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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "The three millions are probably on the road."
2.  "I shall get nothing from these fools," he muttered; "and Iam very much afraid of being here between a drunkard and acoward. Here's an envious fellow making himself boozy onwine when he ought to be nursing his wrath, and here is afool who sees the woman he loves stolen from under his noseand takes on like a big baby. Yet this Catalan has eyes thatglisten like those of the vengeful Spaniards, Sicilians, andCalabrians, and the other has fists big enough to crush anox at one blow. Unquestionably, Edmond's star is in theascendant, and he will marry the splendid girl -- he will becaptain, too, and laugh at us all, unless" -- a sinistersmile passed over Danglars' lips -- "unless I take a hand inthe affair," he added.
3.  "I see that plainly enough, my most excellent host, and youmay rely upon me to proclaim so striking a proof of yourattention to your guests wherever I go. Meanwhile, oblige meby a sight of one of these tavolettas."
4.  Caderousse remained for a moment aghast under the weight ofsuch an idea. "Oh!" he said, taking up his hat, which heplaced on the red handkerchief tied round his head, "we willsoon find out."
5.  "I am determined to try and be on good terms with everybody,at all events," said Monte Cristo. "But apropos of Debray,how is it that I have not seen him lately at the baron'shouse?"
6.  "What? Did the Romans eat them?" said the gardener -- "atedormice?"


1.  "That woman -- that woman!"
2.  "And how did this despatch reach you?" inquired the king.The minister bowed his head, and while a deep coloroverspread his cheeks, he stammered out, --
3.  Monte Cristo shuddered, and arose. The concierge held outthe strips of cloth upon which the Abbe Faria had spread theriches of his mind. The manuscript was the great work by theAbbe Faria upon the kingdoms of Italy. The count seized ithastily, his eyes immediately fell upon the epigraph, and heread, "`Thou shalt tear out the dragons' teeth, and shalltrample the lions under foot, saith the Lord.'"
4.  "Who told you we were intimate, Maximilian?"
5.  "Yes," answered Franz; "and it is to punish them thatduelling is tolerated."
6.  "Well, what then?"


1.  "But Peppino did not even belong to my band: he was merely apoor shepherd, whose only crime consisted in furnishing uswith provisions."
2.  "I did not like to go to him without first seeing you."
3.  "Yes; and we are going to his house."
4.  "No."
5.   "There must be a good deal done before it can deserve thattitle, your excellency, for the tapestried hangings are veryold."
6.  "Let us only speak of the promise you wished me to make,"said Franz.


1.  "You are joking now," replied Andrea.
2.  "That, perhaps, might not be considered a large sum, inParis especially," said the count; "but everything does notdepend on wealth, and it is a fine thing to have a goodname, and to occupy a high station in society. Your name iscelebrated, your position magnificent; and then the Comte deMorcerf is a soldier, and it is pleasing to see theintegrity of a Bayard united to the poverty of a Duguesclin;disinterestedness is the brightest ray in which a noblesword can shine. As for me, I consider the union withMademoiselle Danglars a most suitable one; she will enrichyou, and you will ennoble her." Albert shook his head, andlooked thoughtful. "There is still something else," said he.
3.  "Great heavens?" suddenly exclaimed Debray.
4、  Faria started: "Have you, indeed?" cried he, raising hishead with quick anxiety; "pray, let me know what it is youhave discovered?"
5、  "Have pity on me doctor! So many dreadful things havehappened to me lately that I am on the verge of madness."




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      "No, you will lose it, for you are going to alter yourcorrespondent's message."

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       "You talk like a noodle, my friend," said Caderousse; "andhere is Danglars, who is a wide-awake, clever, deep fellow,who will prove to you that you are wrong. Prove it,Danglars. I have answered for you. Say there is no need whyDantes should die; it would, indeed, be a pity he should.Dantes is a good fellow; I like Dantes. Dantes, yourhealth."

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      "But one."

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    {  "Was there any person whose interest it was to prevent yourmarriage with Mercedes?"

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      "Mademoiselle Eugenie?" said Chateau-Renaud; "has shereturned?"}

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      "I know him?"

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      "`Quick!' said a voice at the end of the gallery. This voicemade every one bow before it, resembling in its effect thewind passing over a field of wheat, by its superior strengthforcing every ear to yield obeisance. As for me, it made metremble. This voice was that of my father. He came last,clothed in his splendid robes and holding in his hand thecarbine which your emperor presented him. He was leaning onthe shoulder of his favorite Selim, and he drove us allbefore him, as a shepherd would his straggling flock. Myfather," said Haidee, raising her head, "was thatillustrious man known in Europe under the name of AliTepelini, pasha of Yanina, and before whom Turkey trembled."

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       "As I was on my way here, a vessel was coming into port."

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    {  "The abbe, who was in Paris only for a month, inhabited asmall two-storied house behind Saint-Sulpice; there were tworooms on each floor and he was the only tenant. The twolower rooms consisted of a dining-room, with a table,chairs, and side-board of walnut, -- and a wainscotedparlor, without ornaments, carpet, or timepiece. It wasevident that the abbe limited himself to objects of strictnecessity. He preferred to use the sitting-room upstairs,which was more library than parlor, and was furnished withtheological books and parchments, in which he delighted tobury himself for months at a time, according to his valet dechambre. His valet looked at the visitors through a sort ofwicket; and if their faces were unknown to him or displeasedhim, he replied that the abbe was not in Paris, an answerwhich satisfied most persons, because the abbe was known tobe a great traveller. Besides, whether at home or not,whether in Paris or Cairo, the abbe always left something togive away, which the valet distributed through this wicketin his master's name. The other room near the library was abedroom. A bed without curtains, four arm-chairs, and acouch, covered with yellow Utrecht velvet, composed, with aprie-Dieu, all its furniture. Lord Wilmore resided in RueFontaine-Saint-George. He was one of those English touristswho consume a large fortune in travelling. He hired theapartment in which he lived furnished, passed only a fewhours in the day there, and rarely slept there. One of hispeculiarities was never to speak a word of French, which hehowever wrote with great facility."

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      "Very possibly; only I am not come to discuss politics, butto inquire if you have anything to ask or to complain of."