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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Why so? Has he a lady with him?"
2.  "You have deceived me!" said the cardinal, sternly."I," cried Bonacieux, "I deceive your Eminence!"
3.  "To how much?" said she. "I hope it does not exceed--" Shestopped; speech failed her.
4.  Upon gaining this advantage D'Artagnan was near uttering a cry ofsurprise; it was not Aramis who was conversing with the nocturnalvisitor, it was a woman! D'Artagnan, however, could only seeenough to recognize the form of her vestments, not enough todistinguish her features.
5.  "Yes, that is my companion's name. My God, my dear host, tell meif anything has happened to him?"
6.  "If you would permit me--" said D'Artagnan, with timidity."What, monsieur?"


1.  "So beautiful! so young!" cried Felton, covering that hand withhis kisses.
2.  "Oh, no, monsieur; but out of the regard I have for you, Ihave taken the resolution to tell you so."
3.  Notwithstanding all the pains he took, D'Artagnan was unable tolearn any more concerning his three new-made friends. He formed,therefore, the resolution of believing for the present all thatwas said of their past, hoping for more certain and extendedrevelations in the future. In the meanwhile, he looked uponAthos as an Achilles, Porthos as an Ajax, and Aramis as a Joseph.As to the rest, the life of the four young friends was joyousenough. Athos played, and that as a rule unfortunately.Nevertheless, he never borrowed a sou of his companions, althoughhis purse was ever at their service; and when he had played uponhonor, he always awakened his creditor by six o'clock the nextmorning to pay the debt of the preceding evening.Porthos had his fits. On the days when he won he was insolentand ostentatious; if he lost, he disappeared completely forseveral days, after which he reappeared with a pale face andthinner person, but with money in his purse.
4.  "Come, gentlemen, come!" said D'Artagnan, aloud; "I have nomotive for defending Monsieur. I saw him today for the firsttime, and he can tell you on what occasion; he came to demand therent of my lodging. Is that not true, Monsieur Bonacieux?Answer!"
5.  "What is the matter?" asked Milady.
6.  "Was it ever known who this miserable fellow was?""He was doubtless the first lover and accomplice of the fairlady. A worthy man, who had pretended to be a curate for thepurpose of getting his mistress married, and securing her aposition. He has been hanged and quartered, I hope.""My God, my God!" cried D'Artagnan, quite stunned by the relationof this horrible adventure.


1.  "D'Artagnan said that in the attack of last night eight orten Frenchmen were killed, and as many Rochellais.""What then?"
2.  "Excuse me," said D'Artagnan, endeavoring to resume his course,"excuse me, but I am in a hurry."
3.  "No, monsieur, quite the contrary; but after his illness gracetouched him, and he determined to take orders."
4.  Felton, in his turn a suppliant, clasped his hands."Well, then," said Milady, "I confide in my brother; I will dareto--"
5.   Brave as they appeared to be, the two English gentlemen looked ateach other hesitatingly. One might have thought there was inthat cellar one of those famished ogres--the gigantic heroes ofpopular legends, into whose cavern nobody could force their waywith impunity.
6.  "As one confides a letter to the hollow of a tree, to the wing ofa pigeon, to the collar of a dog."


1.  "Monsieur de Treville," said the cardinal, with the greatestphlegm, "does not tell your Majesty that this innocent Musketeer,this gallant man, had only an hour before attacked, sword inhand, four commissaries of inquiry, who were delegated by myselfto examine into an affair of the highest importance.""I defy your Eminence to prove it," cried Treville, with hisGascon freedom and military frankness; "for one hour before,Monsieur Athos, who, I will confide it to your Majesty, is reallya man of the highest quality, did me the honor after having dinedwith me to be conversing in the saloon of my hotel, with the Ducde la Tremouille and the Comte de Chalus, who happened to bethere."
2.  *We are well aware that this term, milady, is only properly usedwhen followed by a family name. But we find it thus in the manuscript,and we do not choose to take upon ourselves to alter it.And the stranger, muttering to himself, directed his steps towardthe kitchen."
3.  "It is done; as your Excellency may have observed, your horse isin the great gateway, ready saddled for your departure.""That is well; do as I have directed you, then."
4、  "Our wine!" said Athos, astonished.
5、  "That's all very well," replied D'Artagnan; "but I am tiredof fearing when I open a fresh bottle that the wine may comefrom the cellar of Milady."




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      "About noon."

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      This greatness of spirit in a man who was quite destitutestruck even Porthos; and this French generosity, repeated byLord de Winter and his friend, was highly applauded, exceptby MM. Grimaud, Bazin, Mousqueton and Planchet.

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       D'Artagnan did not smile.

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      "Good God!" cried he, laughing, "I quite despair of my poorMichon; she will never write like Monsieur de Voiture.""What does you mean by boor Michon?" said the Swiss, who waschatting with the four friends when the letter came."Oh, pardieu, less than nothing," said Aramis; "a charminglittle seamstress, whom I love dearly and from whose hand Irequested a few lines as a sort of keepsake."

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    {  "Base coward! false gentleman!" cried D'Artagnan, springingforward, in his turn, after the servant. But his wound hadrendered him too weak to support such an exertion. Scarcely hadhe gone ten steps when his ears began to tingle, a faintnessseized him, a cloud of blood passed over his eyes, and he fell inthe middle of the street, crying still, "Coward! coward! coward!""He is a coward, indeed," grumbled the host, drawing near toD'Artagnan, and endeavoring by this little flattery to make upmatters with the young man, as the heron of the fable did withthe snail he had despised the evening before.

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      "Yes, such a one as would be made by the grazing of a ball.""Was he not a fine-looking man?"}

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      D'Artagnan was not one of those foolhardy men who seek aridiculous death in order that it may be said of them thatthey did not retreat a single step. Besides, courage wasout of the question here; D'Artagnan had fallen into anambush.

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      "Has anyone an interest in preventing your arrival there?""The cardinal, I believe, would give the world to prevent mysuccess."

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       "That you must not fail to call upon him in the course of theday; and then he added in a low voice, 'Tell your master that hisEminence is very well disposed toward him, and that his fortuneperhaps depends upon this interview.'"

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    {  The three friends--for, as we have said, Athos had sworn not tostir a foot to equip himself--went out early in the morning, andreturned late at night. They wandered about the streets, lookingat the pavement a if to see whether the passengers had not left apurse behind them. They might have been supposed to be followingtracks, so observant were they wherever they went. When they metthey looked desolately at one another, as much as to say, "Haveyou found anything?"

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      "Pray, D'Artagnan," said Athos, after a minute, "either takeoff that ring or turn the mounting inside; it recalls suchcruel recollections that I shall have no head to conversewith you. Don't ask me for counsel; don't tell me you areperplexed what to do. But stop! let me look at thatsapphire again; the one I mentioned to you had one of itsfaces scratched by accident."