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1.   Then turning to Antinous he said, "Antinous, you take as much careof my interests as though I were your son. Why should you want tosee this stranger turned out of the house? Heaven forbid; take'something and give it him yourself; I do not grudge it; I bid you takeit. Never mind my mother, nor any of the other servants in thehouse; but I know you will not do what I say, for you are more fond ofeating things yourself than of giving them to other people."
2. 疫情过后,经济增长会面临更大的压力。
3. "That's snow water," Terry announced. "Must come from way back in the hills."
4. They heard our whirring screw. They ran out of the houses --they gathered in from the fields, swift-running light figures, crowds of them. We stared and stared until it was almost too late to catch the levers, sweep off and rise again; and then we held our peace for a long run upward
5. 他因为水性好,捡回了一条命,但家人和渔船全都没了。
6. After weeks of rumors, Phil Jackson failed to move Carmelo Anthony and Derrick Rose, two players who absolutely should have been traded for the long-term benefit of the franchise.


1. 由于疫情严重,员工无法按期返回办公室工作,VIPKID的IT部门全部调动起来,为其所有员工安装配置VPN以确保班主任能够在家里为上课的孩子们和北美外教提供服务。
2.   Yet hath your heart no earnest preference known?Mephistopheles
3. 2016年,高管薪酬均值达709万元,同比增长8%,跑赢了我国国内生产总值6.7%和人均可支配收入6.3%的增速。
4. 工作两天后感觉太累还是想去上学,便主动给妈妈打电话。
5. 原标题:气象台发暴雨、强对流天气预警:湘赣等地有暴雨或冰雹新京报快讯据中国天气网消息,中央气象台4月29日06时发布暴雨蓝色预警:预计,4月29日08时至30日08时,贵州东南部、广西大部、广东西北部、湖南南部、江西中东部、福建西北部、浙江中西部等地的部分地区有大雨,其中,广西西部和东北部、广东西北部、湖南南部、江西中部和东北部、福建西北部、浙江西部等地局地有暴雨(50~80毫米),上述地区有短时强降水,局部并伴有雷暴大风或冰雹等强对流天气
6.   "Listen; I am already upon the scent," resumed D'Artagnan."About three months ago I was near having a duel with Aramisconcerning a handkerchief resembling the one you showed to thewoman in his house--for a handkerchief marked in the same manner,I am sure."


1.   (He makes Mephistopheles sit down.)
2. 抓获的犯罪嫌疑人本文图均来源:长沙警方1月25日下午,长沙市反电诈中心接到天心区阳女士的报警称,一微信好友(微信号:Woshitxq,昵称:Tonysiq)在朋友圈发布大量供应N95型口罩的广告信息,并配有工厂加工的照片、视频和大量订单发货截图。
3. 受对美贸易顺差这一主要因素影响,包括实物与服务交易在内的经常项目盈余高达20.6496万亿日元,创2007年以来新高。
4. 唐先生在武汉第九医院就诊的病历1月28日下午,服用退烧药降下体温的唐先生联系所在社区,社区应急车辆载其再次前往武汉市第九医院,医院告诉他只接受发热病人,不能收治。
5. 孙正义建议人工智能列入日本高考:不考试,学生不会好好学同未来道声早安【2019.12.18】国内新闻01工信部科技司司长胡燕:芯片不突破,AI发展就是空中阁楼工业和信息化部科技司司长胡燕表示,未来的人工智能的发展一是应当坚持自主创新、咬紧牙关突破关键核心技术,二是人工智能发展应当坚持应用牵引,加速技术产品的应用落地,三是坚持改革探索,打造良好的产业发展生态。
6.   'Will you ever go back?'


1. 这无疑会对公司本身造成不小的影响。
2. 冲击奖项:如果这届奥斯卡最佳影片的提名数有9或10部电影的话,那么《逃出绝命镇》能占一个。乔登皮尔的剧本应该一定会被提名。
3. 维密秀的舞台上,张靓颖作为亚洲首位表演嘉宾出场。
4. 获刑7年的于竹君至少在2002年已重获自由,工商资料显示,于竹君2002年与人成立青岛金赉酒行有限公司,并在青岛颐中皇冠假日酒店开设雾之花夜总会。
5. 当大家收到在家办公的通知的时候,第一个可能就是想自己这一段时间的状态了,这个思考可能是决定是否有高效在家办公的重要因素。
6. 之所以这样设置,笔者是这样思考的,划线部分一定是大众认为都比较精彩的语句,所以比较明显地标记出来让用户进行表达,可以增加活跃度。


1.   Some men would say,<17> at request of Constance This senator had led this child to feast: I may not tellen every circumstance, Be as be may, there was he at the least: But sooth is this, that at his mother's hest* *behest Before Alla during *the meates space,* *meal time* The child stood, looking in the kinges face.
2.   The king took the club and urged his horse after the ball which he had thrown. He struck it, and then it was hit back by the courtiers who were playing with him. When he felt very hot he stopped playing, and went back to the palace, went into the bath, and did all that the physician had said. The next day when he arose he found, to his great joy and astonishment, that he was completely cured. When he entered his audience-chamber all his courtiers, who were eager to see if the wonderful cure had been effected, were overwhelmed with joy.
3. 作为业内人士,郑实表示,目前一些政策文件有明确要求,地下空间目前不能用于人员密集场所,因为一旦发生失火等情况,由于逃生路线不顺畅,疏散比较困难。

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