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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Edmond thus had the advantage of knowing what the owner was,without the owner knowing who he was; and however the oldsailor and his crew tried to "pump" him, they extractednothing more from him; he gave accurate descriptions ofNaples and Malta, which he knew as well as Marseilles, andheld stoutly to his first story. Thus the Genoese, subtle ashe was, was duped by Edmond, in whose favor his milddemeanor, his nautical skill, and his admirabledissimulation, pleaded. Moreover, it is possible that theGenoese was one of those shrewd persons who know nothing butwhat they should know, and believe nothing but what theyshould believe.
2.  "I only wish to be alone. You will excuse me, will you not?A priest can understand a father's grief." And M. deVillefort, giving the key to d'Avrigny, again bade farewellto the strange doctor, and retired to his study, where hebegan to work. For some temperaments work is a remedy forall afflictions. As the doctors entered the street, they sawa man in a cassock standing on the threshold of the nextdoor. "This is the abbe of whom I spoke," said the doctor tod'Avrigny. D'Avrigny accosted the priest. "Sir," he said,"are you disposed to confer a great obligation on an unhappyfather who has just lost his daughter? I mean M. deVillefort, the king's attorney."
3.  "I have no wishes, count; only I fancy I could pass the timeless painfully here than anywhere else."
4.  "Do you not form a very rash judgment, Emmanuel?" saidJulie. "When my father, with a pistol in his hand, was onceon the point of committing suicide, had any one then said,`This man deserves his misery,' would not that person havebeen deceived?"
5.  "God forgive me," said the young man, "for rejoicing athappiness derived from the misery of others, but, Heavenknows, I did not seek this good fortune; it has happened,and I really cannot pretend to lament it. The good CaptainLeclere is dead, father, and it is probable that, with theaid of M. Morrel, I shall have his place. Do you understand,father? Only imagine me a captain at twenty, with a hundredlouis pay, and a share in the profits! Is this not more thana poor sailor like me could have hoped for?"
6.  "And about to become the husband of a young and lovelygirl?"


1.  "My father thought that this action had been miraculouslyperformed -- he believed that a benefactor had arisen fromthe grave to save us. Oh, it was a touching superstition,monsieur, and although I did not myself believe it, I wouldnot for the world have destroyed my father's faith. Howoften did he muse over it and pronounce the name of a dearfriend -- a friend lost to him forever; and on hisdeath-bed, when the near approach of eternity seemed to haveillumined his mind with supernatural light, this thought,which had until then been but a doubt, became a conviction,and his last words were, `Maximilian, it was EdmondDantes!'" At these words the count's paleness, which had forsome time been increasing, became alarming; he could notspeak; he looked at his watch like a man who has forgottenthe hour, said a few hurried words to Madame Herbault, andpressing the hands of Emmanuel and Maximilian, -- "Madame,"said he, "I trust you will allow me to visit youoccasionally; I value your friendship, and feel grateful toyou for your welcome, for this is the first time for manyyears that I have thus yielded to my feelings;" and hehastily quitted the apartment.
2.  "But it was on leaving this club," said he, "my fatherdisappeared." Noirtier's eye continued to say, "Read." Heresumed: --
3.  "Yes."
4.  "Oh, it is not yet fixed!" murmured Fernand.
5.  "They say that it is quite fair, and that sowing so muchred, you ought to reap a little blue."
6.  This time he could not blame Dantes. He was wrong to leaveit there, but the jailer was wrong not to have looked beforehim.


1.  "Oh, it was not on him, monsieur; it was on another."
2.  It may be supposed that Dantes did not now think of hisdinner, but he insisted that his comrades, who had not hisreasons for fasting, should have their meal. As for himself,he declared that he had only need of a little rest, and thatwhen they returned he should be easier. The sailors did notrequire much urging. They were hungry, and the smell of theroasted kid was very savory, and your tars are not veryceremonious. An hour afterwards they returned. All thatEdmond had been able to do was to drag himself about a dozenpaces forward to lean against a moss-grown rock.
3.  "This is, indeed, a house of mourning," said Valentine;"speak, Maximilian, although the cup of sorrow seems alreadyfull."
4.  But three weeks had already passed, and the most diligentsearch had been unsuccessful; the attempted robbery and themurder of the robber by his comrade were almost forgotten inanticipation of the approaching marriage of MademoiselleDanglars to the Count Andrea Cavalcanti. It was expectedthat this wedding would shortly take place, as the young manwas received at the banker's as the betrothed. Letters hadbeen despatched to M. Cavalcanti, as the count's father, whohighly approved of the union, regretted his inability toleave Parma at that time, and promised a wedding gift of ahundred and fifty thousand livres. It was agreed that thethree millions should be intrusted to Danglars to invest;some persons had warned the young man of the circumstancesof his future father-in-law, who had of late sustainedrepeated losses; but with sublime disinterestedness andconfidence the young man refused to listen, or to express asingle doubt to the baron. The baron adored Count AndreaCavalcanti: not so Mademoiselle Eugenie Danglars. With aninstinctive hatred of matrimony, she suffered Andrea'sattentions in order to get rid of Morcerf; but when Andreaurged his suit, she betrayed an entire dislike to him. Thebaron might possibly have perceived it, but, attributing itto a caprice, feigned ignorance.
5.   The day after this important information had been given tothe king's attorney, a man alighted from a carriage at thecorner of the Rue Ferou, and rapping at an olive-green door,asked if the Abbe Busoni were within. "No, he went out earlythis morning," replied the valet.
6.  Then turning to Faria -- "I inquired if you are well fed?"said he.


1.  "You know the Marquis of Saint-Meran died a few days afterhe had set out on his journey to Paris, and the marchionessa few days after her arrival?"
2.  "Indeed?"
3.  "Oh, I should wish nothing better than that he would comeand seek a quarrel with me."
4、  One evening he cast off the painter of a sailboat from theiron ring that secured it to the dock at Leghorn, wrappedhimself in his coat and lay down, and said to the crew, --"To the Island of Elba!" The boat shot out of the harborlike a bird and the next morning Franz disembarked atPorto-Ferrajo. He traversed the island, after havingfollowed the traces which the footsteps of the giant haveleft, and re-embarked for Marciana. Two hours after he againlanded at Pianosa, where he was assured that red partridgesabounded. The sport was bad; Franz only succeeded in killinga few partridges, and, like every unsuccessful sportsman, hereturned to the boat very much out of temper. "Ah, if yourexcellency chose," said the captain, "you might have capitalsport."
5、  "Not at all; on the contrary, be seated; but what is thematter with you? You look careworn; really, you alarm me.Melancholy in a capitalist, like the appearance of a comet,presages some misfortune to the world."




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      The assizes, also, were about to begin, and Villefort, shutup in his room, exerted himself with feverish anxiety indrawing up the case against the murderer of Caderousse. Thisaffair, like all those in which the Count of Monte Cristohad interfered, caused a great sensation in Paris. Theproofs were certainly not convincing, since they rested upona few words written by an escaped galley-slave on hisdeath-bed, and who might have been actuated by hatred orrevenge in accusing his companion. But the mind of theprocureur was made up; he felt assured that Benedetto wasguilty, and he hoped by his skill in conducting thisaggravated case to flatter his self-love, which was aboutthe only vulnerable point left in his frozen heart.

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      "Ah," said Monte Cristo "it seems to me this was nothing butmurder and robbery."

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       The marquis rang, a servant entered.

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      "What matter," said Monte Cristo "if he has rendered theState services which merit this distinction?"

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    {  "In four days," said Morrel; "it is extraordinary!"

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      "Your age?" continued Villefort.}

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      "Andrea, the murderer!" cried one of the ladies.

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      "I do not know; he is no longer in my hands," repliedVillefort.

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       Heloise de Villefort.

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    {  "Tell me, should you have the misfortune to turn your headwhile your right-hand correspondent was telegraphing" --

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      "Say on."