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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Undoubtedly."
2.  "This time, at least, I do not deserve your thanks. It wasAli, my Nubian slave, who rendered this service to Madame deVillefort."
3.  "Yes, since you have such a good memory."
4.  "I never once doubted your doing so." Monte Cristo chosethis moment for re-entering the drawing-room. On hearing thesound of his footsteps, the two men threw themselves in eachother's arms, and while they were in the midst of thisembrace, the count entered. "Well, marquis," said MonteCristo, "you appear to be in no way disappointed in the sonwhom your good fortune has restored to you."
5.  "Go!" said the gendarmes, thrusting Dantes forward.
6.  "Well, sir," resumed Danglars, after a brief silence, "Iwill endeavor to make myself understood, by requesting youto inform me for what sum you propose to draw upon me?"


1.  "You sent for me?" he said to the prisoner.
2.  "Well, what then?"
3.  "Edmond Dantes. It appears, sir, that this Edmond Dantes hadprocured tools, or made them, for they found a tunnelthrough which the prisoners held communication with oneanother."
4.  "Edward, you naughty boy," exclaimed Madame de Villefort,snatching the mutilated book from the urchin's grasp, "youare positively past bearing; you really disturb theconversation; go, leave us, and join your sister Valentinein dear grandpapa Noirtier's room."
5.  "Oh, oh!" cried Morrel, turning pale, "what is it?" A loudnoise was heard on the stairs of people moving hastily, andhalf-stifled sobs. Morrel rose and advanced to the door; buthis strength failed him and he sank into a chair. The twomen remained opposite one another, Morrel trembling in everylimb, the stranger gazing at him with an air of profoundpity. The noise had ceased; but it seemed that Morrelexpected something -- something had occasioned the noise,and something must follow. The stranger fancied he heardfootsteps on the stairs; and that the footsteps, which werethose of several persons, stopped at the door. A key wasinserted in the lock of the first door, and the creaking ofhinges was audible.
6.  Franz heard the words of the count but imperfectly, and heperhaps did not fully appreciate this new attention to theirwishes; for he was wholly absorbed by the spectacle that thePiazza del Popolo presented, and by the terrible instrumentthat was in the centre. It was the first time Franz had everseen a guillotine, -- we say guillotine, because the Romanmandaia is formed on almost the same model as the Frenchinstrument.* The knife, which is shaped like a crescent,that cuts with the convex side, falls from a less height,and that is all the difference. Two men, seated on themovable plank on which the victim is laid, were eating theirbreakfasts, while waiting for the criminal. Their repastconsisted apparently of bread and sausages. One of themlifted the plank, took out a flask of wine, drank some, andthen passed it to his companion. These two men were theexecutioner's assistants. At this sight Franz felt theperspiration start forth upon his brow. The prisoners,transported the previous evening from the Carcere Nuovo tothe little church of Santa Maria del Popolo, had passed thenight, each accompanied by two priests, in a chapel closedby a grating, before which were two sentinels, who wererelieved at intervals. A double line of carbineers, placedon each side of the door of the church, reached to thescaffold, and formed a circle around it, leaving a pathabout ten feet wide, and around the guillotine a space ofnearly a hundred feet. All the rest of the square was pavedwith heads. Many women held their infants on theirshoulders, and thus the children had the best view. TheMonte Pincio seemed a vast amphitheatre filled withspectators; the balconies of the two churches at the cornerof the Via del Babuino and the Via di Ripetta were crammed;the steps even seemed a parti-colored sea, that was impelledtowards the portico; every niche in the wall held its livingstatue. What the count said was true -- the most curiousspectacle in life is that of death. And yet, instead of thesilence and the solemnity demanded by the occasion, laughterand jests arose from the crowd. It was evident that theexecution was, in the eyes of the people, only thecommencement of the Carnival. Suddenly the tumult ceased, asif by magic, and the doors of the church opened. Abrotherhood of penitents, clothed from head to foot in robesof gray sackcloth, with holes for the eyes, and holding intheir hands lighted tapers, appeared first; the chiefmarched at the head. Behind the penitents came a man of vaststature and proportions. He was naked, with the exception ofcloth drawers at the left side of which hung a large knifein a sheath, and he bore on his right shoulder a heavy ironsledge-hammer. This man was the executioner. He had,moreover, sandals bound on his feet by cords. Behind theexecutioner came, in the order in which they were to die,first Peppino and then Andrea. Each was accompanied by twopriests. Neither had his eyes bandaged. Peppino walked witha firm step, doubtless aware of what awaited him. Andrea wassupported by two priests. Each of them, from time to time,kissed the crucifix a confessor held out to them. At thissight alone Franz felt his legs tremble under him. He lookedat Albert -- he was as white as his shirt, and mechanicallycast away his cigar, although he had not half smoked it. Thecount alone seemed unmoved -- nay, more, a slight colorseemed striving to rise in his pale cheeks. His nostrilsdilated like those of a wild beast that scents its prey, andhis lips, half opened, disclosed his white teeth, small andsharp like those of a jackal. And yet his features wore anexpression of smiling tenderness, such as Franz had neverbefore witnessed in them; his black eyes especially werefull of kindness and pity. However, the two culpritsadvanced, and as they approached their faces became visible.Peppino was a handsome young man of four or five and twenty,bronzed by the sun; he carried his head erect, and seemed onthe watch to see on which side his liberator would appear.Andrea was short and fat; his visage, marked with brutalcruelty, did not indicate age; he might be thirty. In prisonhe had suffered his beard to grow; his head fell on hisshoulder, his legs bent beneath him, and his movements wereapparently automatic and unconscious.


1.  "It is well," said Monte Cristo whose countenance brightenedat these words; "you wish -- you are inflexible. Yes, as yousaid, you are indeed wretched and a miracle alone can cureyou. Sit down, Morrel, and wait."
2.  "Do you talk in your sleep?"
3.  "How do you know that?" asked the guide in astonishment.
4.  However, scarcely was the imperial power established -- thatis, scarcely had the emperor re-entered the Tuileries andbegun to issue orders from the closet into which we haveintroduced our readers, -- he found on the table there LouisXVIII.'s half-filled snuff-box, -- scarcely had thisoccurred when Marseilles began, in spite of the authorities,to rekindle the flames of civil war, always smouldering inthe south, and it required but little to excite the populaceto acts of far greater violence than the shouts and insultswith which they assailed the royalists whenever theyventured abroad.
5.   "And did your superior order you to treat me in this way?"
6.  "For France?"


1.  "To Saint Peter's first, and then to the Colosseum,"returned Albert. But Albert did not know that it takes a dayto see Saint Peter's, and a month to study it. The day waspassed at Saint Peter's alone. Suddenly the daylight beganto fade away; Franz took out his watch -- it was half-pastfour. They returned to the hotel; at the door Franz orderedthe coachman to be ready at eight. He wished to show Albertthe Colosseum by moonlight, as he had shown him SaintPeter's by daylight. When we show a friend a city one hasalready visited, we feel the same pride as when we point outa woman whose lover we have been. He was to leave the cityby the Porta del Popolo, skirt the outer wall, and re-enterby the Porta San Giovanni; thus they would behold theColosseum without finding their impressions dulled by firstlooking on the Capitol, the Forum, the Arch of SeptimusSeverus, the Temple of Antoninus and Faustina, and the ViaSacra. They sat down to dinner. Signor Pastrini had promisedthem a banquet; he gave them a tolerable repast. At the endof the dinner he entered in person. Franz thought that hecame to hear his dinner praised, and began accordingly, butat the first words he was interrupted. "Excellency," saidPastrini, "I am delighted to have your approbation, but itwas not for that I came."
2.  "I fire first?"
3.  "Your daughter?" cried d'Avrigny with grief and surprise.
4、  "You could not apply to any one better able to inform you onall these points, for I knew him when he was a child, andone day that I fell into his hands, going from Ferentino toAlatri, he, fortunately for me, recollected me, and set mefree, not only without ransom, but made me a present of avery splendid watch, and related his history to me."
5、  "It is desirable I should know the real cause."




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      "It is the same thing. You have told your coachman to leavethe city by the Porta del Popolo, to drive round the walls,and re-enter by the Porta San Giovanni?"

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      When they had advanced about twenty yards, Danglars lookedback and saw Fernand stoop, pick up the crumpled paper, andputting it into his pocket then rush out of the arbortowards Pillon.

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      The baron was to sign first, then the representative of M.Cavalcanti, senior, then the baroness, afterwards the"future couple," as they are styled in the abominablephraseology of legal documents. The baron took the pen andsigned, then the representative. The baroness approached,leaning on Madame de Villefort's arm. "My dear," said she,as she took the pen, "is it not vexatious? An unexpectedincident, in the affair of murder and theft at the Count ofMonte Cristo's, in which he nearly fell a victim, deprivesus of the pleasure of seeing M. de Villefort."

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    {  Danglars shrugged his shoulders. "Foolish creature," heexclaimed. "Women fancy they have talent because they havemanaged two or three intrigues without being the talk ofParis! But know that if you had even hidden yourirregularities from your husband, who has but thecommencement of the art -- for generally husbands will notsee -- you would then have been but a faint imitation ofmost of your friends among the women of the world. But ithas not been so with me, -- I see, and always have seen,during the last sixteen years. You may, perhaps, have hiddena thought; but not a step, not an action, not a fault, hasescaped me, while you flattered yourself upon your address,and firmly believed you had deceived me. What has been theresult? -- that, thanks to my pretended ignorance, there isnone of your friends, from M. de Villefort to M. Debray, whohas not trembled before me. There is not one who has nottreated me as the master of the house, -- the only title Idesire with respect to you; there is not one, in fact, whowould have dared to speak of me as I have spoken of themthis day. I will allow you to make me hateful, but I willprevent your rendering me ridiculous, and, above all, Iforbid you to ruin me."

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      "Well, my dear Dantes, are you now free?" inquired theowner.}

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      "Yes; I am calculating -- by the way, Morcerf, thatindirectly concerns you -- I am calculating what the houseof Danglars must have gained by the last rise in Haitibonds; from 206 they have risen to 409 in three days, andthe prudent banker had purchased at 206; therefore he musthave made 300,000 livres."

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      "You are a fool, M. Baptistin. Thieves might strip the house-- it would annoy me less than to be disobeyed." Baptistinbowed.

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       "No, my dear fellow," returned the young man, seatinghimself on the divan; "reassure yourself; we are totteringalways, but we never fall, and I begin to believe that weshall pass into a state of immobility, and then the affairsof the Peninsula will completely consolidate us."

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    {  "I agree with you entirely, sir; but all that even you knowwith respect to the French code, I know, not only inreference to that code, but as regards the codes of allnations. The English, Turkish, Japanese, Hindu laws, are asfamiliar to me as the French laws, and thus I was right,when I said to you, that relatively (you know thateverything is relative, sir) -- that relatively to what Ihave done, you have very little to do; but that relativelyto all I have learned, you have yet a great deal to learn."

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      "My father's income is about 50,000 francs per annum; and hewill give me, perhaps, ten or twelve thousand when I marry."