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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "My dear Watson, Professor Moriarty is not a man who lets thegrass grow under his feet. I went out about midday to transact somebusiness in Oxford Street. As I passed the corner which leads fromBentinck Street on to the Welbeck Street crossing a two-horse vanfuriously driven whizzed round and was on me like a flash. I sprangfor the foot-path and saved myself by the fraction of a second. Thevan dashed round by Marylebone Lane and was gone in an instant. I keptto the pavement after that, Watson, but as I walked down Vere Street abrick came down from the roof of one of the houses and was shatteredto fragments at my feet. I called the police and had the placeexamined. There were slates and bricks piled up on the roofpreparatory to some repairs, and they would have me believe that thewind had toppled over one of these. Of course I knew better, but Icould prove nothing. I took a cab after that and reached mybrother's rooms in Pall Mall, where I spent the day. Now I have comeround to you, and on my way I was attacked by a rough with a bludgeon.I knocked him down, and the police have him in custody; but I can tellyou with the most absolute confidence that no possible connection willever be traced between the gentleman upon whose front teeth I havebarked my knuckles and the retiring mathematical coach, who is, Idaresay, working out problems upon a black-board ten miles away. Youwill not wonder, Watson, that my first act on entering your roomswas to close your shutters, and that I have been compelled to ask yourpermission to leave the house by some less conspicuous exit than thefront door."
2.  "'I am sure if I had known-'
3.  "The laugh faded from his lips, and he stared at me in greatsurprise.
4.  "I suppose, Watson," said he, "that you imagine that I have addedopium smoking to cocaine injections, and all the other littleweaknesses on which you have favoured me with your medical views.""I was certainly surprised to find you there."
5.  He sprang through a gate into a field, dragging the reluctant Pompeyafter him. We had hardly got under the shelter of the hedge when thecarriage rattled past. I caught a glimpse of Dr. Armstrong within, hisshoulders bowed, his head sunk on his hands, the very image ofdistress. I could tell by my companion's graver face that he alsohad seen.
6.  "There was a quarrel between you. He left you in a rage, and beganto make his own plans independently of you."


1.  "I used to have a billet at Coxon & Woodhouse's, of DraperGardens, but they were let in early in the spring through theVenezuelan loan, as no doubt you remember, and came a nasty cropper. Ihave been with them five years, and old Coxon gave me a ripping goodtestimonial when the smash came, but of course we clerks were allturned adrift, the twenty-seven of us. I tried here and tried there,but there were lots of other chaps on the same lay as myself, and itwas a perfect frost for a long time. I had been taking three poundsa week at Coxon's, and I had saved about seventy of them, but I soonworked my way through that and out at the other end. I was fairly atthe end of my tether at last and could hardly find the stamps toanswer the advertisements or the envelopes to stick them to. I hadworn out my boots paddling up office stairs, and I seemed just asfar from getting a billet as ever.
2.  There is a great garret in my little house which is stuffed withbooks. It was into this that I plunged and rummaged for all hour. Atthe end of that time I emerged with a little chocolate and silvervolume. Eagerly I turned up the chapter of which I had a dimremembrance. Yes, it was indeed a far-fetched and unlikelyproposition, and yet I could not be at rest until I had made sure ifit might, indeed, be so. It was late when I retired, with my mindeagerly awaiting the work of the morrow.
3.  "I believe that you are a wizard, Mr. Holmes. I really dosometimes think that you have powers that are not human. Now, how onearth could you know that the stolen silver was at the bottom ofthat pond?"
4.  "The head is surely clear enough and the tail we should seeto-morrow. Did you notice nothing curious about that advertisement?""I saw that the word 'plough' was misspelt."
5.  "By the way, Lestrade, who made this remarkable discovery?""It was the housekeeper, Mrs. Lexington, who drew the nightconstable's attention to it."
6.  Sherlock Holmes left the house alone, and only returned aftereleven. He had obtained a large ordnance map of the neighbourhood, andthis he brought into my room, where he laid it out on the bed, and,having balanced the lamp in the middle of it, he began to smoke overit, and occasionally to point out objects of interest with the reekingamber of his pipe.


1.  Like all Holmes's reasoning the thing seemed simplicity itselfwhen it was once explained. He read the thought upon my features,and his smile had a tinge of bitterness.
2.  "It came about in this way. The instant that the Professor haddisappeared, it struck me what a really extraordinarily lucky chanceFate had placed in my way. I knew that Moriarty was not the only manwho had sworn my death. There were at least three others whosedesire for vengeance upon me would only be increased by the death oftheir leader. They were all most dangerous men. One or other wouldcertainly get me. On the other hand, if all the world was convincedthat I was dead they would take liberties, these men, they wouldsoon lay themselves open, and sooner or later I could destroy them.Then it would be time for me to announce that I was still in theland of the living. So rapidly does the brain act that I believe I hadthought this all out before Professor Moriarty had reached thebottom of the Reichenbach Fall.
3.  He stared at the writing with a face from which every expressionsave amazement had vanished.
4.  "Ah, thank heaven!" His face became radiant. "The Prime Ministeris lunching with me. May he share your hopes? He has nerves ofsteel, and yet I know that he has hardly slept since this terribleevent. Jacobs, will you ask the Prime Minister to come up? As toyou, dear, I fear that this is a matter of politics. We will joinyou in a few minutes in the dining-room."
5.   "My request seemed both to puzzle and to irritate my host. His greateyebrows came down over his eyes, and he tapped his fingersimpatiently on the table. He looked up at last with the expressionof one who has seen his adversary make a dangerous move at chess,and has decided how to meet it.
6.  "There is one flaw in your narrative, Sir Robert," he said atlast. "Your bets on the race, and therefore your hopes for the future,would hold good even if your creditors seized your estate.""The horse would be part of the estate. What do they care for mybets? As likely as not they would not run him at all. My chiefcrediter is, unhappily, my most bitter enemy- a rascally fellow, SamBrewer, whom I was once compelled to horsewhip on Newmarket Heath.Do you suppose that he would try to save me?"


1.  "I had one or two questions which I wished to ask you, LordHoldhurst."
2.  "Madam, what you ask me is really impossible."
3.  Without a word, the Duke pressed the electric bell. A servantentered.
4、  "Well, I have no connection with any other people who havebeen making inquiries," said Holmes carelessly. "If you won'ttell us the bet is off, that is all. But I'm always ready to backmy opinion on a matter of fowls, and I have a fiver on it that thebird I ate is country bred."
5、  My companion was paralyzed by the sudden horror of it, but I, as maywell be imagined, had every sense on the alert. And I had need, for itwas speedily evident that we were, in the presence of an extraordinarycase. The man was dressed only in his Burberry overcoat, his trousers,and an unlaced pair of canvas shoes. As he fell over, his Burberry,which had been simply thrown round his shoulders, slipped off,exposing his trunk. We stared at it in amazement. His back was coveredwith dark red lines as though he had been terribly flogged by a thinwire scourge. The instrument with which this punishment had beeninflicted was clearly flexible, for the long, angry weals cursed roundhis shoulders and ribs. There was blood dripping down his chin, for hehad bitten through his lower lip in the paroxysm of his agony. Hisdrawn and distorted face told how terrible that agony had been.I was kneeling and Stackhurst standing by the body when a shadowfell across us, and we found that Ian Murdoch was by our side. Murdochwas the mathematical coach at the establishment, a tall, dark, thinman, so taciturn and aloof that none can be said to have been hisfriend. He seemed to live in some high, abstract region of surds andconic sections, with little to connect him with ordinary life. Hewas looked upon as an oddity by the students, and would have beentheir butt, but there was some strange outlandish blood in the man,which showed itself not only in his coal-black eyes and swarthy facebut also in occasional outbreaks of temper, which could only bedescribed as ferocious. On one occasion, being plagued by a little dogbelonging to McPherson, he had caught the creature up and burled itthrough the plate-glass window, an action for which Stackhurst wouldcertainly have given him his dismissal had he not been a very valuableteacher. Such was the strange complex man who now appeared besideus. He seemed to be honestly shocked at the sight before him, thoughthe incident of the dog may show that there was no great sympathybetween the dead man and himself.




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      "Did he say so?"

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      It was, therefore, an empty room into which Billy, a minute later,ushered Count Sylvius. The famous game-shot, sportsman, andman-about-town was a big, swarthy fellow, with a formidable darkmoustache shading a cruel, thin-lipped mouth, and surmounted by along, curved nose like the beak of an eagle. He was well dressed,but his brilliant necktie, shining pin, and glittering rings wereflamboyant in their effect. As the door closed behind him he lookedround him with fierce, startled eyes, like one who suspects a trapat every turn. Then he gave a violent start as he saw the impassivehead and the collar of the dressing-gown which projected above thearmchair in the window. At first his expression was one of pureamazement. Then the light of a horrible hope gleamed in his dark,murderous eyes. He took one more glance round to see that there wereno witnesses, and then, on tiptoe, his thick stick half raised, heapproached the silent figure. He was crouching for his final springand blow when a cool, sardonic voice greeted him from the open bedroomdoor:

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       "I was about to answer when the girl broke in like a whirlwind. Ifever you saw flame and ice face to face, it was those two women."'I'll tell you who I am,' she cried, springing out of her chair,her mouth all twisted with passion- 'I am his last mistress. I amone of a hundred that he has tempted and used and ruined and throwninto the refuse heap, as he will you also. Your refuse heap is morelikely to be a grave, and maybe that's the best. I tell you, youfoolish woman, if you marry this man he'll be the death of you. It maybe a broken heart or it may be a broken neck, but he'll have you oneway or the other. It's not out of love for you I'm speaking. I don'tcare a tinker's curse whether you live or die. It's out of hate forhim and to spite him and to get back on him for what he did to me. Butit's all the same, and you needn't look at me like that, my fine lady,for you may be lower than I am before you are through with it.'"'I should prefer not to discuss such matters,' said Miss deMerville coldly. 'Let me say once for all that I am aware of threepassages in my fiance's life in which he became entangled withdesigning women, and that I am assured of his hearty repentance forany evil that he may have done.'

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      "'After Monday,' said I.

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    {  "Don't break it, Count! Don't break it!"

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      "Dead? Did you say he was dead?"}

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      She darted across to a writing-desk, unlocked it, and drew out along blue envelope.

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      "Yes, I have noticed that. But if this were the practical joke ofsome students from the dissecting-rooms, it would be as easy forthem to send two odd ears as a pair.

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       No, no, Watson, that side of the matter is, of course, obvious.But there is another which is far more subtle. You may recollectthat in the case which you, in your sensational way, coupled withthe Copper Beeches, I was able, by watching the mind of the child,to form a deduction as to the criminal habits of the very smug andrespectable father."

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    {  "What an extraordinary assortment!" I exclaimed.

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      "So much for the Daily Chronicle," said Holmes as I finishedreading. "Now for our friend Lestrade. I had a note from him thismorning, in which he says: