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1. 24小时内,50人迅速集结完毕。
2. 后来,申军良把这个消息反馈给了警方。
3. "Then at least a third of your women are--what is it you call them--wage earners? And they are all POOR. What is POOR, exactly?"
4.   "Ah, the rascal!" he cried. "Yes, indeed, I know him very well. Thishas always been a respectable establishment, and the only time that wehave ever had the police in it was over this very fellow. It wasmore than a year ago now. He knifed another Italian in the street, andthen he came to the works with the police on his heels, and he wastaken here. Beppo was his name- his second name I never knew. Serve meright for engaging a man with such a face. But he was a goodworkman- one of the best."
5.   "It is satisfactory to know that there can be no difference ofopinion upon this case, since Mr. Lestrade, one of the mostexperienced members of the official force, and Mr. Sherlock Holmes,the well-known consulting expert, have each come to the conclusionthat the grotesque series of incidents, which have ended in sotragic a fashion, arise from lunacy rather than from deliberate crime.No explanation save mental aberration can cover the facts.The Press, Watson, is a most valuable institution, if you only knowhow to use it. And now, if you have quite finished, we will harkback to Kensington and see what the manager of Harding Brothers has tosay on the matter."
6. 同时,各省市陆续发布延迟复工通知,延迟复工时间从2月2日至14日不等。


1. 创立半年,装店易平台服务商和供应商总数超过了500家,门店交付量超过1万家,与其签约的连锁品牌超200家。
2. 但同时,为协助希望更改出行计划的游客,我们将在现阶段临时调整票务政策,具体如下:已经购买上海迪士尼乐园门票或乐园其他指定日的产品及服务的游客,可将门票改期至未来六个月内的任意日期。
3.   "And where?"
4. 新华网上述报道称,李银锁曾多次向上级党组织及司法机关反映存在于该市公安局系统内深层次的腐败现象和不合理问题,如部分干警倒卖消防器材、非法印制罚款单据、与黑社会成员来往等问题,引起上级党组织的高度重视,同时也成了一些腐败分子的眼中钉、肉中刺。
5. 一三六三年六月,孛罗帖木儿遣将竹贞进据陕西,扩廓帖木儿与李思齐合兵来攻,竹贞投降。八月,孛罗帖木儿自大同南下,侵据扩廓帖木儿所据有的真定路境。这时,御史大夫老的沙、知枢密院使秃坚帖木儿得罪皇太子,逃奔大同,藏匿孛罗帖木儿营中。右丞相搠思监与宦者朴不花依附太子,诬陷孛罗帖木儿谋为不轨。一三六四年三月,顺帝下诏削去孛罗帖木儿官职,夺去兵权。孛罗帖木儿拒不奉诏,朝廷命扩廓帖木儿征讨。两大军阀之间的争夺又与朝廷上的党争纠结在一起,斗争日益激化。
6. 只有同时具备了这三个要素,这个产品才能被称为爆品。


1. 5万单身男女个人信息3年里陆续被做相亲直播的林福敬纳入牌局,早日出局,这是其中大部分人的心愿。
2. 其他地区灾情正在进一步核实中。
3.   Hitherto, while gathering up the discourse of Mr. Brocklehurstand Miss Temple, I had not, at the same time, neglected precautions tosecure my personal safety; which I thought would be effected, if Icould only elude observation. To this end, I had sat well back onthe form, and while seeming to be busy with my sum, had held myslate in such a manner as to conceal my face: I might have escapednotice, had not my treacherous slate somehow happened to slip frommy hand, and falling with an obtrusive crash, directly drawn every eyeupon me; I knew it was all over now, and, as I stooped to pick upthe two fragments of slate, I rallied my forces for the worst. Itcame.
4. “煤矿主们派一些绅士去当总监工,而这些总监工为了博得主人嘉许,就实行尽可能节约地办一切事情的政策;雇用的姑娘每天得到1先令—1先令6便士,而男人却得到2先令6便士。”(第1816号)
5. ['pr?p?ti]
6. 而在自己培育出精品后,这部分锦鲤也会被留下用于未来的繁殖。


1.   "Hullo, Watson," said he, and his voice was still deep and hearty."You don't look quite the man you did when I threw you over theropes into the crowd at the Old Deer Park. I expect I have changed abit also. But it's this last day or two that has aged me. I see byyour telegram, Mr. Holmes, that it is no use my pretending to beanyone's deputy."
2. 最初的深圳正是享受了这种人口流动带来的人口红利,快速崛起成经济总量领先的超大型城市。
3.   My reflections on this theme were still in progress when dinner was announced. Mr. Waterbrook went down with Hamlet's aunt. Mr. Henry Spiker took Mrs. Waterbrook. Agnes, whom I should have liked to take myself, was given to a simpering fellow with weak legs. Uriah, Traddles, and I, as the junior part of the company, went down last, how we could. I was not so vexed at losing Agnes as I might have been, since it gave me an opportunity of making myself known to Traddles on the stairs, who greeted me with great fervour; while Uriah writhed with such obtrusive satisfaction and self-abasement, that I could gladly have pitched him over the banisters. Traddles and I were separated at table, being billeted in two remote corners: he in the glare of a red velvet lady; I, in the gloom of Hamlet's aunt. The dinner was very long, and the conversation was about the Aristocracy - and Blood. Mrs. Waterbrook repeatedly told us, that if she had a weakness, it was Blood.
4. 女孩说,事发在2018年11月前后,当时她是在蚌埠高校就读的一名大学生。
5. 同样坐上这趟列车的还有27岁的何可举,对贵广高铁这条线路有着莫名的情感。
6. 年龄:33岁


1. But Gitanjali's portable invention allows a sensor linked to a mobile app to give an accurate, almost immediate analysis.
2. 这句话大家不要笑,我认为这句话是面对一个强大竞争市场的时候,非常好的思考方式。
3.   Mr. Micawber then delivered a warm eulogy on Traddles. He said Traddles's was a character, to the steady virtues of which he (Mr. Micawber) could lay no claim, but which, he thanked Heaven, he could admire. He feelingly alluded to the young lady, unknown, whom Traddles had honoured with his affection, and who had reciprocated that affection by honouring and blessing Traddles with her affection. Mr. Micawber pledged her. So did I. Traddles thanked us both, by saying, with a simplicity and honesty I had sense enough to be quite charmed with, 'I am very much obliged to you indeed. And I do assure you, she's the dearest girl! -'

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