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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "The injury from which the unfortunate veteran was suffering wasfound to be a jagged cut some two inches long at the back part ofhis head, which had evidently been caused by a violent blow from ablunt weapon. Nor was it difficult to guess what that weapon mayhave been. Upon the floor, close to the body, was lying a singularclub of hard carved wood with a bone handle. The colonel possessed avaried collection of weapons brought from the different countries inwhich he had fought, and it is conjectured by the police that thisclub was among his trophies. The servants deny having seen itbefore, but among the numerous curiosities in the house it is possiblethat it may have been overlooked. Nothing else of importance wasdiscovered in the room by the police, save the inexplicable factthat neither upon Mrs. Barclay's person nor upon that of the victimnor in any part of the room was the missing key to be found. Thedoor had eventually to be opened by a locksmith from Aldershot."That was the state of things, Watson, when upon the Tuesday morningI, at the request of Major Murphy, went down to Aldershot tosupplement the efforts of the police. I think that you willacknowledge that the problem was already one of interest but myobservations soon made me realize that it was in truth much moreextraordinary than would at first sight appear.
2.  Holmes sat for some little time in silence.
3.  Holmes grasped the doctor's hand.
4.  Important fresh evidence to hand. McFarlane's guilt definitelyestablished. Advise you to abandon case.
5.  "And you are a benefactor of the race," said I.
6.  "But it is not the print of a monkey."


1.  "And now?" He raised his hand.
2.  "I should be happy to think so, but I fear your explanations must bebefore the police."
3.  Yours faithfully,
4.  "He'll be here when he promised," said I, "and not an instant sooneror later."
5.  "Three of us got separated from the others. It was very brokencountry, you may remember. There was Simpson- the fellow we calledBaldy Simpson- and Anderson, and I. We were clearing brother Boer, buthe lay low and got the three of us. The other two were killed. I gotan elephant bullet through my shoulder. I stuck on to my horse,however, and he galloped several miles before I fainted and rolled offthe saddle.
6.  "And when?"


1.  "The greatest and perhaps the wealthiest. I am aware, Mr. Holmes,that you take a very high line in professional matters, and that youare prepared to work for the work's sake. I may tell you, however,that his Grace has already intimated that a check for five thousandpounds will be handed over to the person who can tell him where hisson is, and another thousand to him who can name the man or men whohave taken him."
2.  "It might have been tragedy."
3.  Holmes held out a small chip with the letters NN and a space ofclear wood after them.
4.  "They discovered him a year ago," said Miss Burnet, who had sat upand was now intently following the conversation. "Once already hislife has been attempted, but some evil spirit shielded him. Now,again, it is the noble, chivalrous Garcia who has fallen, while themonster goes safe. But another will come, and yet another, untilsome day justice will be done, that is as certain as the rise ofto-morrow's sun." Her thin hands clenched, and her worn faceblanched with the passion of her hatred.
5.   "Because I tidied out the wardrobe."
6.  "`Well,' said he, showing me the advertisement, `you can seefor yourself that the League has a vacancy, and there is theaddress where you should apply for particulars. As far as I canmake out, the League was founded by an American millionaire,Ezekiah Hopkins, who was very peculiar in his ways. He washimself red-headed, and he had a great sympathy for all red-headedmen; so when he died it was found that he had left his enormousfortune in the hands of trustees, with instructions to apply theinterest to the providing of easy berths to men whose hair is ofthat colour. From all I hear it is splendid pay and very littleto do.'


1.  "Wait a little, Mr. Holder. We must come back to that. About thisgirl, Miss Holder. You saw her return by the kitchen door, I presume?""Yes; when I went to see if the door was fastened for the night Imet her slipping in. I saw the man, too, in the gloom.""Do you know him?"
2.  "This is a very obvious way of limiting our field of operations,"said Holmes. "No doubt Baynes, with his methodical mind, has alreadyadopted some similar plan."
3.  Inspector Martin had the good sense to allow my friend to dothings in his own fashion, and contented himself with carefully notingthe results. The local surgeon, an old, white-haired man, had justcome down from Mrs. Hilton Cubitt's room, and he reported that herinjuries were serious, but not necessarily fatal. The bullet hadpassed through the front of her brain, and it would probably be sometime before she could regain consciousness. On the question of whethershe had been shot or had shot herself, he would not venture to expressany decided opinion. Certainly the bullet had been discharged atvery close quarters. There was only the one pistol found in theroom, two barrels of which had been emptied. Mr. Hilton Cubitt hadbeen shot through the heart. It was equally conceivable that he hadshot her and then himself, or that she had been the criminal, forthe revolver lay upon the floor midway between them.
4、  "I have a great fancy to see this lodger of yours, Mrs. Warren.""I don't see how that is to be managed, unless you break in thedoor. I always hear him unlock it as I go down the stair after I leavethe tray."
5、  .




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      "I am going to force my way in and see for myself who is in thehouse. I wish you both to be there as witnesses."

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      "'Where was the shadow?'

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       Holmes had swiftly changed his position and was between the peer andthe door.

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      The Premier looked at Holmes with twinkling eyes.

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    {  "Each member of the Cabinet was informed of it yesterday, but thepledge of secrecy which attends every Cabinet meeting was increased bythe solemn warning which was given by the Prime Minister. Goodheavens, to think that within a few hours I should myself have lostit!" His handsome face was distorted with a spasm of despair, andhis hands tore at his hair. For a moment we caught a glimpse of thenatural man, impulsive, ardent, keenly sensitive. The next thearistocratic mask was replaced, and the gentle voice had returned."Besides the members of the Cabinet there are two, or possiblythree, departmental officials who know of the letter. No one else inEngland, Mr. Holmes, I assure you."

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      "I believe he is in his bed."}

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      "No, thank you, Joseph. I have a slight headache and this room isdeliciously cool and soothing."

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      "Well, well, my dear fellow, be it so. We have shared this same roomfor some years, and it would be amusing if we ended by sharing thesame cell. You know, Watson, I don't mind confessing to you that Ihave always had an idea that I would have made a highly efficientcriminal. This is the chance of my lifetime in that direction. Seehere!" He took a neat little leather case out of a drawer, and openingit he exhibited a number of shining instruments. "This is afirst-class, up-to-date burgling kit, with nickel-plated jemmy,diamond-tipped glass-cutter, adaptable keys, and every modernimprovement which the march of civilization demands. Here, too, ismy dark lantern. Everything is in order. Have you a pair of silentshoes?"

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       "A threadbare and venerable device, but useful upon occasion. Iwalked into the doctor's yard this morning, and shot my syringe fullof aniseed over the hind wheel. A draghound will follow aniseed fromhere to John o' Groat's, and our friend, Armstrong, would have todrive through the Cam before he would shake Pompey off his trail.Oh, the cunning rascal! This is how he gave me the slip the othernight."

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    {  It is, indeed, a fearful place. The torrent, swollen the meltingsnow, plunges into a tremendous abyss, from which the spray rolls uplike the smoke from a burning house. The shaft into which the riverhurls itself is an immense chasm, lined by glistening coal-black rock,and narrowing into a creaming, boiling pit of incalculable depth,which brims over and shoots the stream onward over its jagged lip. Thelong sweep of green water roaring forever down, and the thickflickering curtain of spray hissing forever upward, turn a man giddywith their constant whirl and clamour. We stood near the edgepeering down at the gleam of the breaking water far below us againstthe black rocks, and listening to the half-human shout which camebooming up with the spray out of the abyss.

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      I had never seen my friend's face so grim or his brow so dark asit was when we turned from the scene of this investigation. We hadwalked several times up and down the lawn, neither Miss Stoner normyself liking to break in upon his thoughts before he roused himselffrom his reverie.