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1.   "Is it possible that you do not know of whom you purchasedit?"
2.   'I thought,' I continued, 'Thornfield belonged to you.'
3.   `Maybe it does...and too little of you goes that way, Hammond, my boy, married or not. You can keep the purity and integrity of your mind, but it's going damned dry. Your pure mind is going as dry as fiddlesticks, from what I see of it. You're simply talking it down.'
4.   In this manner, having crossed all the Certaldanes (to his greatbenefit) and their abuse: he smiled at his sodaine and dexteriousdevise, in mockery of them, who thought to have made a scorne ofhim, by dispossessing him of the Feather. For Bragoniero andPizzino, being present at his Learned predication, and having heardwhat a cunning shift he found, to come off cleanly, without theleast detection, and all delivered with such admirableprotestations: they were faine to forsake the Church, least theyshould have burst with laughing.
5. 随着各村通电普及,他立马就转向做水泥。
6. 汤姆生夫人这是在纠正卢瑟福的一个不合规范的习惯。卢瑟福的脸红了,讲了一句:“对不起……”


1. 架构升级的方式是,将原来AIG(AI技术平台体系)、TG(基础技术体系)、ACG(百度智能云事业群组)整体整合为百度人工智能体系(AIGroup、缩写为AIG)。
2. 所以其实也是个很大的挑战,也都是些创新,要不断做创新,才能真正把付费做起来。
3. 司法独立有两重含义。一是指司法不应受行政权力的干预,这一点是知易行难;二是指司法不应受公众舆论的牵制,这一点则是知难行更难。人们常说“群众的眼睛是雪亮的”。若真如此,把案件交给群众公审,或拿到网上投票,国家岂不就能长治久安?答案是否定的。
4. 从“价格以趋势方式演变”可以自然而然地推断,对于一个既成的趋势来说,下一步常常是沿着现存趋势方向继续演变,而掉头反向的可能性要小得多。这当然也是牛顿惯性定律的应用。还可以换个说法:当前趋势将一直持续到掉头反向为止。虽然这几句差不多是车轴辘话,但反复强调的无非只有一个意思:坚定不移地顺应一个既成趋势,直至有反向的征兆为止。这就是趋势顺应理论的源头。
5.   "Yes," he said; "I do. I don't suppose you're aware of it, butthere is something about your eyes and mouth which fits you forthat sort of work."
6. 课堂上,老师教授孩子们如何控制情绪以及必要的生活技能,这让孩子们成年后能更好地融入社会。


1.   "And then I have thought that considering three months' lodging,about which I have said nothing--"
2.   On the other hand, as we may well believe, the manager came homein the sunniest mood. His conversation and agreement with Carriehad raised his spirits until he was in the frame of mind of onewho sings joyously. He was proud of himself, proud of hissuccess, proud of Carrie. He could have been genial to all theworld, and he bore no grudge against his wife. He meant to bepleasant, to forget her presence, to live in the atmosphere ofyouth and pleasure which had been restored to him.
3. 如果想看看这种哲学在日常生活中的应用,可以参观机器生化鼠(robo-rat)的实验室。这里的机器生化鼠其实就是一般实验用的大鼠,但有一点不同:科学家在大鼠脑中掌管感觉和奖励的区域植入电极,于是能够遥控操纵这只大鼠。只要稍加训练,研究人员不仅能控制大鼠左转或右转,还能爬梯子、用嗅觉查探垃圾堆,以及做些大鼠通常不爱做的事情,例如从很高的地方一跃而下。军方和民间企业都对机器生化鼠大感兴趣,觉得它们在许多任务和情境中都能派上用场,像是寻找倒塌建筑物下的受困幸存者,找出炸弹和暗杀装置,或是探明地下隧道和洞穴的路线。
4.   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
5. 一九二五年,苏俄对广州的援助,更为积极。所可知者,顾问人员约达一百名。三月,以一百万卢布作为黄埔军官学校的两个月经费,四百万卢布供新编党军之需,四五两月,俄船不断前来,所运多为油料。七月,设航空局。同月,到俄船三只,一只所载为赠与的军械,一只所载为煤炭。八月初,一周之内,到俄船六只,海军局成立。鲍罗廷再请加拉罕购飞机六架,派驾驶员十名,并接济军火。十一月,莫斯科孙逸仙大学成立,广州先后共派学生约三百人。①蒋一再强调中俄团结,世界革命须统一指挥,中国革命为世界革命的一部分。广西底定亦为一九二五年的事。一九二四年,李宗仁、黄绍竑、白崇禧已有广西的大半(见483页)。一九二五年初,粤军复助其击败沈鸿英,占有桂林。六七月间,拒退入侵的云南唐继尧军,全省统一。一九二六年三月,广州国民政府任命李宗仁为国民革命军第七军军长,黄绍竑为广西省政府主席。至是国民党有了广东、广西,兵力近十万人。
6. 与此同时,井下被困的13名矿工也在积极求生。


1. 吴艳是上海金山本地人。
2. 我们坚决反对热比亚以任何形式到台湾活动。
3.   In regard to the domestic animals kept by uncivilised man, it should not be overlooked that they almost always have to struggle for their own food, at least during certain seasons. And in two countries very differently circumstanced, individuals of the same species, having slightly different constitutions or structure, would often succeed better in the one country than in the other, and thus by a process of 'natural selection,' as will hereafter be more fully explained, two sub-breeds might be formed. This, perhaps, partly explains what has been remarked by some authors, namely, that the varieties kept by savages have more of the character of species than the varieties kept in civilised countries.
4.   Ulysses answered, "I see that you are of an unbelieving mind; I havegiven you my oath, and yet you will not credit me; let us then makea bargain, and call all the gods in heaven to witness it. If yourmaster comes home, give me a cloak and shirt of good wear, and send meto Dulichium where I want to go; but if he does not come as I say hewill, set your men on to me, and tell them to throw me from yonderprecepice, as a warning to tramps not to go about the countrytelling lies."
5. 经纬中国持股为19.8%,拥有6.1%的投票权。
6. 2015年,中国赴日本旅游人数518.3万人次,同比增长83%。


1.   'So could I- with a roast onion. Come, we'll go down.' They went.
2. 嫌疑人白天在屋内完成勾兑、包装的工作,夜间则摸黑运输销售。
3. 如何把交响乐和表演相结合也是需要考虑的问题,也就是听觉和视觉的感官结合。

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