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1.   The Scholler, who (onely to delight himselfe) maintained this longdiscoursing with her, returned her this answere. Madame, you did notrepose such confidence in me, for any good will or afrection in youtowards me, but in hope of recovering him whom you had lost; whereinyou merit not a jot of favour, but rather the more sharpe and severeinfliction. And whereas you inferre, that your over-rash credulity,gave the onely meanes to my revenge: Alas! therein you deceive yourselfe; for I have a thousand crochets working continually in my brain,whereby to entrap a wiser creature then a woman, yet veiled allunder the cunning cloake of love, but sauced with the bitter Wormewoodof hate. So that, had not this hapned as now it doth, of necessity youmust have falne into another: but, as it hath pleased my happy starsto favour mee therein, none could proove more to your eternallscandall and disgrace, then this of your owne devising; which I madechoise of, not in regard of any ease to you, but onely to content myselfe.
2. 一位在研发中心工作的员工曾经说过,施乐是两种人的天堂:销售人员和研究人员。
3.   With men it is not so, they are borne apt for a thousandoccasions, as well for the present purpose wee talke of, as infiniteother beside; yea, and many of them are more esteemed being aged, thenwhen they were young. But women serve onely for mens contentation, andto bring Children; and therefore are they generally beloved, whichif they faile of, either it is by unfortunate marriage, or someimperfection depending on nature, not through want of good will inthemselves. Wee have nothing in this World but what is given us, inwhich regard, wee are to make use of our time, and employ it thebetter while wee have it. For, when wee grow to bee old, our Husbands,yea, our very dearest and nearest Friends, will scarsely looke onus. Wee are then fit for nothing, but to sit by the fire in theKitchin, telling tales to the Cat, or counting the Pots and Panneson the shelves. Nay, which is worse, Rimes and Songs is made of us,even in meere contempt of our age, and commendation of such as areyoung, the daintiest morsels are fittest for them, and wee referred tofeed on the scrappes from their Trenchers, or such reversion as theycan spare us. I tell thee Daughter, thou couldst not make choyce ofa meeter woman in all the City, to whom thou mightest safely openthy minde, and knowes better to advise thee then I doe. But rememberwithall, that I am poore, and it is your part not to suffer poverty tobee unsupplyed. I will make thee partaker of all these blessedpardons, at every Altar I will say a Pater Noster, and an Ave Maria,that thou maist prosper in thy hearts desires, and be defended fromfoule sinne and shame, and so she ended her Motherly counsell.
4. Miss St. John's chief trouble in life was that she had a clever father. Sometimes this seemed to her a dreadful calamity. If you have a father who knows everything, who speaks seven or eight languages, and has thousands of volumes which he has apparently learned by heart, he frequently expects you to be familiar with the contents of your lesson books at least; and it is not improbable that he will feel you ought to be able to remember a few incidents of history and to write a French exercise. Ermengarde was a severe trial to Mr. St. John. He could not understand how a child of his could be a notably and unmistakably dull creature who never shone in anything.
5. "He--he won't run out quickly and jump on the bed, will he?" she said.
6.   No! She to a neighbour's house will go; But in her atmosphere alone, Thetedious hours meanwhile you may employ, In blissful dreams of future joy.Faust


1. 再加上春运物流的问题,进货的价格比平常上涨了一点,但是我们终端的零售没有涨价,还是按照原来的价格。
2.   'I think not, sir.'
3. A、简单的、个别的或偶然的价值形式
4. 工业部和信息技术部的数据显示,上月新能源汽车的产量为1.61万台,比去年同期大幅上涨了144%。全电动乘用车的产量达到7952台,是去年同期的三倍。政府数据显示,一月份生产的新能源汽车,97%都有资格享受税收优惠政策。
5. 这一架构一直是中国科研的法宝和骄傲。
6.   "If you will be so obstinate," said his wife, "I cannot help it; but do not blame me if it turns out ill."


1. 他们暂时住在哥伦比亚大学对面的皇冠饭店,齐拉特也在那里。
2. 在这里,斯密只是告诉我们,资本可以用于农业、制造业和商业。因而,他只是谈到不同的投资部门,并且谈到象商业这样的部门,在这些部门,资本不并入直接生产过程,因而不作为生产资本执行职能。这样,他就把重农学派在阐明生产资本的区别和它们对周转的影响时所依据的那个基础抛弃了。他甚至立即以商人资本作为例子,虽然这里的问题只是关于生产资本在产品形成过程和价值形成过程中的区别,而这种区别又引起资本的周转和再生产中的区别。
3.   On reaching the bedroom, we heard the voice of Miss Scatcherd:she was examining drawers; she had just pulled out Helen Burns's,and when we entered Helen was greeted with a sharp reprimand, and toldthat to-morrow she should have half a dozen of untidily foldedarticles pinned to her shoulder.
4. 江苏辰阳电子科技有限公司诉讼代理人张荣林表示,锤子科技欠款预计明年2月份还清。
5. 一是创造了蔬菜瓜果的温室栽培技术,这体现了人力控制自然、利用自然的能力。在黄河以北,冬季天寒地冻,作物不能生长,因此,要想在冬天吃到新鲜蔬菜瓜果,简直成了神话。然而当时人通过智慧和辛勤劳动,终于把神话变成了现实。传说秦始皇时,已在骊山山谷中冬季栽培喜温的瓜类,获得了成功。《盐铁论?散不足》描写了当时富人的生活享受有冬葵温韭,温韭就是经过温室培育的韭菜。《汉书?召信臣传》记载当时太官园中,冬天能种植葱韮菜菇,办法是覆以屋庑(wǔ,音午),昼夜(燃)
6.   'And you came from-?'


1. 项目的参与者还包括康奈尔科技校区(CornellTech)、麻省理工学院(MIT)、牛津大学(UniversityofOxford)和伯克利大学(UCBerkeley)等,以及非营利性研究组织PartnershiponAI——该组织的成员有Google、苹果、亚马逊、IBM等大型科技公司。
2.   "I never needed it more," said Holmes as he refreshed himself with aglass of claret and some biscuits in the intervals of his toilet."However, as you know, my habits are irregular, and such a featmeans less to me than to most men. It was very essential that I shouldimpress Mrs. Hudson with the reality of my condition, since she was toconvey it to you, and you in turn to him. You won't be offended,Watson? You will realize that among your many talents dissimulationfinds no place, and that if you had shared my secret you would neverhave been able to impress Smith with the urgent necessity of hispresence, which was the vital point of the whole scheme. Knowing hisvindictive nature, I was perfectly certain that he would come tolook upon his handiwork."
3.   Madame, Until the present moment I could not believe that itwas to me your first two letters were addressed, so unworthydid I feel myself of such an honor; besides, I was soseriously indisposed that I could not in any case havereplied to them.
4. 要远低于“复活”的企业。
5. 这位国王这一措施是英明的,而别的有关国家的统治者这时所施行的政策却愚昧到万分,从而对于这一英明措施起了协助作用——象这样暗相凑合的事例在商业史上并不是不常见的。法兰德斯和布拉奔早期的统治者用尽了心机,竭力发展他们本国的工业,使之日益昌盛,而后继的统治者的举动却适得其反,他们百般地使工商阶级不能安居乐业,从而促使他们向国外迁移。
6.   By daybreak our travellers found themselves where four cross roads met in the middle of the forest. Here Marzavan begged the prince to wait for him, and leading the groom's horse into a dense part of the wood he cut its throat, dipped the prince's coat in its blood, and having rejoined the prince threw the coat on the ground where the roads parted.


1. 在这些情况下,一次民族主义的起义于1882年在埃及军官艾哈迈德·阿拉比的领导下爆发。这次起义一方面是反对外国对埃及事务的干涉,一方面是反对埃及总督与垄断了军队和官僚机构中的所有高级职位的土耳其寡头政治集团。在亚历山大出现一些骚乱和伤亡之后,英国先后邀请法国和意大利来共同干涉起义。干涉的目的显然是为了支持埃及总督反对起义者。当英国的提议遭到拒绝时,英国开始独自行动。一支英国舰队于1882年7月炮击亚历山大要塞,两个月后,一支远征军在埃及登陆,击败阿拉比。
2. 填完数字,他们意识到选错了,但已经无法更改,不料因此中了1300万欧元(约合1.01亿元人民币)大奖。
3.   There was something about him that Connie liked. He didn't put on airs to himself, he had no illusions about himself. He talked to Clifford sensibly, briefly, practically, about all the things Clifford wanted to know. He didn't expand or let himself go. He knew he had been asked down to Wragby to be made use of, and like an old, shrewd, almost indifferent business man, or big-business man, he let himself be asked questions, and he answered with as little waste of feeling as possible.

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