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1.   Be of good cheere neighbour Calandrino, replyed Doctor Simon, I willprovide an excellent distilled drinke for you, marveilously pleasingin taste, and of soveraigne vertue, which will resolve all in threemornings, making you as whole and as sound as a Fish newly spawned.But you must have an especiall care afterward, being providently wise,least you fall into the like follies againe. Concerning thepreparation of this precious drinke, halfe a dozen of Capons, the veryfairest and fattest, I must make use of in the distillation: whatother things shall bee imployed beside, you may deliver forty Florinesto one of these your honest friends, to see all the necessaries boughtand sent me home to my house. Concerning my businesse, make you nodoubt thereof, for I will have all distilled against to morrow, andthen doe you drinke a great Glasse full every morning, fresh andfasting next your heart. Calandrino was highly pleased with his words,returning master Doctor infinite thankes, and referring all to hisdisposing. And having given forty Florines to Bruno, with othermoney beside, to buy the halfe dozen of Capons: he thought himselfegreatly beholding to them all, and protested to requite theirkindenesse.
2.   'His hand trembles, his speech is not plain, and his eyes look wild. I have remarked that at those times, and when he is least like himself, he is most certain to be wanted on some business.'
3. 疫情防控工作人员调查过程中,夏某某故意隐瞒其行踪轨迹及密切接触人员,造成20名密切接触者隔离,2名密切接触者确诊感染新冠肺炎,1名密切接触者诊断为疑似新冠肺炎。
4. 澎湃新闻注意到兰兽所6月5日发布的开营《通知》显示,为给全国优秀大学生提供一个了解现代兽医学科前沿,感受科研氛围,体验兰州兽医研究所科研教学情况的机会,该所于7月举办2019年度大学生暑期夏令营活动,并从参加夏令营的学员中提前择优选拔2020年推荐免试研究生。
5.   63. Statius is called a "Tholosan," because by some, among them Dante, he was believed to have been a native of Tolosa, now Toulouse. He wrote the "Thebais," in twelve books, and the "Achilleis," of which only two were finished.
6.   When night came he washed himself, performed his devotions, and, having read some pages of the Koran, lay down on a couch, without putting out the light near him, and was soon asleep.


1. 来自公安机关的相关调查显示,犯罪嫌疑人唐某于2018年3月投资开设名为皇冠现金网的赌博网站,聘请多名主管客服,在网上大肆吸纳社会人员进行网络赌博。
2. 即使是完全在职责之外,态度和蔼地给予一些指引,也能表现出自己的成熟大度和礼节。
3. 在传统密室的基础上,中国的密室融入角色扮演、互动剧场等元素,外加一贯的惊悚和游戏成分,营造更多的层次和精致的体验。
4. 从业者通过建立粉丝和明星之间的情感互动,提升粉丝黏性以获取利益,例如让粉丝购买明星的杂志、专辑或代言的商品等。
5. 中年创业,完成心中梦想创办九峰医疗之前,吴文辉曾在西门子工作了20年,职位也做到了东北亚区(包括大中华区和韩国)医疗业务领域总裁。
6. 有鉴于此,张兰也决定引入外部投资者。


1.   Then the third old man made the genius the same request as the other two had done, and the genius promised him the last third of the merchant's punishment if his story surpassed both the others.
2.   "How are we going to pay it?" asked Carrie, astonished by thebill. "I can't do it."
3. △3月22日,山西省平遥县,一场葬礼上,职业送灵人三平在卖力表演。
4.   D'Artagnan became more and more astonished.
5. 为了应对特殊时期,刘强东把12个柜台全部关闭,和没有离开的员工商量对策。
6. 传统国货品牌之前已经写过了,可回顾《国潮并非品牌增长困境的解药》,今天想跟大家探讨一下新兴国产品牌。


1.   `Oh yes! I think I do, really.'
2. 当晚11时30许,当他们出去收账返回家中,发现儿子房间放着电视,门却被反锁顿感不对劲,破门看到儿子用绞绳吊死在衣柜边,身体僵硬,电视机里还放着动漫。
3. 唐纳德特朗普(Donald Trump)会遭遇弹劾程序吗?
4. The clip, taken on a mobile phone, starts with the crowd singing the Frankie Valli lyrics: You're just too good to be true, can't take my eyes off of you'.
5. 7月25日
6. 泰定帝确立了皇位后,十月即派遣使臣去上都,斩也先铁木儿等,以旭迈杰为右丞相,回回人倒刺沙为左丞相,纽泽为御史大夫。旭迈杰、纽泽等至大都,捕铁失、赤斤铁木儿等处死。十一月,泰定帝至大都,继续处治参与政变的官员,斩锁南。改明年年号为泰定。


1.   "Eugenie! Mademoiselle Danglars!" exclaimed Andrea,stupefied.
2. 今天(29日)下午,河南首批援鄂医疗队已在武汉打响了没有硝烟的战役,在后方,仍有无数医护人员随时待命,第二批即将驰援,报名还没开始,河南省肿瘤医院的医护人员就纷纷递上了他们的请战书。
3. Terry blazed up at once.

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