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1.   "The men when they got on shore followed a level road by which thepeople draw their firewood from the mountains into the town, tillpresently they met a young woman who had come outside to fetchwater, and who was daughter to a Laestrygonian named Antiphates. Shewas going to the fountain Artacia from which the people bring in theirwater, and when my men had come close up to her, they asked her whothe king of that country might be, and over what kind of people heruled; so she directed them to her father's house, but when they gotthere they found his wife to be a giantess as huge as a mountain,and they were horrified at the sight of her.
2. Policygenius提供少人工辅助和重人工辅助两种模式供客户选择——即客户可以选择自行输入自身的各项数据获取建议,再考虑是否与顾问联系。
3. 市一医院正在转运发热病人。
4. 而在刚过去的2019年,小米更是在自己的领域取得了不小的成就。
5. AIj|MhT7HH]
6. 12月24日,天气终于放晴,盟军5000架飞机猛轰了德军的补给线,巴顿和蒙哥马利分别从南面和北面发起反攻。到1945年1月底时,德国人已被迫退回到原先的位置,此后,他们在盟军的无情压力下不得不节节败退。


1. 例如,水印清晰度和层次效果明显提升。
2.   by Charles Darwin
3.   "And what do you think I did? I feigned a criminal process,and employed all the most acute bloodhounds and skilfulagents in search of her. They traced her to Chalons, andthere they lost her."
4. 昨天傍晚,尽管雪还没有降下,市民却发现,部分道路已经提前撒上了融雪剂。
5. 同样是直播带货,但这其中不难看卖车与卖其他商品的区别所在。
6. 涉案药品在香港可以合法销售,林永祥只是在香港帮助中转和兑换货币。


1.   Convey me thither! She shall be free!
2.   I suppose - I never ventured to inquire, but I suppose - that Mrs. Crupp, after frying the soles, was taken ill. Because we broke down at that point. The leg of mutton came up very red within, and very pale without: besides having a foreign substance of a gritty nature sprinkled over it, as if if had had a fall into the ashes of that remarkable kitchen fireplace. But we were not in condition to judge of this fact from the appearance of the gravy, forasmuch as the 'young gal' had dropped it all upon the stairs - where it remained, by the by, in a long train, until it was worn out. The pigeon-pie was not bad, but it was a delusive pie: the crust being like a disappointing head, phrenologically speaking: full of lumps and bumps, with nothing particular underneath. In short, the banquet was such a failure that I should have been quite unhappy about the failure, I mean, for I was always unhappy about Dora - if I had not been relieved by the great good humour of my company, and by a bright suggestion from Mr. Micawber.
3. 不论折叠方式如何,折叠屏手机目前都面临着折痕较为明显以及铰链技术不够成熟等问题。
4. 如果反复多次使用,除了口罩的防护效果可能下降外,口罩外层积聚的灰尘、细菌、病毒等可能会污染内面,造成感染。
5.   `God bless you for your sweet compassion!'
6.   "Do you know if the marriage settlement he promised me hascome?"


1. 431
2. 不舒服,蜷着睡,脚不暖和,伸腿睡,脚没地方放,一蹬就是个窟窿。
3. 而若真的是公职人员伤医,那还应罪加一等,在法律惩处之外给予纪律处分。
4. "I've often thought," said Sara, in her reflecting voice, "that I should like to be a princess; I wonder what it feels like. I believe I will begin pretending I am one."
5. 可见,人们使他们的劳动产品彼此当作价值发生关系,不是因为在他们看来这些物只是同种的人类劳动的物质外壳。恰恰相反,他们在交换中使他们的各种产品作为价值彼此相等,也就使他们的各种劳动作为人类劳动而彼此相等。他们没有意识到这一
6.   `Show me the North Tower!' said Defarge. `Quick!'`I will faithfully,' replied the man, `if you will come with me.


1. "Do you like it?" fluttered Ermengarde. "I--I like yours."
2.   Burgher
3.   "Oh, I can't," said Carrie. "I'll be there Friday. Would youmind lending me the twenty-five dollars you spoke of?"

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      3. Thorpes: villages. Compare German, "Dorf,"; Dutch, "Dorp."

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