concerned, and, like going to the privy, have no interest for anyone else.
3. 南都记者顾威摄声音:避免政策差别待遇造成互挖存量我们实际上需要政府的一系列扶持政策能够具有普惠行,尽量做到无差别对待,比如说软件产业基地,它们现有的一些租金补贴政策是我们园区没有的。
4. 12月29日,澎湃新闻(www.thepaper.cn)获悉,重庆大学博物馆捐赠者、重庆大学人文艺术学院原副院长吴应骑教授因认为前同事、四川美术学院原教师林木实施对自己的名誉侵权行为,已向法院提起民事诉讼。
5.   "La Chesnaye," said the king. "La Chesnaye!"
6.   Michaelis came: in summer, in a pale-coloured suit and white suede gloves, with mauve orchids for Connie, very lovely, and Act I was a great success. Even Connie was thrilled...thrilled to what bit of marrow she had left. And Michaelis, thrilled by his power to thrill, was really wonderful...and quite beautiful, in Connie's eyes. She saw in him that ancient motionlessness of a race that can't be disillusioned any more, an extreme, perhaps, of impurity that is pure. On the far side of his supreme prostitution to the bitch-goddess he seemed pure, pure as an African ivory mask that dreams impurity into purity, in its ivory curves and planes.


1. (八)主动做好个人及家庭成员的健康监测。
2. 作者|姚心璐编辑|罗丽娟来源|全天候科技(ID:iawtmt)你的公司什么时候正式开工?近日,阿里、美团、小米等多家互联网企业发出通知,再次将正式到岗时间往后推迟,从2月14延后至2月17日,甚至到2月底。
3. 陆奇用了这样的描述:他们送我们到了他们能送到的最远的地方。
4.   "There's lots of them on this line," said the officer on theright.Around the corner a more populated way appeared. One or twopedestrians were in view ahead. A boy coming out of a gate witha tin milk bucket gave Hurstwood his first objectionablegreeting.
5. 二是尸检见大脑底面大量出血并见有凝块,蛛网膜下腔广泛出血,小脑切迹明显压痕,说明出血引起脑疝形成,这是导致死亡的原因。
6. 在观众早已看腻了艺人在节目接受一点小整蛊和克服心理障碍的小挑战后,浙江卫视推出了这档强调冲突性、剧情性和仪式感的节目,希望艺人能在规则至上的环境中,卸下明星光环,抛下概念化的荧幕形象,全身心地投入到节目竞技中,在紧张追跑中挑战身体极限,激发最本能的胜负欲与团队感。


1. 是不是很机智?和端午到底应该吃甜粽还是咸粽一样,每到冬至,网友们就要争辩一番到底应该吃饺子还是汤圆。
2.   "She was sent to me by someone of high rank, under the name of Kitty. Ihave not tried to discover her other name."
3. Whatever she needs to invoke the weightlessness of life in our new not-normal, she takes. "Is it the end of an era? Is it the end of America?" she intones in "When the World Was at War We Kept Dancing." "No, it's only the beginning."
4. 我们对于智库的学术、思想、研究独立性不持反对意见,历来倡导“研究无禁区,对外宣传有纪律”,而对智库的政治独立性持反对意见,主要是针对一些人借此妄图否定中国智库建设中的“党管智库”原则。
5. 这一赛事是继奥运会、世锦赛后最重要的世界顶级游泳赛事,也是备战2020年东京奥运会的重要赛事。
6.   The honest Knight, who was very sorrowfull for Aldobrandino,gladly gave attention to the Pilgrime, and having conferred on manymatters, appertaining to the fact committed: the two Brethren who wereTheobaldoes Hostes, and their Chambermaid, upon good advice given,were apprehended in their first sleep, without any resistance madein their defence. But when the tortures were sent for, to understandtruly how the case went, they would not endure any paine at all, buteach aside by himselfe, and then altogether confessed openly, thatthey did the deede, yet not knowing him to be Theobaldo Elisei. Andwhen it was demanded of them, upon what occasion they did so foulean act, they answered, that they were so hatefull against the manslife, because he would luxuriouslie have abused one of their wives,when they both were absent from their owne home.


1. 正确的做法是:一点点加注,持续调整迭代,不断加速,验证你这个产品变现能力、扩张能力、生意模型。
2. 除此之外,Front还在其收件箱中添加了消息通知、提到某人以及一些第三方服务。
3.   Adele and I had now to vacate the library: it would be in dailyrequisition as a reception-room for callers. A fire was lit in anapartment upstairs, and there I carried our books, and arranged it forthe future schoolroom. I discerned in the course of the morning thatThornfield Hall was a changed place: no longer silent as a church,it echoed every hour or two to a knock at the door, or a clang ofthe bell: steps, too, often traversed the hall, and new voices spokein different keys below; a rill from the outer world was flowingthrough it; it had a master: for my part, I liked it better.

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      Scarcely had they finished their ill-omened repast, when the air above us was darkened by two mighty shadows. The captain of my ship, knowing by experience what this meant, cried out to us that the parent birds were coming, and urged us to get on board with all speed. This we did, and the sails were hoisted, but before we had made any way the rocs reached their despoiled nest and hovered about it, uttering frightful cries when they discovered the mangled remains of their young one. For a moment we lost sight of them, and were flattering ourselves that we had escaped, when they reappeared and soared into the air directly over our vessel, and we saw that each held in its claws an immense rock ready to crush us. There was a moment of breathless suspense, then one bird loosed its hold and the huge block of stone hurtled through the air, but thanks to the presence of mind of the helmsman, who turned our ship violently in another direction, it fell into the sea close beside us, cleaving it asunder till we could nearly see the bottom. We had hardly time to draw a breath of relief before the other rock fell with a mighty crash right in the midst of our luckless vessel, smashing it into a thousand fragments, and crushing, or hurling into the sea, passengers and crew. I myself went down with the rest, but had the good fortune to rise unhurt, and by holding on to a piece of driftwood with one hand and swimming with the other I kept myself afloat and was presently washed up by the tide on to an island. Its shores were steep and rocky, but I scrambled up safely and threw myself down to rest upon the green turf.

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      86. Penscel: a pennon or pendant; French, "penoncel." It was the custom in chivalric times for a knight to wear, on days of tournament or in battle, some such token of his lady's favour, or badge of his service to her.

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      However there was no use in stopping where I was, so I came down the mountain and found myself in a flat plain which was bounded by the sea. I travelled towards it, and was pleased to see a vessel moored about half a mile from shore. There were no waves, so I broke off the branch of a tree, and dragging it down to the waters edge, sat across it, while, using two sticks for oars, I rowed myself towards the ship.

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      This gentle Duke down from his courser start With hearte piteous, when he heard them speak. Him thoughte that his heart would all to-break, When he saw them so piteous and so mate* *abased That whilom weren of so great estate. And in his armes he them all up hent*, *raised, took And them comforted in full good intent, And swore his oath, as he was true knight, He woulde do *so farforthly his might* *as far as his power went* Upon the tyrant Creon them to wreak*, *avenge That all the people of Greece shoulde speak, How Creon was of Theseus y-served, As he that had his death full well deserved. And right anon withoute more abode* *delay His banner he display'd, and forth he rode To Thebes-ward, and all his, host beside: No ner* Athenes would he go nor ride, *nearer Nor take his ease fully half a day, But onward on his way that night he lay: And sent anon Hippolyta the queen, And Emily her younge sister sheen* *bright, lovely Unto the town of Athens for to dwell: And forth he rit*; there is no more to tell. *rode

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      It was a queer mixture of feelings the woman showed as she talked. She liked the colliers, whom she had nursed for so long; but she felt very superior to them. She felt almost upper class; and at the same time a resentment against the ruling class smouldered in her. The masters! In a dispute between masters and men, she was always for the men. But when there was no question of contest, she was pining to be superior, to be one of the upper class. The upper classes fascinated her, appealing to her peculiar English passion for superiority. She was thrilled to come to Wragby; thrilled to talk to Lady Chatterley, my word, different from the common colliers' wives! She said so in so many words. Yet one could see a grudge against the Chatterleys peep out in her; the grudge against the masters.