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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "It is probable," stammered out Villefort, trying to smile;"but I can assure you that I had nothing to do with any suchproceeding. This house is part of Valentine'smarriage-portion, and M. de Saint-Meran wished to sell it;for if it had remained another year or two uninhabited itwould have fallen to ruin." It was Morrel's turn to becomepale.
2.  "Phantoms are visible to those only who ought to see them.It was the soul of my husband! -- Well, if my husband's soulcan come to me, why should not my soul reappear to guard mygranddaughter? the tie is even more direct, it seems to me."
3.  But, in spite of Albert's hope, the day passed unmarked byany incident, excepting two or three encounters with thecarriage full of Roman peasants. At one of these encounters,accidentally or purposely, Albert's mask fell off. Heinstantly rose and cast the remainder of the bouquets intothe carriage. Doubtless one of the charming females Alberthad detected beneath their coquettish disguise was touchedby his gallantry; for, as the carriage of the two friendspassed her, she threw a bunch of violets. Albert seized it,and as Franz had no reason to suppose it was meant for him,he suffered Albert to retain it. Albert placed it in hisbutton-hole, and the carriage went triumphantly on.
4.  After Mercedes had left Monte Cristo, he fell into profoundgloom. Around him and within him the flight of thoughtseemed to have stopped; his energetic mind slumbered, as thebody does after extreme fatigue. "What?" said he to himself,while the lamp and the wax lights were nearly burnt out, andthe servants were waiting impatiently in the anteroom;"what? this edifice which I have been so long preparing,which I have reared with so much care and toil, is to becrushed by a single touch, a word, a breath! Yes, this self,of whom I thought so much, of whom I was so proud, who hadappeared so worthless in the dungeons of the Chateau d'If,and whom I had succeeded in making so great, will be but alump of clay to-morrow. Alas, it is not the death of thebody I regret; for is not the destruction of the vitalprinciple, the repose to which everything is tending, towhich every unhappy being aspires, -- is not this the reposeof matter after which I so long sighed, and which I wasseeking to attain by the painful process of starvation whenFaria appeared in my dungeon? What is death for me? One stepfarther into rest, -- two, perhaps, into silence.
5.  "Count, you prolong my agony."
6.  "Why so!"


1.  "Why, that which Dantes left at Porto-Ferrajo."
2.  * A Turkish pasha in command of the troops of a province. --Ed.
3.  Baptistin, without answering, approached the count, andpresented the letter. "Important and urgent," said he. Thecount opened the letter, and read: --
4.  "By no means," replied the count in the most frigid tones;"Ali has many faults mixed with most excellent qualities. Hecannot possibly serve you as a pattern for your conduct, notbeing, as you are, a paid servant, but a mere slave -- adog, who, should he fail in his duty towards me, I shouldnot discharge from my service, but kill." Baptistin openedhis eyes with astonishment.
5.  "Whether she goes there or not, my opinion is still thesame," returned Albert. "You have read the letter?"
6.  "Why do you ask me now?"


1.  "No, no," she answered, "I would rather remain here."
2.  "Upon your honor?"
3.  "About the papers."
4.  "Most undoubtedly. This Major Cavalcanti is an old friend ofyours, then?"
5.   "In reality," replied the latter, who, with his aristocraticglance and his knowledge of the world, had penetrated atonce all that was penetrable in Monte Cristo, "Albert hasnot deceived us, for the count is a most singular being.What say you, Morrel!"
6.  "I have long wished it; he is my only remaining friend andwe both need his help, -- come."


1.  "The king himself."
2.  "I am with the person to whom this letter was addressed, andto whom I desired to prove that Luigi Vampa was a man of hisword. Come, your excellency," the count added, turning toFranz, "here is Luigi Vampa, who will himself express to youhis deep regret at the mistake he has committed." Franzapproached, the chief advancing several steps to meet him."Welcome among us, your excellency," he said to him; "youheard what the count just said, and also my reply; let meadd that I would not for the four thousand piastres at whichI had fixed your friend's ransom, that this had happened."
3.  "You must know that in France they are very particular onthese points; it is not sufficient, as in Italy, to go tothe priest and say, `We love each other, and want you tomarry us.' Marriage is a civil affair in France, and inorder to marry in an orthodox manner you must have paperswhich undeniably establish your identity."
4、  "No, sir, neither of those; something connected with thisstory."
5、  Debray continued: --




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      "It is at this moment," replied Barrois with the samefirmness, "that M. Noirtier, my master, wishes to speak onimportant subjects to M. Franz d'Epinay."

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      "It had a bitter taste."

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       "Why did you not mention his name at once?" replied theking, betraying some uneasiness.

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      "And you have discovered a means of regaining our freedom,have you not?" asked Dantes eagerly.

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    {  "And I," said Debray.

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      "Indeed, I imagine that Mademoiselle Danglars is as good asM. de Morcerf."}

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      "Who can tell? The night is gloomy, and the Tiber is verynear the Via Macello." Franz felt a shudder run through hisveins at observing that the feeling of the duke and thecountess was so much in unison with his own personaldisquietude. "I informed them at the hotel that I had thehonor of passing the night here, duke," said Franz, "anddesired them to come and inform me of his return."

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      "Let us visit this one first," added he.

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       "Yes, yes," repeated Villefort, as he approached his home --"yes, that woman must live; she must repent, and educate myson, the sole survivor, with the exception of theindestructible old man, of the wreck of my house. She loveshim; it was for his sake she has committed these crimes. Weought never to despair of softening the heart of a motherwho loves her child. She will repent, and no one will knowthat she has been guilty. The events which have taken placein my house, though they now occupy the public mind, will beforgotten in time, or if, indeed, a few enemies shouldpersist in remembering them, why then I will add them to mylist of crimes. What will it signify if one, two, or threemore are added? My wife and child shall escape from thisgulf, carrying treasures with them; she will live and mayyet be happy, since her child, in whom all her love iscentred, will be with her. I shall have performed a goodaction, and my heart will be lighter." And the procureurbreathed more freely than he had done for some time.

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    {  "To give you pleasure, my sweet Renee, I promise to show allthe lenity in my power; but if the charges brought againstthis Bonapartist hero prove correct, why, then, you reallymust give me leave to order his head to be cut off." Reneeshuddered.

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      "See, I have not slept," said Villefort, showing hisundisturbed bed; "grief does not stun me. I have not been inbed for two nights; but then look at my desk; see what Ihave written during these two days and nights. I have filledthose papers, and have made out the accusation against theassassin Benedetto. Oh, work, work, -- my passion, my joy,my delight, -- it is for thee to alleviate my sorrows!" andhe convulsively grasped the hand of d'Avrigny.